Picnic Day 2006 occured on Saturday the 22nd. Overheard while walking toward campus, early afternoon, "When my roommate woke me up I was more excited than I was on Christmas morning!"

Description and photos

Less hyped (but no less entertaining) than the Doxie Derby were the Jack Russell Terrier races. ...and they're off! At Battle of the Bands, went on until 11:30 at night. Stanford brought a cool drum-pedal-activated torch

Rockin' out There were many people present at Battle of the Bands. Many. Future Aggie? Picnic Day is probably for them.

Liquid Nitrogen ice cream. Delicious! The quad at 2PM or so.

Fighters of the SCA battle near the Art Building. Another awesome WhymCycle creation by bicycle mastermind Peter Wagner. Art, and playground.

Picnic Day magic. Cornstarch and water: Is it a liquid or a solid? The Spokes perform on the MU patio.

Face painting was very popular. Picnic Day Battle Of The Bands drew a huge crowd. Huge. (photo stitch)

The parade route, viewed from the O&M:Utilities truck in the parade

WhymCycles Outdoor Adventures An Ostrich skeleton

Sciences Laboratory Buildings the National Organization for Women Grandstands

Grandstands Announcers The Crew team

The Quad Motorcycle Officer Some of the entertainment wasn't in the parade

enjoying the parade from on top of the Varsity Theater

the Radio Flyer Car

The Humboldt Lumberjacks

Outside Campus

Family friendly Picnic Day seems to stop at the edge of campus, with the blocks close to campus (3rd Street and 2nd Street in particular) going nuts with parties, live music, booze, and hundreds of people wandering the streets.

A band plays on an apartment patio on A Street. Barry "the Fish" Melton and his band rock out on 2nd Street. People on the upper porch of the Turtle House. A KDVS dance party was also held in the basement, Glug played, and Mike Harrington was spotted in a mosh pit.

There was a line to get in to Fast and Easy Mart. Officer Ly hands out a ticket of some sort, possibly MIP, on University Ave.

Aftermath of the Downtown Block Party


(This should be reworked to say what happened/we all did)

Let's try and document this picnic day the best we can! If you are part of the Wiki and are participating please add your name and involvement:

  • JasonAller plans on photographing the crowd from the parade for the wiki.
  • PhilipNeustrom is going to run around everywhere with his dSLR and laptop for photos.
  • SharlaDaly scored VIP tickets to the Fashion Show and will fit that in around cruising around the campus, then winding up at the Turtle House to see her son's band - Glug- play from 6-7 pm in the basement.
  • JosephBleckman shall intrepedly defend an -Information Booth- with heroicnosity. The next day he plans to be part of the Operation Team for Cleaning Up as well.
  • Elise Kane will be roving around for the third year in a row, armed with an awesome dSLR, capturing photos for The California Aggie. Two other Aggie photogs will be enlisted as well. Elise might also capture some SLR b & w photos with her own equipment. It's gonna be a great one, kids!
  • AllisonEriksen spent the day entertaining everyone with the power of Rock n' Roll and the Aggie Band by carrying the banner at the head of the parade, playing at the end of the parade, at the rally, and the Marching Band Battle. She ended up sleeping through the last half hour or so of the battle while on top of a pile of backpacks and was awakened in time to join in on Aggie Fight.
  • Uh, TusharRawat has a camera hidden somewhere...
  • LaineWalkerAvina will prevent the robots from taking over Davis at the 12th Annual IEEE Micromouse Competetion in 2205 Haring.
  • JanelleAlvstadMattson will be at the Davis Lutheran Church BBQ much of the day (Everyone's invited! see the Events Board). There, she'll be singing with the Crossings Band there and eating homemade pie! She hopes to see the parade and to check out the Doxie Derby. She'll take pictures where ever she can!

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What did you do on Picnic Day?

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2006-04-25 01:35:06   I completely failed to take any pictures. I see however, that others did not have any difficulty. I was actually giving tours of the campus and Picnic Day events to my prospective-student friends. Too bad I'm not an official guide, I wasn't being paid! —TusharRawat

2006-04-25 11:34:17   I watched the Doxie Derby, and played in the Alumni Band-Uh. Woohoo! —MattNagel

2006-04-30 12:13:43   I watched the Doxie derby...all of it....for 4 hours. Sierra trumps all once again! —SydneySwartz

2006-05-01 18:37:11   Are you telling me that NO ONE got a picture of the Band-uh! alums moving the car off the parade route?! —AllisonEriksen