Peter A. Rock Hall after it was renamed in 2012. Photo taken by Marcus Tang A historical shot of 194 Chemistry prior to the name change. An empty Peter A. Rock Hall still taken by Paul Ivanov


Peter A. Rock Hall, formerly named and still commonly known as 194 Chemistry, 194 Chem or Chem 194, is one of the primary large lecture halls on campus. It is the second largest lecture hall on campus, seating 416 people. The building was renamed in 2012 in honor of Peter A. Rock, the founding Dean of the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. More information about the rename can be found in this aggie article. While technically part of the Chemistry building, the fact that it is one of the largest lecture halls on campus and is equipped with multiple media systems, it is used for a variety of classes as well as the occasional movie or showcase such as the Robotmedia or Chemistry Club Magic Show.

The ASUCD Entertainment Council sponsors the movies and sneak previews. Information can be found or at the Memorial Union. Sneak Previews are free, although popular movies often require a properly acquired pass from the Memorial Union. Other films range from free to $5 and tickets are purchased (cash only) at the door.

In 1990, ASUCD spent nearly $50,000 to build a projector room in the back of Peter A. Rock Hall, as well as upgrading the screen, projector, and sound equipment. This purchase was to benefit Entertainment Board Films, which later evolved into Campus Cinema, which eventually dissolved into the ASUCD Entertainment Council in the mid-2000s. It is equipped with excellent Dolby Digital Surround Sound and DTS.

Because the projection equipment is several generations old, and there are very few students who are trained 35mm projectionists, EC has shifted to digital projection for its most recent events. Films have been shown on the built-in classroom AV system, but in 2009 a new digital projection system was installed and EC is working on developing an HD signal path independent of the classroom system.