Front of Pedrick Produce on the morning of 2006-08-05 East Side of Pedrick Produce (Facing Pedrick Road) on the morning of 2006-08-05

6850 Sievers Road, Dixon, CA 95620
Off I-80 at Pedrick Rd. between Davis and Dixon
Summer 8 am - 8 pm (closing hours start going down during the fall)
Winter 8 am - 6 pm (starts with the time change)
(707) 678-1814

This fresh produce emporium consists of a two-story Quonset hut (with the distinctive semi-circular roof, pictured above) located on the north side of the freeway, at Pedrick Road.

This store is known for its fresh vegetables, but also has a large stock of bulk nuts, dried fruit, and candy all of unknown origin. As these are not local, the prices are comparable to what you will find elsewhere. Overall, prices are low presumably due to their low land costs. This market is similar to Yolo Fruit Stand

If you're an aficionado of minimally processed local food, Pedrick Produce is an interesting market at which to purchase fresh vegetables and fruits. You'll also find a a quality selection of hot sauces, a veritable cornucopia of beans, rice and other grains. Other scrumptious rural delicacies include chocolate bark homemade peanut brittle. Lots of nuts (though Davisites are rarely sighted here) of many flavors here too. Don't forget to try the ice cream and honey. Gunther's pumpkin ice cream has been spotted there. Or, the olives.

Many items are available here in bulk—priced much lower than at the Davis Food Co-op. The products have less hype and corporate baggage, and you'll be supporting small businesses. They also have tons of bulk candy (the kind you normally only find in a movie theater) for a fairly reasonable price. It's origin is unknown. Their bagged tortilla chips are delicious and cheap.

Shoppers may also arrive there via back roads and on bike.

The photographs suggest this is a lonely place. It is not. During a typical Saturday afternoon, the parking lot is full, the store is busy, and heavy farm trucks (laden with tomatoes on my September visit) go by several times a minute.

Backroad Directions

Useful for bikers, a nice motorcycle ride, etc. Warning to bicyclists: most of Pedrick Road has no shoulder, and the traffic can be heavy compared to other county roads.

Now that you're at County Road 98, take a left (i.e., go south), and the road will turn into Pedrick Road. As you start approaching I-80, you'll see the 76 and Chevron gas stations, and Pedrick is next to the Chevron.

Obviously, reverse the directions to get home.


21 dollars goes a long way at Pedrick's


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2006-09-13 08:40:33   Pedrick's has delicious vegetable chips. They're awful for you, but they're crunchy, salty, flavorful and just greasey enough. —AmyGoogenspa

2007-06-28 01:11:32   This is a great place for fruits and vegetables. The store is oddly stocked (it seems to have several redundant sections), but everything looks good.

FYI, the "no sugar added" candy notes, "Warning: May Act as a Laxative." I suggest that everyone take the warning seriously. —MisterProfessor

  • They probably use sugar substitutes then. Pretty much all of those sugar alcohols are mild laxatives. (Xylitol seems to be becoming one of the most popular).

2007-10-01 09:46:12   This is my favorite produce location so far. Most of the times I go, they have a cart outside with 1/2 price produce; I have been lucky and getting their Asian pears on 1/2 price sale. Asian pears stay good for 6 weeks, so while the 1/2 price ones may not be the newest batch, I doubt they are 6 weeks old and they only get better with age, softening and ripening just a bit. Be sure to keep them in the fridge - cold Asian pears are extremely crisp, sweet and delicious! —NickStrand

2009-07-10 12:57:35   Enormous selection of nuts! Much more to choose from than Yolo Fruit Stand. Some bulk candy prices/lb. are higher than Yolo's, depends on what you buy. They also have a good selection of sugar-free chocolate candies, if you venture a try. The fine print on the sugar-free candies warn "may act as a laxative."—they weren't kidding! —ViVi

2010-04-04 11:52:55   Vegetable Chips FTW! —ArianeMetz

2010-05-31 10:24:58   There's a hidden deal at Pedrick. The fresh herbs! For $1.59 you get California grown herbs you can plant for continuous use or just keep watered so the leaves dont wilt and use the whole plant right away. The quality is superb and the price is well below Ace, HomeDepot, or Lowe's. We purchased beautiful basil in two different varieties (purple and green), thyme, marjoram, and sage. The best time to go is as soon as they are delivered to get the best quality and selection Monday and Friday evenings are when they are typically delivered. Don't blame the grower if you go and the plants are in dismal condition its the job of Pedrick to actually water the plants and make sure the soil gets wet and absorbs the water. Also note as long as there is no browning drooping plants just need some water to spring them back into life. By the way those fresh herb packets in Pedrick are $1.99 and you get less and once its gone its gone with the live plants you get have as little or as much as you want. —dimes

2010-08-24 18:27:39   Great produce love not use a credit card as I had identity theft each time i used a new card there. will still go just use cash.. —SandyShaw

  • I've been using credit cards there for more than two decades without a single problem. Can you give us more details, and did you bring it to their attention? —DonShor

2010-09-25 23:47:13   Pedrick Produce is life-changing. I'm devastated that I did not learn of this place 3 years ago when I moved to Davis instead of 3 months before I have to leave here. There are some amazing deals on fresh fruits and veggies, most of which are locally grown. Biking here from Davis is quite an adventure - a life I didn't get enough of but will miss terribly. —soledad101

2011-05-07 11:32:55   I love Pedrick's. Last summer, my wife and I were cooking 3 vegetarian dishes for 100 people for a wedding. It was incredible just how much we managed to get at minimal cost. The photo above shows a small purchase on 5/7/2011. A couple pounds each of green beans, celery, fuji apples, heirloom tomatoes, and cucumbers; some zucchini, bell peppers, asparagus, and corn. The produce ran about $12, with a bottle of Brianna's blue cheese dressing and a pound of butter toffee almonds that brought the total to $21. They often don't have the selection you can find at other stores (for instance, we had to go to Nugget to get Asian pears for the wedding). They have the basics year-round for average or below-average prices. It's the in-season produce that really shines. —TomGarberson

2011-07-13 10:19:04   I shop at Pedrick's for all of my veggies, fruit, nuts, and grains (and the occasional sweet chocolate covered treat!) Combined with shopping at Trader Joe's, my grocery bill has gone down considerably. It's worth the drive out there. The produce is delicious! —LenaSchiffer

2011-08-18 00:34:22   Every Sunday, I make the very short drive to get my week's worth of produce. I am always amazed at my bounty for such little cost (as long as I can have the willpower to resist some chocolates or cookies ... damn you chocolate covered honeycomb!) This place has seriously enabled me to continue eating healthy on a recently-graduated-and-jobless income! —ChristyMarsden

2011-11-12 12:40:02   Do they sell flavored honey sticks here? —AlexandraS

2013-11-26 08:45:51   I thought this comment section needed an update, Pedrick Produce is still open and stocked with a terrific assortment of fruits, veggies, grains, dried goods, salsas and more. I love shopping here. The people are friendly and the prices are so much cheaper than anything I can ever find at the big box stores. I'll be stopping in today to stock up on Thanksgiving ingredients and road trip goodies for the trip down to LA. —xochiotomi