The old location on Lake Boulevard.

1460 Drew Avenue , Suite #200
Mon-Thurs 5:00 a.m.-9 p.m.
Fri 5:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.
Sat-Sun 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
(530) 753-9011

Physical Edge is a gym that offers physical therapy. According to their website, "the goal of Physical Edge is to be the physical therapy and fitness provider of choice for the greater Davis area. This goal will be achieved by providing the highest quality of physical therapy and fitness services to the patients and clients that we serve. We place the highest emphasis on customer service and providing a safe, pristine environment where everyone is made to feel comfortable".


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NEVER, EVER COME HERE. I had $200 stolen from my wallet out of a locker here. The management didn't call, didn't apologize, basically accused me of lying and refused to give me a refund for the personal training sessions I had left. As if I would every want to go back. I don't feel safe, I certainly don't trust anyone with in the management. The gym is small, bad equipment and in the middle of nothing. Go to the ARC, go to 24 hour fitness, go to Davis Athletic Club, go to some place where you're not going to get robbed. DON'T GO TO PHYSICAL EDGE, EVER! —VanessaRinggold

2006-12-11 09:18:08   The owners are rude and find excuses to overcharge. An unhealthy environment. —TomFrendl

2007-04-03 22:45:30   How odd... They provide locks for customers to put onto the lockers. Did you use one? I love this place. My experience is a lot of personal attention. It is small, with minimal restroom and changing facilities, but I find it a very comfortable environment... just the opposite of the meat market mass production of the big places. Charges and policies are clearly posted. —Poipool

2007-04-03 21:58:15   I have received years of physical therapy... this place is good. My therapist never lets his attention wander. He is precise in all his movements, pushes me to my limits and never beyond. They minimize the paperwork and focus on the work. Most importantly, they have a real understanding of the psychological demands in the healing process. UCD, Sutter, UCLA were good, but this place is both excellent and human. —Poipool

2007-04-10 09:29:21   In regards to safety, this could have happened at any place of business and patrons should be aware of their own belongings. I believe they have a disclaimer which states they are not responsible for lost or stolen items in their facility. Go anywhere and they have the same policy. I would say that Physucal Edge has a wonderful atmosphere and the staff members are not rude. In fact, most of the full-time staff members that have been there from the day they opened have wonderful relationships with several gym members and patients to the point that they know them by face and name and greet them outside of the work environment when bumped into on the street. —abybabe76

2007-11-26 22:11:39   I agree with poipool. The South Physical Edge on Drew Avenue is wonderful. Everyone is there for your physical health and safety. The people are professional and the rooms are clean. The atmosphere isn't like a meat market. Mind you, this is coming from a person who is hard to please: this place impressed me. —Reina

2008-02-19 15:31:20   I have used the South Davis location since it's opening, and have always found it to be extremely clean, and the personnel there to be very professional. I like that they provide free locks, and will hold on to the key for you while you work out. They're nice about changing the channels on the TV, and are also good about providing quality customer service without being annoying. I've never used the heated pool but I hear good things about it from people in the locker room (though you should know its NOT a lap pool - for this you'll have to join another gym or Davis Aquatic Masters. DAM provides special pricing for Physical Edge members). They also offer a good variety of classes. Overall I'm very happy with this gym. —ABlack

2008-03-29 04:47:54   I would not recommend this gym to any of my friends in Davis. I tried to use the new facility at South Davis and was amazed by the unfriendly, thoughtless, rudeness of the clerk at the front desk. Although I was a guest from the local Holiday Inn Express and entitled to use the gym (a fact which was confirmed by my room key and a call to the hotel), the clerk still insisted I pay $7.00 since the hotel had not given me a magic coupon. In the end, a helpful employee from the hotel drove over and handed the officious "hostess" the essential coupon so I could enjoy "the highest emphasis on customer service" in a rather mediocre fitness center. —BJohnson

2008-04-01 19:45:56   the front desk girl that used to work there was really hot. I wonder what happened to her...she was the reason I went as often as I did. —nta2002

2008-06-01 16:38:12   I thought this gym was great when I went. The young girl was really helpful and willing to answer any questions I had, and she never seemed to get annoyed after all the questions I asked. She just kept on smiling. Even after a question she didn't know she went out of her way to call someone so I could get the answer. She even cleaned while I was there and it was fairly clean to me. And to Vanessa, the gym is not small, its privately owned so it's not going to be a big gym. I thought it was big when I went. All and all I was very impressed by the gym, and I will recommend it to all my friends. —Davisite2075

2008-10-10 00:38:10   I don't want to be rude to Vanessa but it's your own fault, don't just leave $200 in your wallet out where someone can look. It's not the owners responsibility to watch over your stuff while you work out. They provide locks. This place is really nice, the owners are nice and I didn't bring in enough money one day and one of the front desk girls paid the 2 dollars extra. I joined the next day. They answered any questions I had. Some of the staff isn't as well informed as the rest. But I did ask a girl if she knew how to work certain muscles out, and she knew exactly what to do so I can tone up. Most know what they are talking about and have no problem leaving the desk to help you out with questions or anything. At the ARC I felt like it was an inconvenience to ask how to use a piece of equipment. But my experience there has been a good one so far. I have no complaints. They always fix things right away when asked about something bring broken like a piece of equipment or if there needs to be toilet paper put into the stalls or more shampoo. I really like the staff and the way everyone has treated me. —AdamDen

2010-02-16 15:26:27   I don't know too much about physical Edge, except when I tried to make an appointment there. They asked me if I had insurance, which I said yes, What insurance, I told them Blueshield. Then, they wanted my insurance policy number over the phone before they would even make the appointment for me. They would not make the appointment without that. I know they are there to make money. However, that sounded a bit too greedy for my taste. I decided to go to Burgers after that. People at Burgers Physical Therapy are very friendly and the therapy is so far so good. —davisazip