This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


757 Russell Blvd. #A1
at the University Mall
530-756-2SPA (756-2772)
Di Sa, Inc.

They sent an e-mail on 10/01/09 saying that they are now closed/no longer in business

Planet Beach is more than a tanning salon. They offer a variety of spa services that are made to be convenient for your busy schedule including Lumiere Facials, Aqua-Massage, Far Infra-red Heat Massage, a Hydration Station, and an Oxygen Bar. They have both UV Therapy and mystic tan. For a monthly membership fee, members have access to unlimited use of all services as well as membership benefits.

Lumiere Light Therapie: Lumiere light therapy combines LED light therapy with specially formulated topical skincare to help clear and soothe skin, even skin tone and texture, purge and close clogged pores, lighten age spots, sun spots and dark circles, diminish crows feet, and tighten sagging skin. Visit for more information.

Hydration Station: The Hydration Station uses dense steam, minerals, and Far Infrared heat to infuse skin with moisture and nutrients. Visit for more information.

Aqua-Massage: At a push of a button, experience the benefits of a 60min massage in just 20 minutes! Relieve stress, decrease muscle tension, increase blood circulation, and increase flexibility. Leave your tired muscles feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Provide and overall feeling of well- being by releasing your body's natural endorphins.

Infra-red Heat Massage:

Mystic Tan: A mystic spray session: Delivers an even, customized application of tanning mist. It uses MagneTan technology, takes seconds and lasts 5-7 days. Provides a deep, natural looking tan.

U.V. Tanning:

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2008-03-10 14:44:29   It is really sketchy that they won't give prices over the phone. I am aware that it is a company policy and it is not the fault of those who work there but it is really weird. Almost as if they want you to come in in order to talk you into buying more than you need. —TaliaMacMath

2008-03-24 16:59:55   the girls are rude, the prices are ridiculous and they pressure sale. I did not feel welcome I felt really creeped out. the salon looks really nice but that is about it. The spa treatments are kind of cool but not worth listening to them go on and on for hours about something you cant afford. —sara87

2008-03-24 19:46:25   Here is my first attempt as the wiki private investigator: Prices as of 3/24 are $79 membership fee plus $79 a month. That's a special, its usually $139 for each. have to go with the package, so you can't only do mystic or only UV. Also, they have a creepy photo with all the girls that work there in pink velour track suits. The girl that helped me was nice, but it was a typical scripted sale. Its a tanning place, they're necessary evils. —JillWeinstein

2008-04-01 10:58:55   Here is my rant. My bf went in here to get me a gift certificate and the girls in there gave him three free tans and a steam spa free. He then bought my gift card and way overpriced tanning lotion because they talked him into it. He came in with me to get mine since he had free stuff to use up, but when we walked in I was shocked with how unprofessional the girls were. They were literally ALL OVER my bf and acted like I wasn't even there. Once he got into his room a girl asked me, "Oh, are you waiting for something?" I was furious. I will never go to this place again. —tgdavis

2008-04-04 12:18:32   I've been a member since it opened and really enjoy it. The girls are really nice and the spa services are awesome. I'm pretty sure you can buy individual services and not the monthly membership. I've heard them quote individual spa services, a tanning only monthly membership, and a package of tanning sessions. I'm not sure what all the prices for the non-spa member services are but I think the Hydration Station is $25 for an individual session. —havanese

2008-05-05 21:35:17   Is there a later closing time for "members"? Cuz every time I call to ask when they close, the salesgirl inevitably asks if I'm a member, I mention that 'I've been there before so does that make me a member?' She responds with...."well it's already closed." —DavisGirl26

2008-05-16 20:33:11   I've been a member for a few months and I really like it. The services are awesome and the staff is super friendly. I really like how relaxing it is. The massage beds are great because you don't have to worry about a person doing the massaging and can completely relax. They have headphones with satellite radio in all the rooms which makes everything even more relaxing. It is also really nice that the staff try to remember everyone's name and greet you as soon as you walk in. Great place! —ToniAbney

2008-05-17 17:29:54   I think that when ever you call they always ask if you are a member. I really like what they have. It has all these spa services not just tanning. At first it was anoying because they ask you to come in and and do a tour or something like that, but they are a spa and not a tanning salon. I think if you live in davis this place is great because its kind of a break away from davis. —davis2004

2008-06-29 11:35:18   I really like this place and I'm thinking about becoming a member. Everyone there is really nice and the services put me in la la land. The other thing is that they have so many other locations and if I become a member I can go to any of them. I highly recommend the Aqua-Massage! —Adaleen

2008-07-16 15:19:10   WARNING: When I originally tried to cancel my membership, they talked me into pausing it which sounded like a great deal, and said that if i changed my mind, give them 15 days notice. Lone and behold, when I call to cancel again because it just costs too much, they now need a 30-day notice. So now they get a months membership and a cancellation fee from me WHEN I NOW HATE THIS PLACE. Wonderful. Yes, I should have read the fine print, I should have brought my Sherlock Holmes spy glass.....So not worth it, especially when you do the math and realize you could buy a latte every single day of the month and it would still be cheaper than this! P.S. mystic tan makes you orange... —everdrw

2008-07-24 09:41:13   WOW.......i have had COUNTLESS people tell me not to go to this place. It will get the job done...but its up the BUTT expensive and the sales pitch has to go.....i am a client at another salon in town and am pretty happy with it, I have never had any issues so I do not think i will leave, i was curious but after reading these reviews and the personal reviews from my friends who have visited, i have changed my mind. Sounds way too complicated and messy. is it true they do not give pricing over the phone? what a huge inconvinience? —Leah2008

2008-08-25 20:25:34   Personally, after trying out all of their services I can't complain about the customer service, overall atmosphere, or pricing. The girls working there were incredibly friendly and did exactly what they are supposed to one likes a sales pitch, but it is their JOB to try and sell their services, not give everyone free usage of the spa. The spa overall was very clean and well kept and everyone was very accomodating. I would recommend the spa to any one of my friends as I feel it is reasonably priced and the services are well worth it! —krnkhl176

2008-09-03 08:02:16   I was scared away from joining this salon based on the reviews here, and stuck with another tanning salon but went to Planet Beach for mystic because I like it more than what the other place had (the mystic actually makes you less orange and splotchy than other spray tans, and if you have a base tan it will just make you a more brownish tan). Then I went in one day and the owner told me I should get a membership, and when I seemed hesitant she told me that it was $69 a month, when one spray tan is $25. My other place charged me a monthly few of $35, so I thought it was a better deal, but when I considered that I had to spend more to go into higher power beds I realized that I would be saving a lot of money if I went here. Tanning in even the highest power beds and spray tans are unlimited! My other place charged almost $20 for the highest power bed. So if you tan and spray tan at least twice a month it pays for the membership itself. They also have good fans here, so you don't get as hot when you tan. The owner is also super nice. I love this place! —court

2008-10-21 12:38:32   Planet beach is really sketchy. Its a nice place (but dont confuse nice with new) The customer service is based on what you purchase. i was a member for a few months.(mystic that is all) Girls/Owner are happy moods when i was interested in purchasing something, any other day it was as if i was speaking to robots. Their mystic is worth it (just when you need it, 80 a month should be spent somewhere else), however it took them like three months to replace a lighting problem. My philosophy, If you cant afford to keep up the place with the prices you charge then i dont want your services. Other than the mystic the place is pretty much over priced.. and over ratted.—bri

2008-11-28 13:57:37   I've been a member here for a while now, and I keep reading all these bad things about them. I love this place! They even had specials for black fri. I think that their mystic tan is the best it town! I hate having to lay down for 15 min for a tan so I do their mystic, it takes 60 seconds! Definitely do the Hydration first though, best results. And to everyone that is saying their expensive, really, their cheaper than other places in town. If you want to buy single sessions, of course they're going to be expensive, but you can buy the services in packages or the membership its sooo much cheaper. It seems expensive with the membership only because you have to pay a lump sum, but think about how much you throw down everytime you go in it adds up, but if you actually use the services it's worth the 60 bucks ! I've been a member to a couple of places, and they never had spa services, and I still payed more (over 80.00) just for tanning. If you really want to take care of your body and skin, then take advantage of their services, I mean really go in there and use it. They even sit down and help you what you want. I have bad skin, and I'm using their skin care line... Amazing!!! I love that it's all organic ingredients, they have this acne control product, and it's almost like proactive but better, it doesn't have any fragrance. There is even product to help with cellulite! Give them a chance! I love it there! —davis2004

2009-04-08 13:48:14   I've been a member of planet beach for a few months, and I like it, but I have to agree it is WAY overpriced. I mean, how much does it really cost them to run some spa machines? The package I have is unlimited spa and tanning, and it's about $79/mo. I think the tanning-only pkg is fifty-something a month. Also, to clarify, I just found out (because I am away from home, and tried to go to another PB location), that your PB membership is ONLY good at your home location. NOT good for any others. That is by far the most annoying thing about PB. The spa services are all machines, so they are not "true" spa services, and they all run about 20-30 minutes per session. Personally, I think the "spa treatments" are overrated and not worth the price, but unfortunately I have become addicted to the hydration station, so I can't downgrade my membership. I wish there were other places comparable to PB so that we had other choices, because this place is definately capitalizing on the fact that they are the only kind of their type. —Lisa

2009-04-08 13:51:09   also, is davis 2004 affiliated with PB in some way??? they sounds a little sales-pitchy to me, advocating PB a little strong... —Lisa

2009-04-09 16:47:22   This place is cool as far as I'm concerned. Yes the girls are a bit over the top (and that pink velour photo is w-e-i-r-d), but they're really nice. Just don't get pressured into spending more than you can afford and you should be fine. IMHO nothing beats going to the ARC and then over to PB for a massage/tan/whatever. Compare its prices with those of the other tanning places in Davis, it's absolutely no contest. Also, all the lotions they have on sale here and at every salon I've ever seen are available on Amazon, Ebay, etc. YES they are the same lotions, don't let people tell you they're not! What if everyone got a massage every day? I think we'd all be a little better off. —YesItsMe

2009-06-01 18:19:52   The Mystic Tan booth works really well here! Its so hit and miss at tanning salons, but this one definitely works well. —sr