Oak Avenue runs between Russell and Covell. Davis Senior High School, where the administration insists on calling it Oak Street, abuts Oak Avenue.

If you're in North Davis near Alvarado and you want to bike to campus, or vice versa, Oak Avenue is a great choice. It is a lovely street with many beautiful gardens and towering trees. There is a good variety of nice houses to look at, some of which have interesting frontages. Some non-scenery based reasons to choose Oak over Anderson Road or F Street include relatively low traffic (it can be somewhat busy around 8 am due to the high school), very few stops, and direct output to the Russell side of campus.

One annoyance is the stoplight at the intersection of Oak and Russell. The stoplight is often very unresponsive to pedestrian button pushing. It's not a timed light because in the evening, it will sometimes switch to yellow for Russell-traveling traffic immediately. Throughout the day, however, it can seem to take forever for the walk sign to turn, even when there is no cross traffic.

In 1939 this area was known as the Robbins subdivision and consisted of twenty acres along Oak Avenue.

Intersecting Streets

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