viewed through a bike trailer window

555 East 14th Street surrounded by Community Park

Rebecca Pinto (2023-present)

(530) 757-5475
Office Hours
8am - 4pm M - F
School PTA
School Garden
one of the Schools in the DJUSD

Their mascot is the dolphin. The Academic Index Performance (API) rose again from 903 to 908, making North Davis one of three elementary schools in Davis to score over 900 on this statewide measure. The state expectation is that each school reach 800. In addition to a strong academic program, students continue to enjoy rich visual and performing arts programs and a comprehensive P.E. program. Intermediate students will continue to participate in GEN YES, via a grant that brought laptop computers to their classrooms and the opportunity to learn in-depth technology skills that result in student-created multi-media presentations. This school welcomes parent volunteers in their classrooms, the computer lab, or the library.

North Davis Elementary School is the only school to have retained a name based on a compass direction in Davis.


Bell Schedule (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Grades 1-3: School Day 8:15am-2:20pm

    Breakfast and First Recess 8:00am-8:12am

    Line up for Class: 8:12am-8:15am  

    Morning Recess: 10:00am-10:15am

    Lunch: 11:30am-12:15pm

    Afternoon Recess: 1:20pm-1:30pm

    Dismissal: 2:20pm

Grades 4-6: School Day 8:15am-2:50pm

    Breakfast and First Recess 8:00am-8:12am

    Line up for Class: 8:12am-8:15am  

    Morning Recess: 10:20am-10:35am

    Lunch: 12:15pm-1:00pm

    Afternoon Recess: 1:55pm-2:05pm

    Dismissal: 2:50pm


Previous Principals

Sarah Roseen (2017-2023)

Ramon Cusi (2008-2016)

Judy Davis (Boock) (1993-2007)

David Madrigal  (1991-1993)

Mary Ellen Dolcini (ca 1979-1991)

Richard Mackey (ca 1977)

Russ Whitzel (ca. 1957-1967)


Office Playground The Dolphin Mosaic Lunch Tables


Map of Campus


Go dolphins?! —StevenDaubert

2007-06-13 15:40:44   Off Topic....I love the bike trailer window photo. —RocksandDirt

Thanks! My daughter and I have made a game of the Photo Requests page: I ride around, she takes the shots. Wiki gets pictures of varying quality. We were in a rush for this one, otherwise I would have had her stand up. —KevinChin

2009-04-27 15:05:14   Hi there, I am interested in my soon to be first grader attending this school. Where in Davis do I need to live for her to attend? Does the performing arts extend even to the first graders, I mean do they really get them involved too? she would LOVE that. also I am interested in the demographics. At which Davis school would I be most likely to find Black/African American students and faculty? We are an international adoption family and it's important to me that she has positive relationships with other kids and/or faculty who "look like her." thanks for your help! —StephHolm

2009-07-09 21:26:38   My daughter attends North Davis CDC Preschool. We love the program. The director Cameron & her staff strive to make school fun & a positive learning environment. They offer 5 or 3 days and serve breakfast and a snack. My daughter has had no seperation anxiety at this school and we love it. —jwendt

2012-06-29 16:02:18   What happened to the arbors and trellises on the west (library) side of the school? They were graced for many years with flowering vines and lianas. I just stopped by the library and saw they've been totally hacked away. Whatever tree service did this went way overboard, and is obviously ignorant of proper maintenance and care of twining plants. (Maybe they did so to inflate their payment?) Now all that's left are industrial-looking metal frames (reminiscent of giant croquet wickets) painted a kind of camo-green that is scarred where the vines were ripped away. Seems like there could be better ways to spend schools' money than on such incompetent overkill work, especially when the school budget seems to be in such dire straits. The money spent on this hack job could have bought a few computers or quite a few books, am sure. RaoulDuke

2019-01-22 19:10:51   I last saw the Dolphin Mosaic in 1995. I remember the contest to select a school mascot. I had been a long term substitute in third grade for Mrs. Bell during 1979-80 year. I had taught previously at Sacramento Country Day School. I was hired as a 6th Grade teacher in 1980. There were three 6th grade teachers;. Mr. Roche, Mrs. Alford, and myself, Mrs. Bernacchi. One of the whole school activities that year was to have a contest where each classroom selected a mascot to represent NDE. The process included selecting an animal or other mascot types used in Universities and other places, and propose your own idea for a positive school image. I mainly remember our class wanting to create a unique mascot, and, of course possibly winning. I was the rookie teacher who hadn't proven herself. When we started on animals and dolphins came up, there was a lot of excitement over the concept. We researched everything we could find on dolphins and with each new discovery excitement grew. Dolphins are peaceful, intelligent, helpful, and good communicators! Wow, we had a difficult time not sharing our proposal. Students collected photos and a group designed, drew and painted our North Davis Dolphin. We learned a bit about how to "pitch" your proposal. The class collaborated on a written entry stressing the many positive attributes of dolphins, also including their physical adroitness, and the beautiful oceans where they live. The students included choosing the dolphin as taking care of our oceans a great ecology point. Oceans cover 3/4 of the earth, and provide numerous sources of food, and are the major part of the water cycle! Everything was supporting our idea as we included science and math into our report. It then came time to turn in our Entry. A group made up of teachers, students, and parents used a rubric like set of criteria to make their selection. Mrs. Bernacchi's 6th grade class was overjoyed when the winner was announced. Other students liked the idea of being The Dolphins. I honestly don't recall anyone referring to the NFL team. It was a true original. Thinking back, it was a great experience, with a positive and long lasting relevant choice.Yeah Dolphins! I was a life long resident of Davis moving there in 1951. Many of us STUDENTS there will remember that our teacher, Mr. Masson had his contest going back then. His name, Leo C. Masson, was presented to us and a challenge was made that we could not come up wit what the C stood for in his name! Hmm. We came up wit hundreds of names. Crumplestilkskin? On the last day we got special winner treats anyway, and he revealed that his middle name was Charlemagne. Little did I know I would carry that secret throughout school and college, only to return and say I would "use the secret" unless he supported hiring me for that position in 6th grade 1980. Another bit of history I think is interesting, is that NDE was first site for a HAPS Program; Davis's first Gifted Education class. Students from all schools made up one class at ND. I was a student in that first year class. I know the students in that class had a unique experience. Quite different from the so many classes today. We were the experiment! It was the first time any students left their neighborhood school for a special education program. I lived on the col de sac, Sequoia Place, right across the street! We were told we were headed for making big discoveries in the future. I have never seen any information on that initial project. This group was in the rowdy class of 1969. We are having a 50th year reunion. Perhaps some former students will drop by. I later taught at Pioneer and married that guy who helped a fledgling new teacher. I would then be remembered as Mrs. Roche. He and the entire staff were an incredible source of support when my father was killed in a car accident, February 26, 1981. I hope some of this history is of interest to all those who have attended and taught at North Davis Elementary, Janice Barrow —school4jb