Peter Ng currently works at Northwestern Mutual in San Francisco.

Peter Ng is a 2007 economics graduate from UC Davis. He served as sports editor of The California Aggie and as a resident advisor in Castilian Hall North's Courtside during the 2006-2007 academic year. Peter won an award from the California College Media Association for third place best sports column in April 2007.

Born on November 14, 1984 in Ames, Iowa, he began his formal schooling at Sawyer Elementary where he placed 6th in the school's geography bee as a fourth grader and was 2nd in the elections for school president as a sixth grader. While at Ames Middle School, Ng was regularly penalized with detention for not knowing when to "shut up" in class. He designed the school's yearbook and job shadowed Iowa State University's President in eighth grade. Between his freshman and junior years at Ames High School, Ng served as the co-president of the Strategic Games Club and founded the school's first Ping-pong club as well as taking on an array of other extracurricular activities including debate, speech, soccer, tennis and The Web student newspaper. He moved to Davis, Calif. during the summer of 2002 where he graduated from Davis Senior High as a member of its Class of 2003 and created the Thumbs up, Thumbs down portion of The Hub student newspaper. As a freshman at UC Davis, he was a member of Lysle Leach Hall's "Suite 117" crew - which was basically Ng and three other deviants (Stanley Krochik, Ben Reynolds and Peter "Cody" McGough). As a sophomore, he occupied the infamous 815 house of Douglass Ave. where nothing was ever unordinary... until the landlord finally ended the 14-month long party. He is a member of the ever present Fokkers intramural soccer squad, twice runners up in the men's B division. Ng spends his free time watching the Discovery Channel and writing, talking and editing Aggie (and Iowa State) sports.