The Office Building

5000 Orchard Park Circle (on-campus, near the ARC, right by Russell Park and The Domes)
M-F, 8:30am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:30pm
(530)752-3959 (please look at the Student Housing website first before calling about the application process)
Student Housing "the parks" website
Parks Redevelopment Project

One-Bedroom: no one bedroom apartments Two-Bedroom: $915/month (2013-2014 Academic Year)


Apartment Building Apartment Complex

Orchard Park is one of two campus-managed apartment complexes located on campus (the other is Solano Park). Apartments are tiny (594 square feet), very basic, and inexpensive, but the complex has a large courtyard and two playgrounds for children as well as laundry facilities and a community center available to all leaseholders. If you have children, both Orchard and Solano Parks are nice because there are so many other people with children; neighbors often help each other out with babysitting and the community offers lots of after-school programs to entertain kids and provide family support. There is a nearby Child Development Center that may offer a discount to families living in either Orchard or Solano Park. Only two bedroom apartments are available. The waiting list is prioritized in the following order:

  1. Students with children,

  2. Married students/domestic partnerships (documentation required)

  3. Graduate students with no children,

  4. Undergraduate students with no children

Orchard Park was built in 1964. In the next year, residents will be moved to Solano Park as Orchard Park buildings are replaced, with everyone moving out by July 31, 2014. Until that time, there may be increasing numbers of vacancies. The residents will then be moved back to the new Orchard Park, and Solano Park will be retired, July 31, 2016.

There is an Orchard Park Garden, like the Solano Park Gardens, but it was abandoned in favor of the the EC Garden in 2005. In 2011, a brave group of residents are resurrecting the expansive, but overgrown garden. Plots are $30 for a whole, $20 for a half, larger and cheaper than the EC Garden.

To learn more about rental housing options in Davis, please take a look at our Rental Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.

If you are concerned about the increased rent costs for Orchard Park, and the lack of plans to rebuilt Solano Park as student family housing, visit Save the Parks. Administrative information can be found at Parks Redevelopment

The entire complex is currently fenced off in preparation for redevelopment. Status updates about the redevelopment process can be found on the Graduate StudiesStudent Family Housing Redevelopment website.

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2009-04-20 21:24:27   Are pets really prohibited at Orchard Park? Or rather, is that policy enforced? I'm hoping to move to Davis with two very small dogs, but am having trouble finding places that allow dogs. —harvardslacker

2014-01-22 19:58:03   I heard they were completely tearing down this place, including the children's park that is located in the complex. I've heard that they will be erecting a new apartment complex that is not affiliated with the University. I am so sad to see the actual park go. It had the best swings and a really cool rope climber. I'm surprised no one else has written anything here. —jenb

2014-01-23 12:10:45   There will be a town hall meeting Saturday 1/25/2014 at 10:00am in Wall Hall put on by the developers. See —NicolasBallJones

2017-01-19 23:37:41   my mother died here in 2011. Dont tear it down. —liadresden