There are some businesses in town and places on campus that have No Backpack policies. This is a two sided issue; business owners don't want shoplifting, while some bikers or pedestrians who don't have cars to leave their bags in don't like being treated as potential shoplifters. It makes being car-free in Davis potentially harder.


On Campus

Note that a business can ask to search or stow your bag as a condition of shopping there, but unless they actually saw you steal something, nobody is ever allowed to force a search of your bag on the way out, even to "check the receipt." (Thanks Fry's) Forcing you to stop and have your bag or receipt checked while leaving is unlawful detainment. Any such searches are entirely voluntary, unless they are stopping you on suspicion of shoplifting. Of course, if you're shopping at some place like Costco where you need a membership, refusing such a search might lead to your membership being revoked. Also, many businesses may enforce this with a lot of discretion. Some employees are just more confrontational or rude than others regardless of the policies.