Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Closed Sunday
Government issued photo I.D. required to tour (ex: Driver's License)
920 Cranbrook Court
Near corner of J Street & Covell
(877) 815-4149
Pinecrest Davis
One & Two Bedroom Apartments & Cottage Flats
Fall 2014 Leasing: Prices starting at $1000 for 1 bedrooms & $1250 for 2 bedrooms
Call for specific pricing as prices are subject to change daily & are based on availability.

Pinecrest is located on an 8 acre parcel and offers one bedroom (650 square ft) and two bedroom (850 square ft) apartment homes that are reasonably priced. Current pricing is subject to change daily, so it is best to contact the office for a price quote - written quotes are good for 48 hours [1/22/2013]. Select one and two bedroom apartment homes are available as well in a single level cottage. Pinecrest does not require last months rent upon move in. The deposit ranges from $500-$600 depending on apartment size, and are subject to credit approval. There is a $300 pet deposit, no pet "rent" and the combined maximum household weight limit is 75lbs full grown. There are certain breed restrictions, and a limit of two pets per household.

The apartments come with ceiling fans, dishwashers, microwaves, ample counter space with the option for a breakfast bar set-up, and ridiculously large walk in closets. Residents enjoy the friendly management, pet friendly atmosphere & ideal location.

Residents have pool access, 5 picnic areas, and a 24-hour on-site fitness center. Brand new Whirlpool washers & dryers were installed in both of the 24-hour laundry rooms at the end of 2010. The cost of laundry rose with the new units, now costing $1.50 to wash and $1.00 to dry. The new machines no longer have a visible timer/countdown to indicate when they will be done, nor do the dryers allow for adding additional time. The dryers are on a sensor & made to run until the clothes are dry (assuming that they are not over-loaded). This means that you should not need to add additional time, and should not have to pay an extra $1.00 just to get an extra 5-10 minutes to complete the drying process.

Management changed in June 2012

They require full deposit up front to reserve an apartment, can be paid with personal check, cashier's check/money order, or credit card. Application fee ($35) is required at time of reservation.

Pinecrest has a resident portal online where residents can see payment history, pay by credit card or bank account online, and set up recurring rent payments similar to auto bill-pay. Residents may contact the office for their registration code - each resident will have their very own unique code assigned to them, so even if there are multiple people residing in one apartment, payment information will remain secure and confidential.

It is now an option to go online through the resident portal on the Pinecrest Website to submit service requests and view the status of pending requests.

Pinecrest is currently renting units for Fall 2014 move ins. Contact the office for details.

The community is on Unitrans E bus line (and a block away from the P/Q bus line). It is located just under 1.5 miles from the UC Davis Campus, and about half a mile from Downtown Davis. Pinecrest is also close to Nugget, Little Caeser's Pizza, Subway, CVS Pharmacy, Acorn Veterinary Clinic, A'Bout With Hair & Travis Credit Union.

Pinecrest is professionally managed by the First Pointe Management Group, effective June 1, 2012.

Pinecrest encourages feedback from residents & prospective residents as well as others who have had an interaction with the property and/or management team. We want to know where we are providing excellent service - and where we have room to improve. The management team is constantly striving to take into consideration the desires, constructive criticism, and positive feedback of all who want to have a voice.

Residents are encouraged to contact the office with suggestions for ways to improve community life, events and overall living experiences. These types of comments are helpful to the management when planning property improvements, community events, etc. Suggestions such as a coin machine for the laundry rooms & pet stations throughout the community have already been made. In addition, residents are able to participate in periodic surveys from the management with a variety of topics ranging from resident satisfaction, desired renewal incentives, proposed improvements & more.

For listings of other rental properties available in Davis, please visit our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.

24 Hour Fitness Center
24 Hour Laundry
Heat & Air Wall Unit
BBQ & Picnic Areas
Free Wifi In Pool & Gym
Pet Friendly
Free Parking
On Site Maintenance
Dishwasher/Ceiling Fans
Bike Path to Downtown
Large Walk-in Closets

*The pool was suddenly closed this fall as the new management imposed a "seasonal" policy, which was not previously in place at Pinecrest as the pool had previously been open year round. Note: Management is working to extend the length of time (going forward) during which the pool is open seasonally until a little bit later in the year.


Public Transportation - Pinecrest is located on Unitrans E bus line. Several Yolobus routes stop nearby at Covell Blvd at J Street and will take you to Sacramento, West Sacramento, Woodland and Sacramento International Airport

Bicycle - Pinecrest is located on the bike path which connects to F Street. The path runs directly through the property making it convenient to get to downtown and campus.


Pinecrest does not require parking stickers. It has abundant parking in both lots.


Accessible Units Available


Pinecrest's location is convenient for access to bike paths and is seated nearly halfway between Savemart and the Nugget shopping areas. "However" expect to hear and feel freight trains throughout the week. The north-south train line is Pinecrest's western property line, being no more than 50 feet from many of the buildings. While this track does shut down overnight, frequently trains start rolling through by 7 AM. The railroad also does 'coupling' near here, which basically involves bashing the cars into each other, which produces incredibly loud bangs/crashes. Note: Pricing is reduced for the apartments which are located closest to this part of the property.

Floor Plans

1 Bedroom 1 Bath
2 Bedroom 1 Bath

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2010-09-22 23:34:07   I lived in a two room apartment for a year and that was a horrible experience. I should have never rent this place. It's next to the train which will wake you up at seven in the morning, and it's next to the play round which keep you up until midnight. They do have a nice swimming pool and nice grass area, but it only means that you will have to pay more for your water bill (which were almost $100 every month for us). There is only one bus line pass the apartment which run every 30 minutes during the regular quarter and every one hour during the break. If these couldn't stop you from renting the place, I would recommend you to take pictures as you move in and after you move out because they will repaint the whole apartment, clean the carpet, and charge other fees that they can think of to get as much of your deposit as possible. Even though we wiped the floor, vacuum the carpet, and clean the bath room every week, and spent two weeks to clean the apartment before we move out, they still deducted $400 from our deposit because we didn't clean all the dust on the fans, hired a professional person to clean the carpet, and wiped off a few little marks on the walls. Don't be tricked by their nice talks. If you do lived there, asked them to write everything on paper for you because they will say a different thing the next day. —tu

2010-11-03 16:52:31   Great news! We just had it approved to order pet stations. We know that not everyone will make more of an effort, but we're hoping it helps a bit. Residents can also help us by informing management if they know a particular resident is a consistent part of the problem and not picking up after their pets. We really do want to fix what we can, within our power :) —PinecrestManager

2011-03-01 15:04:00   The new management is stricter and charges more for apartments that are just as crappy as when they were previously cheaper. While the old management wasn't on top of things, at least they were genuinely nice and understanding, instead of just out to get your money.

We have been in constant war with keeping cockroaches out of the apartment since day one. If we forget to spray the entire place with poison before we leave for a few days, we come back to them crawling on the walls and a million baby ones living in the bathroom.

If you're interested in this apartment because it's "pet friendly" like we were, be warned that cats and small obnoxious yappy dogs are basically the only thing allowed. Dogs have to be under 40 lbs and cannot be related to any of the 15 or so restricted breeds. Non-allowed "exotic" pets include rabbits (which are domesticated pets..?), reptiles, birds, tarantulas, etc. While old management allowed all pets, the new management will NOT notify you of any of these new rules when you sign a lease (which also does not state these restrictions on it).

The new management also charges $300 deposits for each pet you own, which I believe is 6x how much the old management charged?

The appliances in our apartment are so old that they barely work or they break often, and unfortunately the apartment wasn't in perfect shape when we moved in and we did not take photos, so from the reviews I'm reading I don't really expect to get my deposit back.

I haven't minded the noise from the train, however the leafblowing right outside my bedroom window at early hours of the morning can get annoying.

The only nice thing I have to say about Pinecrest is that I like my walk-in closet and it has lovely green yards and trees.

However I also seem to be one of the few who actually cleans up after my pet!

I didn't have too many complaints with the old management and I had hoped that the change would only be for the better, but now I'm definitely getting out of here as soon as my lease is up. —jazzapaloosa

  • If the pet rule is not in the lease, you're not legally obligated to abide by it. —jsogul
  • I'm really sorry to hear you feel that way. A couple of comments:

1) Prior management used to charge $500 per pet

2) Current management has no problem honoring something in writing from the previous management, even if it is not aligned with our current policies. Exceptions to this would be when it causes a hardship on the property, or other residents. Our screening criteria does state the pet and breed restrictions. If you did not move in while Riverstone was managing, you would not have known. That being said, the lease does state that written approval is needed before you can have a pet in the apartment. I know that prior management did not consistently go over the intricacies of the lease with everyone in detail; current management makes a point to do this so that confusion and frustration like this is avoidable.

As manager I try to have an open-door policy. If you want to come in to discuss your concerns, I would really encourage you to do so. I also have no problem sitting down and explaining how the move out charge process works, and doing a pre-walk through when the time comes for you to move so that you have a very good sense in advance of what charges you may be seeing on your move out statement. In regards to not taking pictures at move in, as long as you wrote down the deficiencies on your move in inspection form, you should be fine. —PinecrestManager

2011-06-13 15:18:26   I live here. I was hoping that when management changed, it would be different. Although I would say they improved, I think there are some things that they cannot help because this facility is too old. Ever since I moved in here, there have been so many problems ranging from water problems to power outages etc. The water from the sinks and baths started to come out as brown water and it was reported, then it was fixed. Happened a few more times after that. The walk way lights and porch lights outside keep experiencing power outages, it was reported and supposedly fixed. But it still happens, I find it normal to walk around outside in the dark now. The sprinklers go on 5 times in one night, hour after hour, and the water pressure is ridiculous. It's so wasteful!!!. I feel bad for the people who are actually still paying for water charges, because you should pay attention to how much water is wasted at night when the sprinklers come on. Also, the sprinklers shoot so high and beyond, if you're parked on the street, you will probably get wet. Yeah, living around here you will also get a lot of bugs, those giant cockroaches, I think it's due to all the bushes and trees around here. As for dogs, they put up pet stations, but when the bags ran out, they never ever replaced them. Honestly, I wouldn't live here if it weren't for the price and dog policy. If you want to live at a decent size place with decent rent that allows dogs, and don't care about all the other misc problems, I guess this is the place for you. But besides that, I guess you get what you pay for. As for me, I don't think I'd live here again. —pinklemonade

2011-06-21 00:39:48   Do you love cockroaches? Have you always wanted to have hundreds (or even thousands!) as your loving pets!?!?! Well, this is the place for you!!!

Personally, I do not love cockroaches, and do not want to have to avoid them during a midnight water-run to the kitchen. I'd also like to thank jazzapaloosa and pinklemonade (above posts) for voicing a number of my concerns (poorly maintained appliances, brown water, unreliable outdoor lighting (causing tripping on outdoor steps), loud and wasteful sprinklers).

Also, if you have problems with anything, instead of them offering to help or giving you some kind of discount*gasp* or apologizing, they will blame you or give some lame excuse (see above). This is not a place where the customer comes first AT ALL. A panel of mailboxes and the outbox have been broken for months, the pool has been closed for a couple weeks in 90+ degree weather.

I know this place is a little old...but for some reason the same exact units next door managed by Tandem (Cranbrook Apts.) seem to look great...and all the people I've talked to really like it there and don't seem to have any of the problems that occur here.

I could go on, but it's time to clean up the cockroaches I smashed and get that water....


2011-07-18 18:48:58   I have lived here since August of 2010. We love our little one bed one bath. The closets are HUGE and we have NEVER had a bug problem. Maintenance and staff are always very quick, know my name and what apartment I am and and very friendly. —SarahHamblen

2011-08-01 11:18:14   Sarah, I'm very jealous. —davisred

2011-08-08 14:50:52   No bugs in my apartment nor have I had any problems with them fixing any thing that is broken in my apartment. The new management has always been very helpful with everything since they came into power. —thomashew

2011-08-20 13:30:31   I am moving in to Pinecrest this fall and was met by a wonderful staff that really answered a lot of my questions. From what I hear, the place is doing a lot better now under the new management and a lot of the old issues are now taken care of. Especially the pest problem, they mentioned it has been completely eradicated as well as checked on vigorously to ensure the complex is clean. Also, you have to remember, that in some cases bugs are a direct cause of uncleanliness, which in a college type setting, can be easily made by the busy student. So, I am looking forward to my stay there, but will definitely voice my experience when the time comes. —davisaggie1

2011-08-26 20:28:43   Dear davisaggie1. They are not completely eradicated and nobody has contacted us to see how the problem is doing. "Also, you have to remember, that in some cases" people are extremely clean, stop using their kitchen due to infestation, and put down traps but the problem persists. —davisred

2011-09-11 00:25:18   I toured this place extensively and decided not to stay for reasons several other members pointed out. But I like to state things in my own words, so here is why I decided not to live here.

1) When we discussed the facilities with the management, they were quite fake and condescending. The blonde woman who waited on us seemed to sneer at us the entire time. She acted very defensive when we voiced concerns about asbestos (which the neighboring complexes admitted to having in very small quantities in older sections (but hardly dangerous amounts) and, given the age of the building and the fact that they were all built at the same time, by the same company, seemed foolish), denying that there were ever any traces in the first place. Okay then. She got weird about several other questions raised as well, mostly about noise volume, the nearby train, pests, and the effectiveness of the maintenance.

2) The model we viewed was disgusting. And this is the MODEL! Models are supposed to look better than the actual room so we were horrified to think about what the actual bedrooms would look like. There was black stuff in the model bathroom, the carpets looked unclean, and the walls looked like they hadn't been painted for a while. It also smelled funny.

  • I'm not sure how the model could have been in this condition, but I am sorry that was your experience.

3) We (my roommate and I) were initially attracted to the complex because of the price. For a one bedroom, it was considerably cheaper than the other complexes nearby. HOWEVER after interrogating the management at length we discovered that they charge you for basically everything but cold water and trash pickup (but, according to some people I talked to, they used to!). Take note that hot water is not included here, unlike some places.

* I'm sorry that our utility policy wasn't clear. We charge no city utilities. This means all water, regardless of its temperature, is included in the rent, as is trash & sewer. The only utilities we require residents pay is the gas & electric (PG&E) bill.

4) There is no wi-fi anywhere, or a computer lab. You are completely responsible for hooking up your own internet. No ethernet cable ports, either, from my understanding.

  • There aren't any apartments that have internet included, but we do offer WiFi for free in the common areas. Additionally, many of the companies that contract to do "internet included" services provide slow and often unreliable service (not always, but often). We prefer to let our residents pick & choose which services they want to pay for instead of increasing the rent for services they may or may not use. Many people choose not to get cable TV and simply watch shows on services such as Netflix or Hulu. For basic internet services on average the cost is only about $20-$25 monthly. We also offer a price-match guarantee for "extra" utilities such as cable or internet, through our Riverstone Connect program.

5) This isn't a complaint so much as a WTF. Why do they take your ID? It was weird. She wouldn't even give us a tour of the place until we let her hold our drivers' licenses hostage. What is the point of that? It struck me as a particularly intimidating and controlling thing to do, and having just escaped from an apartment complex with a management that enjoyed its fair share of power trips, I was completely turned off by that. —nutmeg

  • We actually take the ID for our own safety. It may seem crazy, but there have been incidents in the past in the Property Management industry where someone touring attacked a staff member. So for our own safety, we hold something in the office that identifies the person/people we are taking on tour.

2011-09-24 16:20:51   I lived in this terrible apartment complex for a year, and I had a horrible experience. First of all, the complex is close to train tracks, and my building trembelled every night. Genrally, this apartment was too noisy. Second, Alot of bugs. Third, the fitness room equipment are all broken. Fourth, the hot water always has a problem. The hot water is down at least once a week, and usually it takes the managment 2-3 days to fix it. Fifith, the managment sucks! It takes awhile for them to fix the problems. Sixth, they charge you whatever they want while you are moving out. Simply, they will give you ~ 30 percent of your 500 dollars diposit. I personally cleaned thoroughly my apartment, but they charged me for "heavily cleaning." They look nice at the beginning, but they are bunch of liers and thieves. In short, if you wanna have a terrible time, go ahead and rent this place. —EMGDavis

  • I'm sorry you were so unhappy with your experience here. I know during your lease term we did have a number of issues with our hot water systems, and luckily they seem to have improved since last fall. We did a number of major repairs between 2010-2011. As for your move out charges, did you have a pre-move out inspection done? We offer them to all residents moving out, and this would have allowed you to maximize the amount of your deposit refund. Additionally, it's important to keep in mind that certain items are billed on a wear & tear allowance based on length of residency. Typically, the longer you live in one place, the less you will pay when you move out.

2011-12-29 22:47:00   I live in pinecrest apartment for one and half year,that was really a pleasant experience. I knew the manager Shirley, and Jeanette since the first day I move in, they helped me so much. for example, once I went out and forgot to turn off the oven, Jeanette went inside with the spare key and turn the oven off for me. And another time we lost our key in the ocean, they tried their best to help us out. I also know the mantainance guy, Norman, nice, friendly, funny, and always ready to help. once our toilet was clucked, they came in night, right after I called. I do not have many friends in this city, but they are the people who I can trust and turn to when I need help. thank you! —xuena

2012-02-08 15:15:36   I've always wondered at why this place never sets a firm price on their apartments. They're sending out a message that if interested tenants want to live here, they should wait until the last minute to sign a lease in order to get a lower rate. I hate when prices fluctuate so much. —jenb

  • The prices change daily, but once an apartment is reserved the price is reserved as well. The pricing is based on availability, so the sooner you rent the lower (typically) the rent you get. Prices generally increase as the number of available apartments decrease. Hope this helps! You're also welcome to call the office to ask for more information. It seems crazy at first but really it makes a lot of sense once you learn more about the pricing system. —ShirleyD

2012-02-17 12:14:45   I have been living here for awhile and enjoy the place and just renewed my lease. I am really tired of moving around. After reading the previous post about rent pricing, I would like to know why my rent has increased 50 dollars a month (600 dollars for the whole year) for wanting to stay another year when new renters have the opportunity for lower price. I feel like you are punishing your loyal renters, can you explain this? —SKbear

  • The pricing for incoming residents does change, and (again, typically) the rent is lower the sooner they reserve the apartment. However, for the most part the pricing that is offered to our current residents is in line with what we are offering to new residents for the same apartment type (location and lease term impact the pricing)....Actually, it is often lower than what we would offer to new residents. There are a lot of factors that go into determining what renewal price you are offered. Depending on how far below "new rent" your apartment was can impact what kind of pricing increase you will see. If this doesn't make sense, or you want more details on comparable pricing for what we would be renting your specific apartment at to someone new moving in, just give me a call or stop by. I'd be more than happy to help ease your concerns! —ShirleyD

2013-03-05 09:42:43   If I could rate this place worse I would, It was better living in dorms!!! Whatever you do DO NOT sign a lease at Pinecrest, these are by far the worst apartments I have ever lived in, or place that I've rented period. The management is horrible and DO NOT care at all about tenets. Work orders are ignored, it literally took weeks to get work orders filled, and they were emergent, NO hot water, No light or fan working in bathroom and wasp nest on stairway, all of these were ignored and were not even taken care of once I put in a second round of work orders, I actually had to go down to the office to literally speak with someone in the office about getting things taken care of. By the way this would be about the 5th time we have had problem with getting hot water. Hot water literally takes 25-40 minutes to come out. This place in infested with pests! There are dead rats in the grass, wasp hives in the stair railing, and worms in the shower (which actually turned out to be black fly larvae.) When the worms started seeping through the walls maintenance came and just patched over the small hole in the sealant in the shower, so now the worms just live in the walls, they were NEVER sprayed for or dealt with in any way. When I moved in there were large spiders in the house even when we went on the walk-thru with management, so not only did she witness the actual spiders, but never ordered pest control per our request and when they finally did, no body let us know so they were not able to spray because dogs were going to be present and we were not able to be home to remove dogs without notice due to busy schedules, but when there was a cockroach complaint by another tenant they posted a note on our door that said spraying for cockroaches, no pets, no children, no pregnant woman can stay at their home for two days!!!! Where should these people go? This notice was posted on our door the night before and also asked tenants to move EVERYTHING away from wals and clear out cabinets, closets and basically move out for a day. Also the noise from the trains is unbearable, IT WILL wake you up DAILY at or before 7 am, literally shakes your whole apartment we've had things fall of the wall and it lasts for hours!!!! Not only in the morning either, in the early evening the trains come back and noise levels are just as loud. If this is not enough to deter you, I will let you know that there have been a number of cars broken into, personal item stolen from right outside your apartment, the parking lot lights have been out for 2 years the entire time I have lived here which makes it a lot scarier for young college girls. Girls I'm telling you don't live here, it is dangers, and I was literally solicited for a sexual act right next to the unlit bike path to the parking lot where I was head to my car to go to work, the man followed me to the parking lot yelling obscene things and offering me money for sexual favors this was extremely scary and maybe preventable just by have working lights. The work out room they advertise only has 4 machines total but only 2 work, and the heater is always on high with the smell of a full garbage can in the work out room that doesn't frequently get emptied, from the work out room you can also see management surfing facebook instead of working on an apartment complex that clearly needs help. This year they tried to raise our rent even though we have been here for two years, and then only to find about two weeks later a notice posted on our door reading, "Notice of Landlord's Intent NOT to Renew lease and this all happened directly after we complained again about our water. Maintenance informed me that the broiler closest to my apartment was non-operable and was not sure why, but I believe this is likely the reason they will not renew our lease or any tenants living in my building, all notices were posted directly after the hot water trouble likely because this could lead to legal trouble since tenants are obligated under law to be provided hot water, that runs for any length of time which ours does not. I can't even take a 5 minute shower without the water going cold, it is miserable. There is NO incentive that could be given that would make it worth living here! Since the first day we came into our apartment to do the walk-thru with management our carpets were disgusting, stained, and reeked of urine, there were paint stains everywhere, bathroom sink discolored and does not properly drain, pests, heater did not work when we moved in, A/C does not cool house and master bedroom a/c non-operable, looks like its from the 1800's and blows out dust and other debris. Also it is not possible to get cable in any other room be unless the cable line is run throughout the house and is exposed, this is what comcast/xfinity told us. Currently we are in the process of trying to figure out if we have any legal rights in this situation. If this is not enough to deter you from moving here GOOD LUCK. Management has changed again however, no improvements have been made =( —ChristinaTong

*While we sincerely appreciate your feedback on our community, there are many unfounded and inaccurate deductions and accusations within your commentary. In regards to the pest control issue, your apartment home was treated, as was the exterior of your home, at the times pest control issues were reported to our office staff. Going back five years in maintenance and pest control work orders there has never been a report of rats on the property. Also, in regards to your allegation of Black Fly Larvae in your shower, this matter was addressed as recommended by our pest control vendor by our site staff and you did not report any additional issues with this matter after the repair was completed — also, black fly larvae are found in lakes and streams and the environment of an apartment home would be a highly unlikely location for them to be found. Spiders are common on our property as we are located on 8 acres of land; however, reported issues of spiders — whether interior or exterior — are happily addressed by the pest control services that are included in your rent. In regards to the cockroaches, our pest control vendor has a recommended preparation to ensure that the treatments are effective as possible so we may eliminate the need for additional treatments — which we understand are inconvenient to our resident's lives and schedules. Part of the preparation for the treatments does involve pets and certain sensitive groups be away from the apartment home for an extended period of time as a precaution. Any situations that arise from this request have, and will continue to be, addressed on a case by case need of each household and/or household member. Also, we are required by California Civil Code to provide our residents with at least 24-hours notice of our intention to enter the premises, it may have been that you did not get home until later in the day to see the notice which was posted within the allotted and legal time frame.

In regards to the train, your apartment home — in which you stayed an additional year after your first lease term — was a unit at the end of the building and right next to the train tracks; therefore, it is not surprising that the train was more of a nuisance than it would be if you have lived on the other end of the property — which is most certainly an option at our community.

The parking lot lights have been out a handful of times in the last few years; however, making the claim that they were out the entire duration of your residency is excessive. Your story of solicitation was never reported to management or the police department and would have most certainly been a concern, not only for you, but for our entire community. Incidents such as that need to be reported to our office and the police immediately as that is a very dangerous situation that we would not take lightly; however, in light of not being alerted of the issue, it is unclear as to how management was expected to assist in addressing this matter.

In regards to vehicle break-ins and bike theft, these are the two most common crimes in Davis, and they happen all over town. We always want our residents to be aware and as proactive as possible to prevent these incidents from occurring and we do keep a log of reported items in our office and report them to the police department as we are notified. Also, our community is a member of the Davis Crime Free Multi-Housing Project which is a program set up by the Davis Police Department and creates more open channels of communication between our community members and our law enforcement.

In regards to your allegations with the hot water issue, first, residents were never asked to move out due to complaints regarding not having hot water, that sort of action would be grossly inappropriate. The notices posted on the homes, in which you received as well, were in regards to renewals — as we pre-lease all of our apartment homes and you, as well as some of your neighbors, had indicated that you were not interested in renewing your lease. We are required to notify you in writing of our intent to lease your home to a new occupant and you are required to vacate at the end of your current lease term. I would be happy to provide you with an additional copy of your notice for your review if you would like. Secondly, the hot water issue was addressed within a timely manner and we did complete necessary repairs in over 40 homes to prevent the issue from reoccurring in the manner that it was. I personally followed up with you on multiple occasions to ensure that there were no other outstanding issues in your home, especially regarding the hot water.

I apologize as there was alternative management in place at your move-in and the fact that your apartment home was not thoroughly prepared for you is most certainly disappointing; however, at your move-out last year you did receive your entire security deposit back — our management company and our on-site staff are not interested in over-charging our resident's security deposits at move-out, you are charged for damages that were caused by your residency and that is all.

Overall, it seems that your frustrations are misplaced and although there may have been issues that arose during your residency, all factors indicate that our management staff acted quickly and thoroughly as we were notified of concerns with your apartment home and our community. —PCManager

2013-07-14 17:12:30   We just got kicked out of the pool in the middle of a hot summer Sunday afternoon. We were having a low-key birthday for a 7 year old child. Apparently there was a "noise complaint". I do not live at Pinecrest apartments anymore but I did call this place my home for 20 years and would discourage anyone from living here under this management. I know have quite a few friends that still live here and it saddens me that most of them are afraid to stand up for themselves because of the intimidation they get from this manager. I am actually intrigued the manager's reasoning of locking all of the residents of the pool. A noise complaint, really? Was it the noise of happy little children's feet splashing around in the pool? were we talking too much? We had no loud music nor were any residents breaking any rules. With No warnings what so ever from the manager just to get. Sorry im on my iPhone. I will edit this later. I was just so upset for this little boy and his poor parents who felt his birthday was ruined because of this. When the child's mom tried to talk to the manager the manage said "there is no conversation here" and walked away... Basically "talk to the hand". This particular manager does not show any respect to her residents and is constantly intimidating them. Someone needs to speak up. This is a family community where parents are scare if losing their home if they cross this woman wrong. —RachelOttlinger

* The common areas of our community are monitored, throughout the year, to ensure that each and every resident is able to use and enjoy their home and the community to the fullest extent and this includes management supervision. We appreciate the consideration and respect of those residents who live near pool and other common area amenities and management works as diligently as possible to maintain that standard. Gatherings of any kind that disturb the peaceful enjoyment of a community member will most certainly be addressed, as it was in this case. We care about our community and making sure that all members feel as comfortable as possible is one of our key goals. Our office is open six days a week and we are happy to discuss and review any of our policies with our residents to ensure the clearest level of communication is reached. — PCManager

2013-08-01 00:34:25   Wouldn't recommend anyone to sign a lease here. My apartment has been infested with roaches since day 1, and no spraying or anything will get rid of them. Even though the rent may seem cheaper ~$50-100 less than other complexes near by, it is just not worth living in such conditions. Also, even when the apartment is kept moderately clean, it's guaranteed you'll still find roaches roaming the space. Good luck —LZ

* It is very concerning to hear that you had a pest control issue with your home during your stay. Pest control services are included in your rent and are provided at least twice a month for the exterior of the property as well as interior treatments, if necessary. We always encourage our residents to communicate any issues in their homes, especially those that are pest related. We take these concerns very seriously and work to address them as quickly and efficiently as possible; however, if management is not aware of the issue, unfortunately this makes addressing the matter more difficult. For the convenience of our resident's busy schedules, the office is open six days a week and we are also available via phone, email or through the online resident portal 24 hours a day for any and all correspondence. —PCManager

2014-02-03 20:45:46   As we enter the rental season in Davis, I just want to take the time to post on my experience from living her for a few months. I'll start with the good things. Downtown Davis is a nice stretch of the legs and a reasonable walk. Parking is free, too, and my car has been safe in the lot so far. Also a very easy walk to Nugget Market and CVS.

Now on to some of the negatives. First of all, if you are a light sleeper, this is not the place for you. Don't let the Leasing Office fool you into thinking that the noise from the train is hardly noticeable. When we were on our initial tour, we asked about the noise of the train, and were told that it wasn't bad and that the train pretty much ran from 8AM to 11PM. Having lived two doors from a fire station in the past, I knew it was possible to adjust to noise and just wanted to know what to expect. First night, 6 separate trains went by from 2-3AM blaring their horns. For the most part, I sleep through it, and during the day it sounds like the garbage truck is constantly in your backyard. But, like I said, if you have kids or are a light sleeper, might not be the best location for you.

Hot water has been another long standing issue that we've had little resolution with. Most nights, we have to run the kitchen sink for 4 minutes or more to get hot water. We've been told by the maintenance staff that we are far from the water heater, and there's not really anything that can be done, which is pretty disconcerting considering the current drought!

Also, be aware that the appliances are smaller than average. We don't have oversized dinner plates, but they do not fit in the microwave, nor do they fit in the dishwasher at all. Also, the oven is narrow, so half of my baking sheets don't fit. So, if you like to bake, probably want to look elsewhere.

Oh, and the pool is closed for most of the year. So, even if it's an unseasonably warm day in January, no pool for you! —KSF

2014-03-05 17:09:37   This is absolutely the worst place to live in! The apartments are expensive, and they are poorly up-kept. They trick you by showing the display apartment, which looks appealing. Upon moving I noticed the corners of the kitchen cabinets were chipped, the pain job was horrible, the bars on the closet needed to be replaced. Oh yea, and we had a roach infestation in out shower, absolutely disgusting!! They claimed to have sprayed the apartment prior to move in, but that was a total lie. We had countless number of problems with the outlets, and the breakers would constantly blow out. We also had so many problems with their online payment page. Most of the time it wouldn't let us log in, or they would retract the money from out account and still post that the rent wasn't paid. The property manager is extremely rude and doesn't take anything seriously. She thinks everything is joke. She had the nerve to laugh when we told her about the roach problem. DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! You have been warned. —beccy126

2014-08-11 15:16:59   Just moved out after one year at Pinecrest. I wasn't horrible but it had some issues. In particular they were raising the rent with no upgrades in return so we felt is was not worth it to stay. One of the BEST things is the storage and large bedroom and free parking. However, there are TONS of spiders and cockroaches. On the first day we had the apartment I found at least 5 beetles crawling on the floor and in the sink. I didn't think too much of it but it definitely was an issue.

Also, the property is not well maintained. The gardens are well kept but the buildings themselves are not. The picnic area tables are splintering, the paint on the railings is chipping off, and the cobwebs are never swept off of the overhangs. The gutters are not cleaned on a regular basis which causes severe leaking during the rainy season. It is especially frustrating when you are trying to unlock your door and water is pouring out of the gutters onto your head. It was so bad that the water was splashing against our door and seeping under the door causing a puddle inside of our apartment. Luckily, the handy man is very nice and sealed the bottom of the door, however, they did not clean the gutters until February or April.

Another issue I had with this complex was the lack of urgency to fix a massive water leak during this major drought. The leak lasted for about 1.5 - 2 months and took up a major portion of the parking lot. The flow of the water was so heavy and lasted so long that algae began to grown on the cement. The last and biggest issue I had was that the apartment manager wanted us to move out early and contacted us multiple times even after we said no. Finally, we agreed. However, the manager originally wanted us to pay the full months rent up front even though we were only living there 11 days out of the month. Then the would refund us at the END of the month. She also told us that we would be responsible for the apartment if the future tenants decide not to move in. I thought i was doing them a favor...? Fortunately, I contacted the management and requested an amendment of the lease so that we would not be held responsible and luckily they agreed. To me this behavior by the manager seemed shady and made me feel like I was being duped.

Living at Pinecrest was not a horrid experience but I definitely would not recommend it to anyone especially for the price that they are asking. Overpriced for what you get. Not well maintained, mediocre management. —OliviaMerritt

2015-02-11 15:11:09   I unfortunately would NOT recommend renting an apartment at Pinecrest. I have been a resident for over two years (as of Feb 2015) and my experience has continually gotten worse over time. The maintenance/infrastructure is poor: Five times over the past two years the outside lighting (walkways, parking lot, and entryways) for the entire complex except for near the office has gone out – especially after heavy rain, but not always. It takes days for them to fix it with the last time taking over 5 days. This is especially dangerous when trying to walk down stairs or on the sidewalks in pouring rain without being able to see where you are going. On multiple occasions I have had brown water coming out of the tap or shower (and this occurred randomly not after they shut off water for maintenance). It has been a constant battle with spiders from day one. They indicate they spray the exterior routinely, but based on the number of spider webs and insects it is obviously not enough. There used to be a significant problem with roaches, especially near the east parking lot garbage cans, but this appears to have gotten much better recently. There is almost no ventilation in the bathrooms (so much so that you can see water condensation on the inside of the windows on many apartments in the morning). This makes battling/minimizing mold a tough challenge, even when you leave the bathroom door open to increase ventilation. The window A/C units (especially on the non-gas heating side of the complex) cost a FORTUNE. They use in excess of 1.5 kWh (about 25 cents/hour based on the current PG&E rates) and cool minimally. They also don’t shut off with the thermostat, the fan keeps running and just the cooler/heating shuts off (if the thermostat even works). The laundry facilities, such as the washers, are not very well maintained. The water that fills them smells and dirt and grime on the inside of the washer is common. The water/sewer/trash is split among everyone in the complex – not individually metered. So it doesn’t matter if you conserve individually, the rates seem to keep increasing every month. The billing doesn’t have any details (gallons used, etc), so it’s hard to tell where they are calculating their numbers from. When signing a lease take any complex improvements they suggest are planned with a serious bit of skepticism. When I moved in two years ago I was told that the laundry facility would be coinless within the next 6 months (never happened), they were going to expand the office area to have a lounge area (never happened), that they would start excepting packages in the office to prevent theft when they are left outside apartments (never happened), that the exteriors would be painted and improvements on the grounds in summer of 2014 (never happened). The cost for renting is also extremely high –given the apartments (almost $1050/month for a 1 bedroom on the east end of the complex not including trash/water/sewer which is about $20-25 per month). The apartments directly across the street (same exact design and almost same location) are $75 less a month (lower base rent plus they don’t charge for water/trash). When this was mentioned to the office staff, they said that their corporate office sets the prices and they have no ability to change them…not a good way to keep tenants. Given the housing market in Davis, someone will always be willing to pay the increased rent for these apartments, but just some advice if you are looking. The apartment complex is fairly quiet, which is good, but after living there the cons definitely outweigh the pros. —PCrest_Resident

2017-06-14 20:21:15   I wonder why there are no reviews for 2016 onwards. As a long time resident at Pinecrest, I've put up with a lot, but no longer (as I'm getting the heck out of here). More and more, I am finding that Pinecrest simply does not care about its residents. And for the benefit of future apartment shoppers, I will continually update this review with reasons to look elsewhere that I am experiencing in real time. Please, check back frequently! General complaints: -No one ever answers the phone. It's comical how hard it is to speak with someone. For fun, I think I will choose a random week this month to call at hourly intervals to see how many get picked up and post the results here.

??/??/17: Apartment Inspection (reasons undisclosed): Pinecrest likes to give you 24-hour Notifications to Enter your home that have the verbage "On or about X date" from 8am to 6pm. This may be common practice, but for any of you who haven't experienced this before, it can be informative. They do not tell you what the reason for entering your home is - or simply lie about it. The box for "smoke detector and carbon monoxide inspection" was checked on mine. But the inspectors paid no attention to the detectors, instead, they opened the fridge, checked the mirrors, and blacklighted the carpet. Overboard? No. Transparent? Hard no. You will have no idea what they truly do when they gain access to your apartment. And if you aren't around, you will not even know they have been in, because they do not leave a receipt of entry or what services they performed.

6/14/17: No water. Pipe burst, this is the 3rd time within a year this has happened. And no water for the next 24+ hours. That's more than a day without drinking water, shower, flushing toilet, etc. Yes, living at Pinecrest offers you all the comforts of a third world nation. We get an an apology email, completely devoid of sentiment, that does not even broach the topic of reimbursement. Par for the course.

7/10/17: Can't use the parking lot for the next two days - construction seems to have sprung up over night. Naturally, there was no advance notice from management. Instead, they put out a single flyer on the bulletin board by the mail box. No flyer on the door, no email, nothing. I guess they figured that we watch the bulletin board like the Eleventh Commandment would appear on it any day now. And to top it all off, they hired a tow truck - what kind of people would have your vehicle towed for parking in their main parking lot with such poor advanced notice?. Again, another fine example of the treatment Pinecrest has to offer its future tenents. 

7/17/17 @ 1:52pm: I don't know why I even try calling anymore. Called front desk, no answer as usual. Do these people not pick up phones? Why even have a number. Maybe they take 3 hour long lunch breaks. 

7/25/17: "The water for all units in your building is scheduled to be shut off between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM"  This is the email that was sent out 8 MINUTES before their office closes. I don't blame them, since this is the FOURTH time this has happened this year, I might also try to shirk the responsibilities to my tenants and run like a lazy coward. Again, no mention of reimbursement, just deal with it. Typical Pinecrest. 



2018-04-17 00:44:35   READ FIRST: If you're a parent, student, or other individual who is looking for a place to live, please, PLEASE take my warning seriously. This complex is terrible. The management will do whatever they can to take your money. There is always problems with the plumbing. I know people who live in Cranbrook and the J-Street, it won't be the best, but it will be better. I didn't listen to the reviews and I honestly regretted it. 4/16/18 I wanted to give some more insight for anyone who was reading the pinecrest_insider's post. -Since he last posted in July, there have been an additional 8 SCHEDULED water shut offs, including 2 unscheduled ones. You'd think after about 13 repairs they'd get the problem fixed. -They got a couple new workers in the office. I'm sure its only a matter of time before they either get fired for having a conscience or they turn into monsters like the rest of management. [side note: For anyone reading this hoping that the management change in 2010 has made things better, your out of luck. The management now is terrible. The woman who runs the show is a seriously horrible person. Don't be fooled, they just want your money.] -They're currently putting new siding on the homes and installing windows that actually keep air out. This might sound nice, but new siding shouldn't cost an extra $200 a month. -The washers and dryers still make your clothes smell worse than before they were washed. -The pool is still open 7 days a year. —the-new-guy

2018-04-19 13:08:46   DONT LIVE HERE! Expensive, water never works (seriously), and constant construction that is super intrusive with little to no compensation for the tenants. They charge you 50-60 bucks a month for water that is not working at least monthly... Not to mention the office staff is INCREDIBLY rude. —Pinecrest_Confidential

2018-08-06 14:37:12   I was looking to rent a 1 bedroom apartment so I got a tour of Pinecrest. The place was nice enough and I thought the management was nice too so I wanted to sign on. The person giving the tour was the management at that time (July 2018), Heather Bally. We specifically did not end up taking Pinecrest because she made it the most frustrating and disrespectful experience I've had with apartment management, and I've dealt with many managers. The simplified version is, we went to sign and brought everything we thought we might need. We were told we need to bring something else, so we went home. Got those and came back, we were told we need something else again. We got those and came back, told that isn't enough or doesn't count (one of these were "your name is not on it", when the first line had my name on it). This bullshit went on multiple times, and we got tired of it so we decided not to sign with Pinecrest. We would've been happy to sign if we were told exactly everything we needed the first time. The whole experience was very frustrating and a huge waste of time. —nexisn4

2018-12-04 10:54:52   I just moved in and I am dumbfounded on how bad the management is. At no time it was never disclosed to me that I would not have a bedroom or shower door and when I asked they where rude and shown no compassion at all. I had to take it because of affordable housing and I feel like I was taken advantage of. —Cindysawyer24