Opportunistic Wiki Advertising is an extreme art. It requires focus, thought, creativity, and a passion for all things wiki. Why bother with Opportunistic Advertising? Well, making a Wiki Flyer costs money. You need paper and printers.

A Step By Step Guide to Opportunistic Wiki Advertising

STEP 1: KNOW THE WIKI. Be attentive as you go through your daily lives. Occasionally you will find yourself in the physical realization of a wiki page. For example, are you currently in one of Davis' many Bathrooms?

STEP 2: SEARCH. Search the location for an item that is plentiful and has no use whatsoever.

STEP 3: ACQUIRE. Carefully remove the useless item.

STEP 4: FIND. Search your backpack or purse for a printer

STEP 4: TAG. Now write your relevant wiki ad on the useless item.

STEP 4: PLACE. Look around the room for a nice place to stick your advertisement. For example, Bathrooms have a coat hook. So just place it on one of these by punching the paper through the hook.

Now you're well versed in the theories of Opportunistic Wiki Advertising. Enjoy.

Another Approach to Guerrilla Advertising

...would be to print business cards such as:

          Love this place?
          Hate this place?
Write your review at www.daviswiki.org,
the Davis resource which doesn't suck.
They could be left in inconspicuous places where customers might find them. To make this a true venture into Opportunistic Wiki Advertising, simply take business cards from others and write the advertisement on the back with a pen you find laying around. Now it's free!