From the October 6, 1915 issue of The Weekly Agricola (the second issue!):

Pajamarino and Smoker For Next Wednesday Strictly Evening Dress Will Be Required When Scantily Clad Figures Parade the Town

Pandemonium shall reign supreme next Wednesday night when the annual pajamarino, held in honor of the football team and preceeding [sic] their tussle with the U. of C. Freshmen, shall take the town by force.

Cowbells, tin pans, chains and sirens will be in demand when the pajama clad youths serpentine in and out of the local business establishments to the tune of college yells and songs.

It will resemble a reincarnation of Hades with the characters clad in different colored raiment though their cavortings may be true to the play. And when their physical exhuberance [sic] shall have waned from exertion, they'll sojourn to the pavilion to smoke their favorite weed. Incidentally, speakers and stunts will feature the program and a new note will be made to vibrate in the hearts of all new students.