All across the UCD Farm
Saturday, April 28th, 1917

The University of California Farm at Davis, hosted the Picnic Day, its annual open house and oldest honored tradition, on Saturday, April 28, 1917. Picnic Day had an estimated attendance of more than 15,000 visitors.

The day started off at 8:00 AM sharp when the students opened the farm gates to greet all the visitors. The students then directed the visitors to the various areas of the farm according to their personal interests. At 9:00 AM, the athletic exhibition began with a Junior Track Meet; it was followed by a high school relay and tennis matches. At 10:00 AM, there were demonstrations put on for the visiting farmers in the orchard, stock barn, and field. Also at this time, competitive judging of horses, hogs, and cattle commenced along with various open events in the athletic field. Beginning at 11 AM, speakers began to take stage; among them were Governor William D. Stephens, Senator A.H. Breed, Dean H.E. Van Norman, Jack Hunsacker, and K.A. Ryerson. At precisely noon, visitors ate lunches they had brought from home in their picnic baskets. The University Farm generously served free coffee and cream. At 1:00 PM, special entertainment and household tips were provided for women and children in the auditorium. Also at 1:00 PM, there was a baseball game; water polo in the swimming tank was at 2:00 PM. At 2:30 PM, the University Farm Orchestra played music in the auditorium accompanied by moving pictures. At 3:00 PM there was a military parade and a Livestock Parade wherein the floats symbolically represented the divisions of study at the farm. At 4:00 PM, things were really heating up with broncho-busting, chariot races, tilting contests, and comedy acts at the athletic field. A band played at 5:00 PM. The non-stop excitement peaked at 5:15 PM with a fire fighting contest and a tug of war between the University Farm and the college of agriculture at Berkeley.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Hope to see you again in 1918!