On Picnic Day there's a flurry of activity all over town, especially on Campus. This page is for posting of experiences, interesting things you saw, photographs — anything and everything happening on Picnic Day this year. If you don't have time — don't worry about it — just upload images and we can organize this afterward. To to add an image (you need to first make an account), then click "Edit", write [[Thumbnail(imagename.jpg)]], save the page, then click the "Upload" link that appears.

Day of

add anything! Picnic Day took place on April 16th. The weather was great, blue skys and not a cloud to be seen — such an improvement over the two previous years (where there was rain). Turnout looked to be high and there was a lot of activity on campus.

The parade

Picnic Day always kicks off with a big parade that showcases many of the organizations and groups here in Davis.

The trademark 'Davis-logo' bikes lead the parade.

The City Council showed up in a firetruck!

Newstar Chinese School had a vibrant display.

KDVS, freeform alternative radio, won Most Spirited award.

The Little Green Electric Car led the way for the Electric Vehicles portion of the parade.

The WhymCycles where well represented in this year's parade.

People gather by the MU

Giant float depicting the Fistulated Cow

The UCD Veterinary School float.

Mascot with Aggie Pack fire Truck - Taken by JoAnnaRich


You could cuddle up with a giant millipede (and other exotic pets) in the Academic Surge.

To the south of Hart Hall there were some great interactive events for kids. One of the more popular was a kiddy pool with a small step stool in the center. A child would be lifted to the stool and two of the event staff would raise a pair of hoola hoops from the soapy water surrounding the child on all sides with a large bubble.

At the Cole facility there were was a petting zoo and a chance to milk a cow or a goat.

Tomato plant seedlings were given a way at the Plant and Environmental Sciences Building. Nearby, you could get free grapevines or taste exotic fruits. Yum.

The fire department ran an open house selling t-shirts and giving away sticker badges and children's fire hats while responding to several emergency calls.

The Spokes put on several acapella shows throughout the day, including this one in front of Wellman Hall. The Doxie Derby attracted a huge crowd of devoted Dachshund lovers. Intense Doxie Derby action 2005 Two Jack Russell terriers barely touch the ground as they race. A woman performs a stunning dance on the Quad's main stage. What's Picnic Day without a Baker's Square pie eating contest? Tons of people watched Band-Uh face off in the Battle of the Bands.

Day before

A panorama of the Quad the day before.

A satirical flyer posted around town, referring to the Sterling University Vista Apartments riot last year.

Other Accounts

  • I spent much of the day between A Street and B Street where there were about a dozen different parties going on. I was there because the Chabad House is there. My friend Aliza, referred to this area as "Picnic Day's Frat Brother". — KenBloom