Farmer's Market
17071 Olinda Rd.
Happy Valley, CA 96007
(530) 246-4104
Gary Pepe

A vendor at the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings, he has some of the best olive oil in terms of quality and taste. The "Yellow Mellow" oil, made out of riper olives, has a lovely buttery taste with an entrancing yellow opulescent color.

His olives are Mission and Manzanillo. To quote the former website:

Olive Oil, fresh and pure from Olio Olinda Olive Oil Company: Our extra virgin olive oil is organic and made in the beautiful Happy Valley region of Shasta County, California. We process small, select batches of prime olives picked fresh in our groves, Happy Olio Olinda olive trees make wonderful olive oil that is known as the taste-maker!then it is turned into a golden/green oil that is slowly, naturally decanted like wine in stainless steel tanks before being shipped fresh to you. Always first press, always natural.

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