Then. Now. Always.

April 21, 2012
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The 98th annual Picnic Day was on April 21, 2012. The theme was "Then. Now. Always." to symbolize the enduring continuity of the event.

The Magic Unicorn Rider was spotted zipping around downtown on Picnic Day.


51 people were arrested, and over 100 citations were issues by local law enforcement in their annual "expensive ride in a police car" event.

Photo section 1 (from SimonFung)

Read my lips. No more tuition hikes. Unique vehicles.

Horses. International Students club. CAAC band.

Seeing double. Double Decker buses. Race Cars. DeLorean DMC-12

NorCal Inline Hockey KDVS Desario

Band-Uh playing in front of Wellman Hall

Photo section 2 (from ConstantiaOomen)


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2012-04-22 14:04:46   I am uploading a whole bunch of videos right now, CovertProfessor. If it's allowed, I can give the URls of all these videos and/or my YT Chanel. I have a lot of photos too. —ConstantiaOomen

2012-04-22 15:47:50   I want to share my Picnic Day 2012 photos with you. Feel free to use any of them to illustrate this Wiki Page!

2012-04-22 23:18:31   I have 26 videos of the California Aggie Marching Band-Uh! and "Battle Of The Bands" on Picnic Day 2012, April 21. 2012. They are in my YouTube Chanel. I invite you to check them out. Thanks to all the bands for making our first UC Davis Picnic Day the best musical event we ever attended! With these videos Picnic Day 2012 will stay alive.

2012-04-23 01:05:55   My friend rode the magical unicorn this year!!