This page is for archiving comments from 2008 for Pizza Guys.

2008-01-07 21:19:29   I don't like their tomato sauce. Crust is okay, but the sauce is just gross. Go elsewhere. I know I will. —CurlyGirl26

2008-01-07 22:42:45   Definitely among the best pizza in Davis. —IDoNotExist

2008-01-16 17:59:04   Definitely the best deals in town on pizza. Their salami and feta toppings on a pizza are grrrreat. I used to work at Steve's, which has better cheese bread but their pizza is expensive. —William.Peacock

2008-04-10 11:39:15   I'm so sad. Pizza Guys has always been really good pizza, but I am getting tired of the bad and flat out rude service. I ordered 3 extra large pizzas a few days ago and let them know over the phone that I had one coupon for a free pizza. I was told the price would be $36. Before I could ask when to pick them up I was hung up on. 30 minutes later I went to pick up the pizzas and when one of the guys came to help me- he didn't know why I was there. I told him I was here to pick up my 3 extra large pizzas and gave him the coupon. His words at seeing my coupon: " Oh, one of these. Yor total will be $42". He then proceeded to answer his ringing cell phone and talked while my friend and I waited. He wouldn't answer why the price changed and then said we could take only 1 bottle of soda even though we had 3 pizzas and our order was over $12. i don't know whats up with that sign on the soda fridge door that is different everytime I come in, but its more trouble than its worth to go to Pizza Guys. —MyaBrn

2008-04-10 12:02:08   I really like their pizza. Better than Woodstocks or Steve's. I've never had them deliver because it is less expensive for me to pick it up myself (and probably faster). They've always had the pizza ready by the time I could get there. —IDoNotExist

2008-05-28 22:39:39   The best description would be... best pizza for your buck. It's not the best pizza I've ever had, but it's pretty good for what you pay for it. And the cheesey garlic bread is delicious. It's like going to Panda Express- you know what you're getting yourself into... You know it's not authentic, but it's satisfying none-the-less. I prefer Steve's when I eat in, but for carry out, Pizza Kids (I liked that comment!) and Papa Johns are my favorite in town. —IzzaSwiech

2008-07-03 15:51:47   This is the best pizza in Davis no matter how strapped for cash you are. There are always deals, and you get a free soda for going in and picking up your pizza. —onlyleo

2008-11-11 22:40:40   Best Pizza in davis. Bread Stick is fantastic. —AvilaVoom

2008-11-25 15:02:28   Their calzones are good and definitely worth the price (basically two meals for $5). Be warned if you order a combo or anything with sausage- the sausage is very it came from a frozen bag. I think the pizza tastes good, however I have had it at least 3 times and I was left with a slight stomach ache every time. I was not sick, but something was a little off. All in all, though, it's tasty and convenient if you live downtown! —Kiran

  • In my younger years I worked in three pizza places while in high school and in college and all three of them used frozen sausage that came in a bag. It still comes down to quality of the product. For your pizza only places I would be surprised to find any of them using a fresh sausage, or almost any meat that was not previously frozen. —loneshark

2008-11-26 08:44:28   I used to love ordering pizza here for the free soda ("used to" because I try not to drink soda anymore), but one time — just once — I called and asked just to make sure, "Do we get a free 2Liter when we pick the pizza up?". The guy said "What?" and I said "Don't you guys have a deal where you give a free 2Liter of soda when the pizza is picked up?". The guy said "No. We've never done that.", sounding annoyed and impatient. :-/ He must not have gotten the "free soda" training. —gurglemeow

2008-12-14 20:06:01   I love this place. My roommates and I gained so much weight ordering from here. Thank you. Chicken w/ pesto or garlic sauce. Yum. —BenLee