Omega Odd by Roy Bronola is a comic that runs in The California Aggie.

It is about the misadventures of Roy (he's the one with the headphones) and his crew - Ann and Damien. Though this comic primarily takes place in and around UC Davis, it oftentimes abandons concepts of space/time/reason and places its protagonists in pop culture locales. A key feature of this comic is that "continuity" is almost-completely ignored in Omega Odd. Characters are dealt life changing (even ending!) experiences only to appear in the next strip as if nothing had happened.

Omega Odd used to be found here.


I personally think this is the best comic strip in the paper. Maybe it's Bronola's frequent characterization of pop and geek culture (One particularly hilarious strip had Bronola in the Math Department being explained matrices by a Colonel Sanders-esque man calling himself "The Architect") that appeals to me. It is frequently absurd and that absurdity translates into humor. Not to mention that, as a comic, it's well drawn. For example, Bronola doesn't ignore backgrounds like other campus comics. What's more is he often dispenses of the usual, three-box suite of comic strips for more creative geometries.

A very funny, very professional comic. — JesseSingh