East Bay: El Cerrito Plaza Bart Station, Davis: Parking Lot 6 (Near the Art Building)
El Cerrito: 7:40 am
Davis 5:10 pm
Executive Director
Tu Jarvis

Poolbusters Vanpool has been operating successfully for more than 25 years. They operate as an informal non-profit collective of faculty, staff and students providing transportation to UC Davis from the Bay Area. They rent a 14 passenger van from Van Pool Services, Incorporated (VPSI) and calculate the cost each quarter that covers van rental, gas, payment for drivers and miscellaneous expenses. The van is cheaper and faster than the train, much more punctual, and arrives and departs directly from central campus.


The Vanpool operates Monday through Friday year-round, and observes most university holidays. There is no talking after the first 10 minutes on the trip to Davis, to allow riders to complete lecture preparation or other work. Quiet chatting is allowed on the way home – it is a very friendly atmosphere.

Mornings The vanpool leaves the El Cerrito Bart station at 7:40am and arrives at UC Davis campus at approximately 8:40am. There is a drop off on the South side of campus in front of the Robert Mondavi Institute for Food Science, and then at Old Davis Road and Hutchison Dr. before proceeding to UC Parking Lot 6 (southwest of the Art Building), where there is a vanpool reserved spot.

Evenings The vanpool departs from the parking space in UC Davis Parking lot 6 at 5:10pm and arrives at the El Cerrito Plaza Bart station at approximately 6:10pm.


Occasional Riders As of Fall 2013 the occasional rider fee is $13 each way. With check or cash accepted, exact change greatly appreciated. The van can fill up, so it is highly advised to contact the vanpool coordinator (email above) to signup to ride. This can offer an alternative to the Davis Berkeley Shuttle or Amtrak.

Frequent Riders/Members For those that would like to use the vanpool on a weekly basis, becoming a member offers a significant discount to the occasional rider fee. It is possible to commute as little as 1 day a week, or all 5. Signup is an academic quarter at a time, with the summer being more flexible. The Fall 2013 rate was $17 per day (round trip)

Riders can have up to $120 per month deducted from their salary on a pre-tax basis if they receive regular UCD salaries. Riders also have the right to emergency rides home through TAPS and we have a limited number of daily parking passes for use when one has to drive one’s own car.


The van carries 14 passengers, is air conditioned, and has comfortable, reclining individual seats with arm rests and reading lights. It is a current model Ford Van that is leased from vRide, with vRide providing maintenance.


The Vanpool is completely legal, but its drivers must follow certain procedures. Because it is specifically a vanpool for transportation to and from work, the vanpool to operates with relaxed requirements compared to a van for hire of this size. When operating a Vanpool Vehicle in California, it is allowable with a class C license, medical examination, and a clean record. This is outlined in Section 5J (bottom of the page). There are a number of vanpool leasing agencies that operate vans in CA that offer guidance (vRideDrivers.pdf) with the licensing issues. A commercial driver's license is not required since a CDL for Class C only allows one to drive a class C vehicle with hazardous materials. This addition isn't necessary for vanpools.