A violated bulletin board

Apparently a group that took down every flier in Wellman hall, sometime on the night of February 12, 2007, leaving a single flier in its place. The flier they left read that the board had been closed, and proceeded to quote Simon and Garfunkle's Sound of Silence, as well as listing the SPAC rules for posting on the boards. The motives, membership, and well anything about them is pretty much a blank. The name is most likely a reference to this http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/ECHELON/echelon.html.

Possible Suspects:

This doesn't make sense. —ArlenAbraham

Why doesn't it make sense? Don't hide the truth man, just because you want more people to not vote for you! —BrentLaabs

  • Students for an Orwellian Society - Seems unlikely, organization thought dead.
  • CCCC or SOSSS copy cats.
  • Renegade art student - Suggested by James, possible...
  • Janitors - It is their job kinda?
  • SPAC - This organization rarely acts in such a manner, also they would probably charge fees for violations.
  • R4 Recycling — I'm pretty sure its this one, because the fliers had R4 logos on them. But, this would probably also go under CCCC / SOSSS copycats.
  • The Davis Enforcer - Unlikely due to lack of bungling, but then again they did release an issue the following day.
  • Freshman - There is some recyclemania going on or something, could be related?

Click to view at readable size. Please note the R4 Recycling Logo.

Please note, every flier was removed, not a single flier remained in the hall, which was already a bit empty of fliers in the first place on this day (example, Young Hall was absent its usual flier filled board.), this suggests that this is the second not the first event.

Speculation and Discussion

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