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***Currently we are CLOSED for the winter season, sorry about the inconvenience. We plan to reopen late spring 2015***

Pedal Powered Landscaping is a completely sustainable, bicycle-powered, zero-emissions landscaping company that operates throughout Davis. They use bicycles as their transportation from job to job towing a bike cart for the tools. They believe they're a green business that fits perfectly into the philosophy of our city (and that Davis has a philosophy).

Some of their specialties include:

  • Clean-ups
  • Planting
  • Pruning
  • Hauling
  • Drip Irrigation - installation and repair
  • Sprinkler Systems - repair
  • Removing Lawns (sod)

—Planting drought tolerant gardens ("food not lawns")

  • Custom Designed Landscaping

Save thousands of gallons of water with:

— Drip irrigation

— Lawn removal

— Low water plants

— Irrigation system audits

Free Estimates - no job too big or small, they'll do it all.


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2012-05-27 15:28:15   Dependable and great work! Evan recently rejuvenated my neglected backyard and was a huge help preparing for last years event. I highly recommend Pedal Powered Landscaping. —TimStarback

2012-06-08 12:05:26   Evan and his crew are a pleasure to collaborate with on projects. They are prompt, dependable, know their plants. I highly recommend them. Nancy Price —NancyPrice

2012-06-15 18:34:37   Evan and the crew of Pedal Powered Landscaping are great! We are repeat customers. Two years in a row they have done major spring cleaning in our garden including pruning, removing overgrown plants, replanting. They are very hard working and timely and bring helpful ideas. We will hire them again. —IndiaFlemingFarris

2012-07-03 17:04:20   I have used Evan and the crew twice and they are great. They fit into that wonderful tradition of old Davis dependable professional crafts men/women. They fill all the space between mow and blow folks and tree trimmers. They are prompt,dependable,reasonable well organized and very hard and fast work. You get a day's work for a day's pay. I have gladly added them to my list of top Davis professionals. I highly recommend them and they are a continuing part of my home care. Doug Minnis —

2012-07-05 10:26:48   Evan was quick to respond to my request for an estimate and flexible with scheduling. The work on our driveway, backyard and hedge was well done and the crew cleaned the area completely. We will be calling Evan again for future projects. We recommend Pedal Powered Landscaping. —rachelmesser

2012-07-07 19:18:34   Many landscape businesses are reluctant to take on small jobs. Not a problem for Pedal Powered. Evan and his crew were great at taking care of our irrigation system tune-up and minor repairs. I would definitely use them again for any yard job! —jfayedixon

2012-08-25 18:12:06   Hard working and resourceful crew. The business end is a little trickier with misleading pricing that is higher than the competition and substandard follow-through. Make sure all the promised work is fully complete before you pay. —BlakeStimson

2012-09-13 16:01:05   Crew did good work in a timely fashion. Were sensitive to the needs of our waterless, native garden. They'll negotiate a fair price and a reasonable schedule. Recommend highly.


2012-11-28 18:22:39   Pedal Powered Landscaping did some unpleasant work of removing large and overgrown plants. We thought they were fantastic, prompt, dependable, and refreshing after some less positive experiences we have had with contractors. Definitely recommend them!


2012-12-05 09:53:02   This is an unusually competent, dedicated and responsive crew, and we are very happy with their work. They also are extremely nice, and we really enjoyed our interaction with them. They are quite a find, and we recommend them enthusiastically. - Richard Cohen and Cristina González —CristinaGonzalez

2014-04-29 18:42:07   I just got off the phone with Evan who made a very generous and sincere apology and so I deleted my previous comment because it no longer applies. Evan does still run the company and takes it very seriously when a client is unhappy and has offered me a discount on the work done. There were a few misunderstandings and with the lack of communication, things got wonky, however, the work that was done by Nick was done well. Evan listened earnestly and heard my concerns as well as suggestions on the importance of communication. I am willing to give PPL another chance. —REW

2014-05-26 23:22:59   Evan did a really great job at bringing some order to my unruly yard and it looks great! I'm trying to move towards a drought tolerant yard, and we shared some ideas on that. I think later this summer I'll use him again to make some changes. (I also want to put in a plug for hiring someone to do the work on your theory, I like to do gardening, but in reality is really not my favorite way to spend a weekend! I fought the idea of hiring someone for years, meanwhile my yard was looking sadder and sadder. Evan's enthusiasm made me feel great about sharing this job with someone else!) I heartily recommend PPL.


2014-07-06 19:16:23   The Pedal Power crew are friendly, efficient, reliable, and knowledgeable. Have only needed them for one cleanup project with a little pruning and trimming, but their cleanup was terrific and their visit worth every penny. I would definitely use them again. —LaniBall

2014-08-14 10:42:12   Thanks to Pedal Powered Landscape workers we are now saving at least 20% more water each month. Bo and his partner checked every inch of our existing drip system, replaced many emitters and reset our automatic timer. They also moved 7 cubic yards of cedar mulch, to further insure water savings and the life of existing plants. They are not able to install new systems at this time, but they are able to improve existing systems. Being able to pay via PayPal is convenient for me. I will definitely use them again if I need to change or improve our existing system. We eliminated many unnecessary lengths of the system that were not needed. —MarilynMoyle