How often have you walked through Davis and asked yourself, "damn, what is that nasty funk?" Davis is full of many mysterious odors, luckily not too many are of titanic proportions.

  • Cumbleberry Trees explain the semen-like odor in parts of Downtown.
  • Essence of Davis describes the large scale odors found throughout town, e.g., the dung smell emanating from The Dairy.
  • The giant piles of green waste in front of large apartment complexes reek of rotting vegetation in the hot summer months.
  • Each of the many Town Flora contributes its own unique scent.
  • Near the northern part of Central Park's parking lot, there is a faint smell of cumin. This seems to be due to the wood chips in the playground.
  • The area of Haring Hall near 2205 often smells bad, likely due to the adjacent mouse factory.
  • Riding one's bicycle home around supper time often gives the rider a glorious sample of what others are having for dinner.
  • Around the end of May and beginning of June, strong smell of flowers especially around 3rd Street and C Street
  • Many places around town have bushes that smell like wet dog.