This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


1774 East 8th St. in the Davis Manor shopping center
Monday-Friday 10 am-6 pm, Saturday & Sunday 10 am-4 pm

Party & Vac is actually The Party Store and Kelly's Sew & Vac. Sherry & Kelly sell everything you need to throw a holiday themed or child's birthday party, including costumes and helium filled balloons. They also sell vacuum equipment and belts for more vacuum types than any competitor in Davis.

Let us plan your next event! Wedding, birthday, anything you can think of. Contact us for details.

Bring in this ad for a free dozen bouquet of filled latex balloons with any purchase of $25 or more!

Ask yourself, do you need: Plate-ware? Table Covers? Silverware? Cups? Party Favors?

They have it all!


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2005-02-05 03:57:16   I think, but am not entirely sure, that the store is two seperate stores that take up two units of the complex but are run by the same people. I took my vacuum to Kelly's Sew and Vac at 1776 East 8th St. to have it repaired, and walked through the party area to the counter in the back (used also for the party supplies) to drop off the vacuum. —SummerSong

2005-02-26 02:01:10   For a place selling vacuum products, they sure have a surprising amount of glitter all over the floor. —CraigBrozinsky

2005-09-15 12:56:32   Just ordered a part for my Vacuum there, nice guy. Yeah, it's way in the back, past the party supplies. He quoted me a price $8 less than the nearest place in Woodland. Seems nice enough, too. —DavidBenjamin

2007-04-15 09:30:24   I adore this store. In my hometown, okay next to my hometown, there was a Wishing Well which sold all sorts of random party favor-type objects in bulk. About once a month I would go there and stock up on bouncy balls (which I used to get people's attention) or those Party Snaps (that you assault your friends with). I didn't think we had anything of the sort in Davis but once again I was delightfully proved wrong. —KirstenOnell

2007-11-11 20:12:54   Does anyone know if they have piñatas, and if they do what's the price range? :) —gurglemeow

2008-04-04 12:39:36   In reference to SummerSong's comment: I heard that it used to be 2 seperate stores at one time. Then the Owners got to know eachother and fell in love. When the owners of a vaccuum store and a party store really love eachother a Party & Vac is born. —MyaBrn

2008-04-14 17:48:47   aww, i love this place. they have so many fun, inexpensive things —ReginaGunn

2008-04-27 01:36:05   They do have pinatas. We bought one for a birthday party but we never filled it with candy so it became a pet within our apartment, named papageorgio. I bought a belt from here that couldnt' be found in ACE and the price was fair. —heyitsdimo

2008-05-10 09:48:34   Does anybody know what their return policy is? —juliebeans

2008-07-06 01:29:34   I like the party part, but the vac part is a bit lacking: we ordered a belt for our vacuum and never heard back, then when we called we were told that actually the belt didn't exist so it hadn't been ordered...we found it ourselves online later after about 4 seconds of searching. —AynReyes

2009-02-20 13:49:22   They were really nice about refilling the mylar balloons that I took in - that type of balloon can actually be reused quite a bit! —MargaretaLelea

2009-03-29 08:46:24   While I have had good experiences purchasing party supplies here, I have had two bad experiences with sewing machine repairs now. Hoping the first time was a lark, I brought my machine in because it was having problems sewing through a specific material. I left a note and drew out how it was incorrectly sewing and taped some sample material to it and explained how to reproduce the problem. The machine wasn't ready when they said it would be, and when it was, they walked out carrying the machine by the cover's handle, even though there was a note taped at the handle saying not to lift it by the handle. I took it home and discovered they had completely disregarded my note and the machine still had the same problem. I brought it back and the store was ~ 30 min late to open. When I asked about the repair, the man said that my machine can't sew through that material, to which I responded that I have been sewing through that material for six months. Then he stopped to take a call and helped another customer in the store in the middle of our conversation. When he returned, he went on to say that my needle had been backward, which I find very unlikely. He did tell me how the thread can jump, and I appreciate that, and the solution was that I went home and adapted my machine with some scotch tape and it was fine. I ended up spending $50 for very poor service. The Woodland sewing machine store on the other hand has excellent service and although I prefer shopping locally, it is definitely worth the trip. —davisdebbie

2009-11-05 15:19:49   I really enjoy this store. The husband and wife team are very helpful. Their party supplies are always up to date and if you are looking for something specific they will get it for you. I needed some St Patty's day items for Halloween and they pulled out the boxes from the back to help me out. The prices are pretty good and the quality of stuff is excellent. My room-mates and I have also taken our vacuum to this place to get serviced. They completely cleaned out the vacuum and unclogged the tubing. They did a great job and the fee was very reasonable. It was like we had a brand new vacuum cleaner. This is also a great place to get balloons. —ElizabethBarthel

2011-04-10 01:36:39   Expensive in there and the guy isnt always to knowledgeable about the products. I was going to a game and decided to go all out and get some hair dye for team spirit. He assured me it would wash out...It didnt :( I ended up shaving my head. —Dozer

2011-04-19 23:02:08   This is one of those cool amateur family stores where you can find a lot of random things that you might need for a costume or a party. I found a really awesome uniform hat here, the kind an old-fashioned cop would wear. —jsogul

2011-05-28 16:02:24   I would not recommend going to this place if you need a vacuum repair. I took my (albeit old) vacuum cleaner in to get fixed and was quoted a price of ~$200. When I brought it to a different store for a second opinion, they cleaned some hair out and it worked just like new. Needless to say, I will never bring anything back there to be repaired. —NyssaSpector