We drafted a set of questions for School Board candidates in the November 2007 Election, edited them a bit, and then sent them out to the candidates to answer.

The following questions were submitted to candidates on the morning of October 12th:


Question 1. How should the issue of Truancy be handled?

Question 2. What next for Valley Oak, and what role does the DJUSD play?

Question 3. What resources or expenditures do you favor CUTTING, in a situation in which revenues don't expand as fast as demands for them?

Question 4. Are there ways to increase revenues or resources that you would support?

Question 5. Do you believe Davis School for Independent Study should offer full UC A - G course offerings, and would you commit to funding that?

Question 6. Would you favor providing a permanent home for Davis School for Independent Study, as has been done for King High?

Question 7. Should GATE eligibility be expanded, restricted, or remain the same?

Question 8. What do you believe is the best use for the district building on B Street (current DJUSD headquarters and DSIS site)?

Question 9. Are you in favor of zero tolerance policies?

Question 10. Pose what you feel is the most important question not asked here and answer it.