Pig Day 2006, photo by Elise Kane

Every year on the first Saturday of March, the Davis Farmer's Market observes National Pig Day. Adults, children, and animals dress up in piggy regalia: pig-themed craft tables abound, sweetbread bakery rolls from Upper Crust Baking Co. are shaped like pigs, a piggy petting zoo is featured, strangely or not-so-strangely enough, bacon is served with breakfasts compliments of the Food Bank of Yolo County...all in all, it's a fun affair, this Pig Day.

The event began to be celebrated locally in 1991, but nationally its origins date to 1972.

Luckily the swine flu scare of 2009 occurred shortly after that year's event.


Petting Zoo Etiquette

This may seem obvious, but parents should make sure to teach their children how to treat animals, and keep an eye on them while they are participating in the petting zoo. No picking up the piglets, pulling their tails, stepping on them, or shaking them violently to wake them up.