Covell Blvd. Store

North Davis Location Southeast Davis Location
1414 East Covell Boulevard (at Pole Line Road in Oak Tree Plaza) 409 Mace Boulevard (in El Macero Shopping Center)
Daily 6:00AM to 11:00PM Daily 7:00AM to 10:00PM
Deli and Meat counters close at 9:00PM  
Coffee Bar 6:00AM to 8:00PM  
(530) 750-3800 (530) 753-6690
Store Map
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Nugget Market, headquartered in Woodland, is a somewhat-upscale local grocery chain with stores in Davis, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Roseville, Vacaville, West Sacramento, Sacramento and Woodland. There are two Nugget Markets in Davis: a newer one in North Davis (opened in 2000) and an older one in Southeast Davis (opened in 1981). [Source] The company also owns and operates three Food 4 Less franchises in Woodland, Vallejo and Cameron Park. The newer Davis Nugget at Pole Line Road and East Covell Boulevard in the Oak Tree Plaza moved into a building (when?) that had been vacant for several years, which has in its heyday been a Safeway, and after that some sort of warehouse grocery store (Cost-U-Less) that was short-lived. Rico's Pizza also used to occupy the space, where the Kitchen now exists.

Nugget's sandwiches are very popular.

In addition to groceries, Nugget Markets also have a full deli where you can get the best sandwiches this side of the tracks. Both stores recently added options including a gluten-free thinner foccacia-type bread prepared with a gluten-free cutting board and maybe gloves for an extra $1.50., fresh smoothies and juice, coffee bar, full service bakery, sushi, fantastic catering menus, and some mediocre Chinese food. The Chinese food is only available at the North Davis location. Nugget Markets also sell a small handful of ethnic foods. Nugget has the most diverse sampling of gourmet root beers and sodas in town, and in late Summer of 2006, they started to carry Aggie Root Beer in their North Davis location.

They have an exceptional selection of alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, and liquor. They have by far the best selection of IPAs in town and a hugely knowledgeable employee attending to the alcohol selection.

Nugget Markets was ranked one of the "100 best companies to work for" in 2006, 2007, and 2008 by FORTUNE Magazine. In 2009 they reached the top ten. Clearly management makes a huge effort to encourage cheerfulness and personability in their employees. If you go in in the am, virtually every employee will cheerfully say "good morning" and ask if they can help you with something. It is one of the largest employers in Yolo County, ranking at number 10 in the Sacramento Business Journal's 2011 list, with approximately 500 full-time equivalent employees in the county.

Check out Aggie columnist Alex Lubinski's column on sandwiches.

Sandwich cards are gone because of price reduction of their sandwiches. Build your own sandwich is now $5.99 (Winter/Spring 2010).

StevenDaubert says that they can slice/toast/creamcheese your bagel for free, just head to the smoothie counter. If you are ever up around 6:30 AM go in for the piping hot fresh bagels!

Like all grocery stores, Nugget's carts are often seen wandering away, but there are frequently two over by H2O to Go that are there by mutual agreement.

There are Golden 1 Credit Union ATMs inside of both Nugget Markets.


Also see Grocery Store Price Comparison.

Nugget Market carries a larger selection of expensive gourmet foods compared to generic supermarkets, in particular in their cheese and produce sections, which may lead some people to think that everything in the store must be expensive. The Davis Food Co-op has a comparable cheese selection. The produce at Nugget includes some local organic produce. While a Nugget Market looks nice and offers a large variety of gourmet foods, its diverse selection can still be cost-effective. According to a study done by Amie Gutierrez's high school class, Nugget Markets were often cheaper than Safeway or Albertsons. They also have a price survey that was recently mentioned in the Aggie showing that their prices are generally lower than Safeway's. Their paper bags say "Since 1926 Nugget Markets has had the lowest prices of any conventional grocery store in town". So if you want lower prices, go to a non-conventional market. Logically, a non-conventional market is any with lower prices. Customers are encouraged to complete price surveys and to turn them in for a monthly drawing for a $1000 Nugget gift card. Note that prices are not necessarily the same at the two Davis stores: a cup of coffee to go is $1.60 at the big Nugget, but $1.65 at the South Davis store.


Paul L recommends

Sandwich: Sausalito Turkey on Ciabatta, pepper jack cheese, mayo and djion mustard, extra pickles, lettuce, a little bit of peppercinis, pepper and GRILL it. Cost: $5.49. Taste: teh yum.

I wrote down your recommendation and ordered it today. It was delicious! The hint of pepperoncinis + pepper jack + pepper + pickles was really cool. —PhilipNeustrom

Ms Dizzy recommends

I like the flank steak sandwich, but honestly you can't go wrong with any of their deli/pre-made foods. It is a little sad that this is the best sandwich place in Davis, but whatevs. HOWEVER - do not get their take-home bake-it-yourself pizza: it is foul and overpriced.

Terra S recommends

Sandwich: Havarti cheese, half or whole avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, sprouts, pickles, aoli spread, honey mustard, salt/pepper, oregano vinaigrette, on a fresh croissant. Cost: $4.99. Taste: yum squared. [Note from greenThing: "Oh my god, this is so good! They should add this to their regular menu."]

Ro J recommends

Wheel of cheese at the Mace Nugget.

Don't touch the wheels of cheese. Yes, they are real, and yes, they will yell at you for touching them. They even made me wash my hands. Don't mistake it for a casino because of the ostentatious architecture of the Nugget on Covell.

I second that cheese wheel touching recommendation. Those things are horribly greasy. The kind of grease that never comes off. I didn't get caught or nothin, but man, don't go around touchin no cheeses than ain't yours, ya hear? - aa

RishiT recommends

The vegetarian panini. So good.

ct recommends

Have some olives. They're delicious, and the employees don't mind a little grazing. Pick up some cheap Chinese food after-hours. Get pannini #2.

KenNeville recommends


Drew recommends

Walking around the store for a while. I just went in there for the first time to get a sandwich. Mistake #1 was going in here absolutely starving, #2 was not eating it there so I could just observe store happenings. I'm going back soon. This sandwich was really good - roasted turkey on sourdough with dejon mustard, mayo, and all of the other fixins.

SylviaF recommends

Anything on the rye bread that they've got there...rye bread and sprouts...and a lot of cheese too.

AshleyOrsaba recommends

The #8. Smoked salmon, dill mayo, cucumber, tomato. Get it on a sourdough or seeded roll though instead of the bread it comes with. Sooooo good and great for a lightish lunch.

Haggro recommends

Nugget has the biggest and best selection of root beer in Davis. They have pretty much every kind of soda you can think of. They even carry Sparky's root beer, which is the single best root beer on the planet. It does cost around $3 a bottle though; Virgil's is a more affordable runner-up.

Michael Giardina recommends

1/2 Sausilito Turkey 1/2 Proscuitto on Ciabattato. 2/1 Cheddar/Pepperjack. Aeoli basil spread. Tomatoes, lettuce, red onion, cucumber, mixed greens. Salt/Pepper... Light pepperoncini, light balsamic vinagerette. Yummy. Grilled of course, but then... what sandwhich shouldn't be?

Sienna Grass recommends

Almost any item in the dessert display area. The carrot cake is moist and rich, and the lovely cupcake confections bring you back to your 5th birthday!

Cynthia He recommends

Panini: chicken salad with all the veggies, with some honey mustard, with or without a mild cheese.

John Dudek recommends

The sushi, especially the eel rolls and the cucumber rolls, and especially when Yong Shi Su works there on weekends. He's a 17-year-old at DHS, but boy can he make sushi. I also recommend trying all the different root beers and different types of bread, which has become quite a fun hobby for me.

sba recommends

Try your sandwich on the onion bread when it's available. Also the risotto cakes in the deli are amazing.

If you take a picture of these Root Beer Party Kegs, you could be verbally accosted by a manager.

Photographers should beware: I was approached by an extremely rude manager while at the Covell Blvd. Nugget on Thursday, July 21st. I had my camera with me, as I always do, and I had incidentally taken a single photo while in the store. He told me that they have a "strict no-photo policy", that he "owned my photos", and that he "could take my film out of my camera right now if he wanted to." He was very rude, heightened by the fact he said something like this: "Do you understand me?" to which I responded with, "Yeah," which he then responded again with "Is that a yes?" in a really cocky manner. This kind of thing happens all the time if you carry a big camera with you, but I expected better out of the Nugget. Legally speaking, of course they can restrict photography in their store: it's their physical property, and they could kick me out. However, they simply cannot take film from photographers (absent a court order). Personally speaking, I was offended by the manner in which this manager acted toward me, and there's absolutely no reason to be so rude to your customers. I was, after all, just taking a stupid picture. (see this legal reference) —PhilipNeustrom

  • I wonder how they would handle Steve Mann as a customer? My guess is that several dwikians will scroll to the top of the page and make a phone call asking for clarification of store policy and subtly letting them know that they treated someone rudely who has facilitiated a positive viral advertising stream for them.JasonAller
  • What do you think about all of us calling them to request an apology (specifically for the unnecessarily rude behavior and not for the attempt to enforce the no-photo policy)? I think after getting complaints from a half-dozen potential customers they might start to understand that publicity on daviswiki is worth something. - KenjiYamada
  • That happened to me at Winco. I would expect better from Nugget. -AliceChoe
  • I used to work in grocery retail. We were always on the watch for 'spies' from our competitors who would often try to come in and photograph our displays, weekly specials, ect... Grocery retail is a cutthroat business and the margins are razor-thin. Success often hinges on out-marketing your competitors, so you can understand why the manager was extremely sensitive about the photography issue. You, PhilipNeustrom, owe the Nugget an apology; not the other way around. Pull your head out of your ass and you might discover that the world doesn't actually revolve around you. -BillyBudd
  • Maybe not, but is it too much to ask for a little courtesy? The world is full of insensitive people. Let's try not to be them. -greenThing


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2010-01-15 15:30:43   The Nugget rocks! Wish they had some locations in SoCal. —103

2010-02-13 19:36:14   Nugget may be beautiful on the outside, and somewhat in the inside but I wouldn't want one in so-cal... it's overpriced (even if they say they have the lowest prices around), and they do have some nifty novelty items, but most of them are no thanks...

(also, I don't understand why students would go to Nugget when most are alway complaining about how they have no money to spend..yaddya yaddya yaddya..) —TriPpy

2010-02-22 18:06:07   I never shop here for groceries, but their deli is top notch. Love the service and love the food. keep it up —lovindavis

2010-03-13 20:28:28   I love the Nugget so much. I just go there because it's the closest market to where I live but I'm glad it's this one. And their stinky expensive cheeses are the best. —AlisaKim

2010-03-13 23:21:05   I was treated very rudely by "Nathan" at the Covell Nugget who spoke down to me regarding some items I wished to return. It might have been part ethnic discrimination that made him act the way he did, or maybe his natural tendency to be a "jerk". Immediately following the stressful situation he caused, I drove to the Nugget in South Davis and had no problem returning the items. I now shop for our family of seven at the Davis Food Co-Op. —anamaria

2010-03-23 10:27:15   I just had my first sandwich at Nugget on Covell and I must say it was delicious. I am definitely eating there again. On top of that, it is a great store to shop; you can find anything and everything you want as far as groceries are concerned. It is the only place in town where you can do that. —HumbertoB

2010-03-24 13:26:06   Nugget. If you shop right you can actually save money here. Just shop the stop and saves and ads. Last week I got a whole carton on strawberry's for two bucks....and yes they are currently out of season! —skidavis

  • Savemart had a buy 1 get 2 free on large cartons of strawberries during the same week. —KellyM

2010-05-05 21:19:21   Service is always top notch here, for me. As an added bonus, it seems like every other employee I talk to is knowledgeable about cheese. They always seem to have another cheese to recommend (which I usually get the next time I come in). —DanAlcantara

2010-05-18 09:16:43   VERY high priced specialty store. Most people who shop there also consider it very high priced but enjoy the variety of organics. Deli is highlight of store, besides that it's lacking and I probably wouldn't go all the way there just for the Deli, almost all stores carry a variety of organics now anyways. Talked with a security guard (friend of a friend) who worked there once and he explained they have very top notice security because it's a high end market. They certainly can afford it at their prices! One creepy factor: When you go to the deli area sometimes you'll notice people staring at you from a small room near the ceiling! I didn't even notice it was there (and most people I know don't) until one day I was getting potato salad with a friend and I decided to take a couple of extra spoons and my friend told me I should put them back because someone was staring at me from above! —AlexT

  • Actually I would say that their prices are pretty much equivalent to those of other stores in the area, the main difference being that you pay a bit extra for higher quality. The price-to-quality ratio is the same. Also, that kind of upper-level one-way window is relatively standard, as far as I can tell. Every store needs to have security, and most of them, before the advent of cheap security cameras, used either the "room in the sky" arrangement or the angled mirrors above the front end of the store, to allow managers to keep an eye on the entire store. I've never been bothered by this kind of arrangement before, and it seems pretty prevalent. (Quick bonus quiz: Do you know where the one-way mirror is in the KFC near I-80?) —JoePomidor
  • At the risk of sounding like a shill — their price surveys seem to run contrary to your impression. That and the study mentioned in the wiki article itself. —EBT

2010-06-03 16:43:24   expensive store.. but if you look at their stop sign deals, some of them are pretty reasonable. —Hollen

2010-06-05 20:55:11   I am addicted to Nugget's chocolate macaroons. —hokusman

2010-06-22 17:23:09   2 words...Pizza Bagels !! —sol

2010-07-16 17:34:42   Yikes! Watch out! The last time I was here, there were several packages past-date chicken in the refrigerated area. Seafood is expensive and they stock a lot of red-labeled seafood that the Monterey Aquarium/FishWatch recommend you completely avoid. One time I bought a huge piece of octopus and when I got it home, it smelled bad. The next day I went to get my money back and they gave me grief for not bringing the octopus in. I wasn't gonna touch that thing! Another time I got seasoned fish that was too salty, and I had to bring that back too. They have good desserts IF you happen to get one made that day. I bought a cake slice once and it was hard and dry. Had to bring it back. They do have good house-made sausages and their fresh breads are awesome. The cheese guy is very upbeat and knowledgeable. Nevertheless I will not shop there again. Savemart is better, believe it or not! —JasperD

2010-09-04 19:05:21   Not sure who I feel more screwed over by... Nugget or the DMV. I was at Nugget this evening picking up a few provisions, including a bottle of wine, and I was asked for ID (totally fine... I am of age by more than a few years, but I could see how you would want to make sure). As a new resident, I went to go apply for a new CA license earlier this week, so at the moment, I am currently carrying a temporary license in addition to my old NY State License, which has a hole punch through its expiration date thanks to the Davis DMV. Apparently my NY License, with photo intact, in addition to my temporary CA license were not enough to verify my age or identity at Nugget, so I was denied the opportunity to buy my wine. The greatest irony is that I had been in Nugget a few hours earlier, and successfully bought a six pack on that trip. Go figure. Anyway, the lesson is if you are going to buy booze at Nugget and all you have is that crappy piece of paper from the DMV, make sure you bring your passport with you. —EmmaVanGenderen

2010-09-24 20:54:40   Nugget is BY FAR the best supermarket in the entire Sacramento/Davis area. They have the customer service philosophy of a small family run grocery story. The quality of the food, as well as the unique and expansive selection of fresh foods and wine is top notch! THEIR PRICES ARE LOWER THAN SAFEWAY and SAVE MART! To me, I get the best of both worlds at Nugget. There are currently two in town—the smaller store in South Davis, and the larger one in East Davis. I do like the larger selection in East Davis, but actually prefer the south Davis store. I get in and out in just a few minutes. The service BY EVERYONE is ALWAYS superb. I can say that without exception. You can tell the employees really like their job. That says a lot for this company! —toriac

2010-09-30 12:38:56   On the whole Nugget items appear more expensive compared to Safeway or Savemart, but the Nugget often carries obscure brands that not only taste better but are cheaper than the national brands offered at more general supermarkets such as Safeway. Also, the "stop sign" sales are real bargains that offer very competitive prices. By simply perusing the stop sign savings you can happily shop on a budget. At any rate, Nugget prices aren't outrageously higher than its competitors but you do have to be smart with your shopping. For example, it'd be wise to avoid buying produce (i.e. fruits and vegetables)at the Nugget as prices are markedly higher than most places.

Interesting to note, since the company also owns a few Food 4 Lesses in the surrounding area the exact same overpriced Nugget fruit/vegetable (if you compare circulars for each store the pictures and sales are exactly the same with the only difference being price!) can be found at a substantially lower price at Food 4 Less. I suppose the time consumed driving to Woodland makes up for the minor price differences.

In general, the Nugget is a good choice for both budget shoppers and those with a little more weight to their wallets. The outstanding customer service and large array of high-quality goods sets Nugget far from its rivals. I'd frequent the Nugget but sadly it requires a rather exhaustive bike ride.

P.S.: I love the Nugget's expansive assortment of breads, both mass-manufactured and artisanal. I love passing by the shelves of baguettes and cheeses! —blastoff

2010-10-04 20:16:34   The pumpkin latte is here!!!! By far the best in town. Mmmmm. I only wish they had it year 'round...but then again I'd have one less thing to look forward to in fall. —EricaMacGregor

2010-10-20 01:01:23   1) Shop on a full stomach otherwise you will go bankrupt from inability to choose from all the wonderful product choices and consequently purchasing everything in sight and arms reach. 2) If something is expensive, it is most likely because the quality is exceptional and the portions are fair. 3) Most cashiers and staff are friendly (although the cheese guy is somewhat impersonal). 4) This place is heaven for foodies and/or vegans/vegetarians or all of the above. 5) If you have questions or need recommendations, just ask they will be more than happy to suggest things based on what you like. I am from Sacramento and I have gone to TJ's, Nugget, and Whole Foods and the reason why I biked up a hill to get to this place is because of Nugget's unrelenting service and quality. Here's my procession of top choices: Nugget>Trader joes>>>Whole Foods(aka yuppie/snob galore) —rootmeansquare

2010-10-20 08:39:58   Though I love Nugget for many reasons, I have been so frustrated lately with finding basic produce that is NOT organic. This past week, I went in for a few basics for the week. Given it is the end of October, it did not occur to me that they wouldn't have regular (non-organic) sweet potatoes. Of course they had 4 or 5 varieties in organic. I ended up paying $6 for 2 sweet potatoes! Crazy. The same day, they had a terrible selection of regular avocados, but stellar looking organic ones. I have run into this situation numerous times lately, and it would prompt me to stop all produce shopping at Nugget. —AmLin

2010-11-11 16:55:47   How can you not like Nugget? It's the best grocery store in Davis in the standard category. (Not including the Co-op and the Chinese grocery store, which are a different thing.) Food is gourmet, selection is great, service is awesome. And Nugget, while becoming something of a local empire, did start in Woodland - so it's local. Downside is price - I don't know about the "price challenge", but I tend to drop a wad of cash when I shop there. Maybe because I get carried away with gourmet this or that. And the other thing is that Nugget, particularly the over-the-top one in North Davis, has a few too many of the affluent Davis proto-yuppies. Still, mea culpa, I love the place. —Flokkenfisch

2011-02-11 11:09:29   I really like the nugget, but lately, their Chinese food has been pretty bad! I am not sure if they changed chefs, but the selection of entrees and decreased and the food doesn't seem to be as flavorful as it used to be. Also, many of the entrees have the same taste — I think they need a new chef! —MissKay

2011-02-28 17:00:04   The sandwiches here are the best, better then the Subway next door. And in every visit I have made to Nugget, I am always in a line with a cashier having a smile. —NikhilDahal

2011-03-03 15:24:19   I live much closer to Safeway but I frequently shop at the big Nugget. The main reason I love this place is because they have an amazing selection of packaged meat/poultry/pork and I love the meat counter. I love being able to buy bacon by the slice instead of being forced to buy the family-sized packages and throw away most of it. I also love the selection of fruit and vegetables. They don't always have some products I want so I have to supplement my shopping by going to Safeway but they definitely have wonderful products and it is a great place to shop. Cashiers are always talkative and friendly and employees walking around the store are always eager to help you find what you are looking for. —LoriOrf

2011-03-12 00:39:29   I went to the Nugget in North Davis last Friday March 4. I was interrupted from my shopping experience by this guy who seemed middle aged, caucasian, male with glasses and brown hair. He had a shopping cart so I guess he was shopping but he kept asking me, "ask me 'what's up?'" I kept saying no and eventually the friend I was with concluded he may be disabled or crazy.

Did anyone else have this experience here or anywhere else in Davis? Why was he asking this? What was the point? I may have said yes but I didn't want to indulge him. —bearolann

  • 2013-03-02 lol I remember someone doing that to me at the north Davis Nugget a couple years ago. I instinctively went ahead and said "What's up?" I don't recall what he said next but I remember it was just a small joke. I laughed politely and continued on my way. I don't know what bad could have come from indulging him, though. —SS

2011-03-12 23:58:05   This place seems to judge me whenever I buy my special treat whiskey. But, it is the only place that sells decent scotch in town. —josephmaki

2011-03-28 17:34:15   I accidentally left my purse at Nugget once and no joke before I was out of the store they had already called my fiance (the last person dialed on my cell phone, which was in my purse) to try and find a way to return it to me. I love the people at Nugget they are half the reason I shop there.

They are completely serious and immovable on their ID policy for buying alcohol. They would not even accept my passport. At least they were polite about it, but really? it would be sooo much harder to fake a passport than a CA ID. I guess they just have to be on their toes because it is a college town. —DanielleC

2011-04-06 10:25:12   What did they do to the salad bar?! I used to love it ... now it's just OK.


2011-05-19 20:57:03   I Love Nugget stores !!! Best quality products and fresh produce. very well organized And has very attentive personell that always willing to help find things and Even help you outside with your grocery . Today after a long days of work I went to nugget in covell and poline to make a grocery shopping I was very tired! when I went to pay Tony G. Was very nice and helpful he has the most beautiful attitude He made my shopping very Pleasant !! Im definitely going back! Nugett best store ever!!!!


2011-05-30 00:10:19   Nugget seems to be more expensive than Safeway, but offers excellent service. While their "normal" prices are probably lower, they don't seem to have as many sale items (especially on meat).

But, their service is excellent! They will immediately call more checkers if they get more than a couple of people in line (or if somone has a large basket). And, they make sure to have plenty of courtesy clerks (who essentially double the speed of the checkers). More importantly, it seems like the people like working here.


2011-06-01 19:19:34   Just went a couple of hours ago to pick up the cake that I had ordered for my Mom's birthday today, and I had placed the order last night. While I was at the cake counter today, the lady told me that a new $2 charge was put into place LAST NIGHT. I told myself "what the heck $2, no big deal", but then the nice lady told me that I would not have to pay the extra 2 dollars because the new policy went into effect after I placed the order. Long story short, I am returning to Nugget in the North Davis location because ALL of the staff there are great. —NikhilDahal

2011-07-11 12:14:31   They raised their Chai prices by 65 cents!!!

I have no reason to go here anymore. Bye bye Nugget :( —sundeimasu


2012-06-19 00:22:52   Their prives are not lower than safeway or savemart and are often even higher than the co-op. It's a nice store with friendly people working there, but please stop this myth that it's somehow cheaper than safeway/savemart. It's just false. I can save 5 dollars alone just on Orange Juice, packaged deli meat, and bread by shopping at Safeway. —JakeJames

2012-06-30 18:13:35   I can't say I agree that the Nugget's value is in any way a myth. The Nugget is consistently cheaper in terms of quality compared the Savemart and Safeway, and I don't think I've ever seen anything cheaper at the Co-op. For frozen food, I think Target usually has better prices, but Safeway/Savemart get beat out there again. Considering the ambience, service and quality of products, there really isn't any alternative. The coffee bar may have the best iced coffee in town (would love the option of a larger size, though), the bakery is amazing and the new hamburger/hot dog buns rival Village Bakery's excellent work consumed in nearly ever restaurant serving a burger in Davis and the service is excellent. My only complaint is that the sandwich line has been redesigned (menu and physical space) in a less flattering way, but the sandwiches and service are as good as ever, if not perfectly priced anymore. And I know it was a long time ago, but no sandwich cards anymore, really? But overall, this place still rocks my world. —chuckgirl

2012-09-10 11:54:41   My better half and I have been shopping at Nugget for years though Trader Joe's has taken more and more of our business. The simple reason is that prices at Nugget seem to be out of control: we record the prices of our average grocery bill and it's got a charming very positive gradient at Nugget. What does it matter if they have a 50c discount on a jar of sundried tomatoes when everything else costs more? —Mazzle

2012-09-21 10:29:44   Nugget on Covell now has a hot breakfast bar everyday from 6am to 10am. —sba

2013-03-02 13:24:05   Nugget is not cheap. I honestly don't see where people are saving. I go to grocery outlet and Safeway. —NobleMason

2013-06-11 19:23:12   I am going to miss the Nugget when I move away. They are the most friendly staff around and their selection is incredible. The cheeses are amazing as well as the prepared food. The Asian bowls are so inexpensive, delicious, and filling. The overall atmosphere is very cheerful and makes shopping for groceries a pleasure. Can they PLEASE move to Eugene, Oregon? I don't want to shop at Safeway! —AmandaC

2014-10-25 16:36:14   NUGGET HAS MANY ISSUES! MAINLY THEY DO NOT RECYCLE. THERE IS NOWHERE TO RECYCLE THE MASSES OF PLASTIC THEY USE, NOR GLASS, NOR PAPER. #1. Half of the front end people are rude and cold (Mitch and many of the checkers are rude especially SOME (not all) of the Hispanic and White women who check.) The majority of male checkers are nice and polite. The two Black female checkers and the bakery girl who are the only Black people to my knowledge they employ at Nugget are VERY nice. So are ALL the people at the Juice bar. Wow! The juice bar is amazing with great kind and helpful people. And the bakery people are very kind. So are the cheese people and the meat department is tops. #2 Their hot Deli food (Chinese, "Italian" and Mexican food) is VILE. They make a lasagne bolognese that is good but everything else is not worth the high price when Davis has FAR, FAR better Mexican and Chinese for half the price. The morning breakfast is nasty too. See through rawish bacon...yuck! #3 Whole Foods prices hiding behind hometown values. Some staples they sell are cheap but everything else is WAY over priced. —MaryCarroll

2023-04-09 19:25:35   The Nugget is great! Locally owned and also they have a great supply of local produce and other groceries. There is a special section where they have produce on sale and it is always great quality. —ToddGlenn