The Old Segundo Dining Commons Building

The Olde Dining Commons/Segundo Services Center was the Dining Commons for the Segundo area up until opening of the new building in the Summer of 2005. The old dining commons was located in the building in the center of the Segundo towers. After the old DC closed, it was later used to house The Junction. This old DC was at its time the largest food court on campus. It housed much of the same things that the new location has minus the fancy "wood" fire for pizzas and the comfortable seating. Instead, most diners ate at either a small array of round tables, one of the many long communal tables or on tables outside in the central courtyard. The central courtyard featured outdoor dining at tables under the shade of a giant oak tree. The old dining commons was nice in that it had tall floor to ceiling glass walls which allowed plenty of sunlight.

The old dining commons was replaced due to severe overcrowding. The opening of the new Segundo North residence halls in 2003 before the new DC was completed didn't help the crowding situation either.

The SSC also housed an Area Service Desk, the Segundo Academic Advising Center, a Learning Resource Center, a Laundry room, a television studio, and Sodexho offices.

The original Junction was a very small room located next to the lounge which featured a piano, TV, and pool table. It was a nice gathering spot for people to play pool and watch TV.

The Junction later moved into part of the space that used to be the original Segundo DC. The space was much larger and allowed for a bigger selection of food items.

The Old Segundo Services Center was eventually demolished, and the new Segundo Services Center opened in Fall of 2011.

The temporary Junction at Segundo that existed 2002-2005 The Segundo Dining Commons, circa 1968. Note the people eating inside...

Demolition and Reconstruction

The plans to demolish the old building and construct its replacement can be found on its UC Davis Architects and Engineers Page

Rendering of New Structure


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2005-06-04 03:55:29   There are some long tables in the main area but they don't compose the majority of tables like in the existing DC. —DerekEllis

2005-10-26 23:18:16   Old DC was ridiculously crowded in the 2002-03 year. I can't imagine how they did with the 3 new Segundo buildings they made. Huge tables were nice, setup wasn't the very best. But for "Special" dinner nights the line was over 2 hours long, multiple times. I agree with Gilad - the huge tables are nice and fun. Whether they're long and rectangular or just a round table we can fit 12 people around. Just from the pictures above (Prior to being moved) the new one looks a bit too trendy for me. Doesn't have the cool college feel. I will try to eat there sometime. And there weren't that many outdoor tables in the older DC. They were also always covered in bird shit and leaves, as well as food spills. Not many people wanted to sit outside. Does the new DC have the fat stacks of newspapers from all over in front of it? I loved that. —ES

2005-12-09 02:20:08   During the 2001-2002 school year I would frequently gorge myself at the Old Segundo DC and all was well. One day I noticed a bug crawling around the self serve slices of cheese in the Grill area so I told a young DC worker who was standing by. He said nothing. He moved towards the cheese dish and with his one gloved hand, he poked the bug to death atop the stack of cheese slices. Then he looked at me and asked if that was alright. I left the Grill disillusioned by the food service industry. I thought about telling some kind of authority figure but I wasn't sure if they would believe me. What if that worker was normally polite and accomodating but was having a really shitty day. He would probably toss that slice, deny the whole thing and I'd be the guy that made up crazy stories. —GautamJoshi