Post Office- United States Postal Service, USPS

Toll-Free: 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777)
TTY service for hearing impaired: 1-888-877-7833
Davis Postmaster: 530-753-3546

Davis has three Post Offices, each described on this page. But if you only need to drop a stamped letter in the mail, you might find one of the mail drop boxes to be more convenient. For other ways to send packages and correspondence, see shipping services.

The USPS is an independent agency that does not depend on tax money for its operations, however it is subject to congressional control.

Currently the US Postal Service is reviewing whether or not to close the Downtown Davis Post Office along with 3,800 small main post offices and branches. The Downtown Post Office is a Post Office Station, a branch post office that's in town. It is a prime closure candidate in the Sacramento area. USPS will take months, if not years, to review the post offices on the list and then the community will have a chance to argue why their post office should stay open. USPS will hold community meetings after a site is placed under consideration for closure. If the site is closed down, it will be replaced by a "Village Post Office", which would be run out of a private retailer such as a grocery store. 1

The matter of opening and closing the Post Office could be seen as vacillation. PDQ Express operated the type of privately run post office that may replace the Post Office Station. It was closed, perhaps because PDQ wasn't offered enough for the job.

  • Except for the fact that this is one of thousands that are under consideration for closure. The proposed closure, from the point of view of TPTB, isn't about Davis at all, just about money, although of course for those of us who live here, it affects us very much. The downtown office is convenient because we're more likely to be doing chores in the vicinity and can just swing by to conduct our USPS business. The main P.O. requires a separate trip, and I am sure that many would drive rather than bike. Also, this is a change that will particularly effect those with post office boxes in the downtown location and downtown businesses who use the post office and who benefit from those who are combining their downtown chores. I hope people speak up for our downtown P.O. when the time comes. —CovertProfessor


Stamp prices for First Class letters increased to 50 cents on January 21, 2018. Previously, they hit 49 cents as of January 26, 2014 in order to recoup $2.8 billion in losses. Again, forever stamps previously purchased before that date will be honored. Forever stamps will save you money since you can buy them at the current stamp price and they will never expire. Postcards are now 34 cents.

On January 27, 2013, domestic first class stamp prices went up to $0.46. International first-class letter rates went up to $1.10 and are the same regardless of where you are mailing to (whereas before, e.g., they used to be $0.80 for Canada/Mexico, and $1.05 for other countries.). A new global forever stamp is available. Regular-sized postcards went up to $0.33 for domestic. It was previously 32 cents.

On January 20, 2011, stamp prices increased to $0.45.

On May 11, 2009, stamp prices are $0.44.

On May 12, 2008, stamp prices increased to $0.42. If you purchased forever stamps before the price increase, you can continue using those stamps after the price change.

On May 14, 2007, the price of stamps rose to $0.41. The Post Office began, at that point, to issue a "forever" stamp with no printed value, which are sold at the rate of other First Class stamps, but continue to be valid after periods of price increase. The USPS claims that these "forever" stamps were created to eliminate the inconvenience of using $0.01 and $0.02 stamps as a result of such price increases.

On Sunday, Jan 8, 2006, the cost of first-class postage for a standard letter rose by two cents, from $0.37 to $0.39. Supplemental 2-ct stamps are available at post offices. If your stamp has the American flag ONLY on it, it is a $0.37 stamp. If your stamp has an American flag plus a turquoise Liberty with a Torch, then you have a $0.39 stamp.

PO Boxes

Post Office Boxes are available at both the main Post Office and the Downtown location. The Campus Post Office offers PO Boxes to students and staff of the University only. They can be rented in 6- or 12-month increments. Prices vary from location to location with demand.

As of January 2011, all sizes are available and prices for the Main Branch and the Downtown Davis locations are identical, as follows:

6 mo. Rental
12 mo. Rental
3" x 5.5"
5" x 5.5"
11" x 5.5"
11" x 11"

You can check current prices and availability online via a quick and easy search feature at the USPS website.

The Campus Post Office P.O. Box prices are as follows:

6 mo. Rental
12 mo. Rental
3.5" x 5.5"
5.5" x 5.5"
10.75" x 5.5"
10.75" x 11.5"
22" x 11.5"

Bulk Mail Center

Monica manages the Bulk Mail Center for Davis and is incredibly nice. She is in the office from 4am until 3pm most days, she usually has a lunch break around 10 or 11. She is available to answer questions about bulk mail and take bulk mail deliveries from 12pm until 3pm.

Main Post Office

2020 5th St. (Cross street: Pole Line Rd.)
Mon-Fri 9:30AM-5:00PM
Sat 10:00AM-2:00PM
Local Phone
Shipping, PO boxes, mail hold/pick-up, stamps, money orders.
Payment Methods
Credit cards, cash, not sure about checks

The Davis main post office is located at the corner of 5th and Pole Line, across the intersection from the DMV. After hours you can still buy stamps and ship packages with the Automated Postal Center machine in the lobby. You can no longer apply for or renew a passport at any Davis post office. (However, passport services are also available on campus at the ARC).

While you are waiting in line, you can admire the mural of old Davis landmarks above the counters. Or you can step outside to view Toad Hollow, the decorated end of one of the nationally famous Davis frog tunnels.

Paintings above post office boxes and counter

Original Owner Troop 66, Hometown Heroes Old Town Tribute to Midjo

Downtown Post Office Station

424 3rd Street (Cross street: D Street)
Retail Hours
Mon-Fri 12:00pm - 4:30pm
Sat-Sun Closed
Shipping, PO boxes, stamps, money orders
Payment Methods
Cash everywhere, major credit cards at service desk only

This is the Davis Post Office Station, a Post Office that is not the Main Post Office and is within the incorporated City of Davis. There are two spaces at the counter, though frequently only one is staffed.

In late 2011, a survey was taken in regards to permanently closing this station. It is still open and continues to be so as of May 9, 2014.

ASUCD Post Office (Campus)  *CLOSED

Temporary Building near Wickson Hall
Phone Number: 1-530-752-7638
Summer Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00AM-2:00PM (Pickup time at 1:30pm)
Regular Hours: Mon-Thu 10:00AM-4:00PM Fri 10:00AM-2:00PM(Pickup time at 11:00am and 4:30pm)
*Mail received after the last pickup time of the day will be postmarked for next business day
Shipping, PO boxes, stamps
Payment Methods
Credit/ Debit Cards ( $1 minimum), Cash, Checks
(Associated Students of UC Davis)

Disclaimer (Memorial Union Reconstruction)

Starting March 23, 2015, the departments of Campus Recreation and Unions (CRU) and Design and Construction Management (DCM) will begin the Memorial Union Renewal. This comprehensive renovation will make the historic Memorial Union a more dynamic environment and integral on-campus destination for students and others in the UC Davis community. The project will maintain the integrity of the Memorial Union as a historic facility, reinforcing its importance to the campus. In addition, a number of critical and strategic improvements will meet the needs of a growing student population and enhance the student experience. The Memorial Union Renewal includes the following improvements:

  • The creation of a new, more dynamic entry to the northwest side of campus and to the Memorial Union itself.
  • A new two-story lobby in the north face of the Memorial Union.
  • Increased lounge/study space.
  • A new home for the UC Davis Veterans Affairs Office.
  • Expanded opportunities for UC Davis Stores and ASUCD to serve the student population and campus community, including new and updated retail spaces.
  • Improvements to the North and South Memorial Union Plazas.
  • Critical improvements in compliance with seismic codes and ADA requirements.

You can find information for the project at the Campus Recreation and Unions Website or their Facebook Page.

The ASUCD Post Office is an official United States Postal Service Contract Station. It is completely staffed and run by registered students of the University of California, Davis. With the exception of Passport services, Money Orders, Domestic Express Mail, and Registered Mail they offer all the services found at the Main Post Office. These services include the following:

  • 1st class, Priority, Standard, and Media Mail (Book Rate)
  • International and Domestic letters and packages
  • Insured Mail
  • Certified Mail
  • Return Receipts
  • Certificates of Mailing

For your convenience, please be advised that due to contractual obligations the Campus Post Office does NOT provide packaging materials (this includes: small boxes, tape, bubble wrap, scissors, etc). The only packaging materials they provide are priority envelopes and boxes which can be obtained for free. Other materials can be purchased at the Corral or the Bookstore, right down the hall from this location.

Because the post office on campus is a contract station, they can no longer accept handwritten customs forms (Form 2976 or 2976A) for international packages. These customs forms must be filled out online and printed out prior to sending off international shipments. The instructions to fill out the customs form are as follows:

1) Visit 2) Hover over "ship a package" from the blue banner 3) select "prepare international shipment" from the drop down menu 4) look for "customs form" on the left side of the page 5) Fill out all shipping information 6) Select the shipping service that best fits your needs -First Class International is the standard and most economical option but takes 7-10 days into the country -Priority Mail International starts off at $23.95* and takes approximately 5-7 days into the country -Express Mail International starts off at $44.95* and takes approximately 3-5 days into the country *Prices are flat rate price for countries other than Canada and Mexico. Please visit for more details 7) Please make sure all forms are printed SINGLE SIDED

If you are a particularly busy person, or if you don't like to wait in long lines, you can obtain priority flat rate boxes from this office, purchase the postage online at your convenience, and drop it off at this location!

The MU post office is an ASUCD unit that offers basic shipping services. Once located across from Classical Notes, it has since moved to a larger office at the south-east corner of the MU. The California Aggie has some historical information.

The Post Office has moved several times within the Memorial Union due to renovations to the MU.

The Post Office is now CLOSED.

West Sacramento Distribution Center

3775 Industrial Blvd., West Sacramento
Mon-Fri 9:00AM-6:00PM
Local Phone
(916) 373-8157
Payment Methods

The regional processing and distribution center (P&Dc) is located in nearby West Sacramento. It is open later than the post offices in Davis and reportedly empties their mail boxes every hour. Note that there are two post offices listed at the same address. For mailing service, you want the one with the flag pole and the drive up mail boxes.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, there was a small Post Office station located inside of a shop inside of University Mall. It was inside of a shop that sold various collectables. That Post Office station eventually closed since it was not very profitable for the shop. It was still a very popular Post Office station due to the location and would often have long lines.


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2005-04-14 15:49:07   I tend to avoid the campus post office. Scratch that, I always avoid it. I find most of the employees there are incompetent, and not in the typical "post office joke" type of the way. If you live on-campus, it's just one more reason to have someone get you a parking permit to "carpool". —ChristopherPrice

2005-04-14 15:52:00   huh? —JackHaskel

2005-04-14 22:17:29   Not sure what you mean by huh. Try asking what part you question. I reviewed the campus post office, and found it it be in general sub-par to most postal facilities. What's there to huh about? —ChristopherPrice

2005-04-14 22:46:11   I can't speak for Jack, but your last sentence doesn't make any sense to me, in particular the parking permit and carpool non sequitur's. —CraigBrozinsky

2005-04-15 05:20:25   Ah, well, if you're a freshman, and you do things like eBay, then shipping things off is an issue. Transpotation options being limited, you basically have to haul things off to the UC post office if you live on-campus. The post office is so sub-par that it's just one more reason to find an non-freshman friend that doesn't have a car to buy a parking permit and use your car as their primary vehicle. That secures parking for you while living on student housing, and thus circumventing the need to go to the UC Davis post office (and many other things that the UC system hopes to bank on you doing by not being able to drive off-campus). Got it? —ChristopherPrice

2005-04-15 08:58:38   I've shipped lots of domestic and international packages with all sorts of delivery options at the campus PO and never had any problems. The employees don't have the fancy terminals like the main PO that show every possible service, but if you know what you want then I don't know where the trouble is. —AndrewChen

2005-04-15 09:03:14   The only trouble I've ever had with the campus post office is that they don't take any sort of credit/debit card. As long as you have cash (or check?) then they are as good as anywhere else in my experience. —EricKlein

2005-07-14 14:54:20   what's up with that "post office" inside a video store? is that legit? —ArlenAbraham

2005-07-14 17:58:21   Sure... I don't see why you can't have a post office in a video store! One of the Hallmark stores in town used to provide postal service, and those independent shipping companies like Mailboxes, Etc. provide USPS service as well. —AlphaDog

2005-07-14 19:07:14   Back to my orginial comment, i think each post office needs its own page for mapping purposes. Including the video-store branch. I wonder if they sell porn. If so, how many other places could you buy stamps and porn? —ArlenAbraham

2005-09-20 16:56:28   Stamps and porn. I love the davis wiki. —RocksandDirt

2006-01-31 18:47:06   "...most of America is illiterate anyways." Assertion and illustration in the same sentence! I like it.

The original reason for the blank-amount stamps was that they didn't know soon enough what the new price was going to be (hadn't decided yet), but they needed to have the stamps ready in time for the change. That was years ago, I forget when and what the price was at the time (13 cents probably) and I don't know if that's still their excuse.

And isn't "$0.39 cent" redundant? :) —JeffreyNonken

2006-03-02 14:10:23   Illiterate? You mean ilnumerate. —SteveDavison

2006-03-13 09:55:10   Above: "most of America is illiterate anyways" - Irony or case in point? —DavidBenjamin

2006-04-21 14:53:06   The ASUCD Post Office is a great service for students. The employees are extremely knowledgeable and courteous. Over the past few years, they have expanded the services they offer. They now have ASUCD Mailboxes that are very affordable and can be accessed as long as the MU is open. As far as the claims that they don't offer all the services...I've found that the only things they don't offer are Money Orders, Global Priority, and COD. Other than that, they offer everthing. Overall, they get a good rating from waiting in line, speedy service....fantastic! —MariaAispuro

2006-06-01 14:29:47   The campus post office may not offer as many services, but it is a very convenient place to drop off prepaid stuff. —AndreyGoder

2006-06-26 16:37:21   The current answering machine for the ASUCD post office says the hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Can anyone verify whether these are the hours for the whole summer? —AmyZimmerman

2006-08-28 12:31:13   I hate the campus post office. The employees are really incompetent. They're basically there to say that they can't do anything for you. I wish I hadn't wasted so much time waiting in line and expecting to have something done. So if you're lucky enough to come to this page before going to that post office, that place doesn't do Global Priority (not even supplies or drop-off), doesn't cash money orders, doesn't take credit cards, doesn't know anything useful, and always tells you to go somewhere else to have whatever done (not sure how much other stuff they don't do). If there's a line, just forget about going there. The only thing I have ever found useful about that place is dropping off my eBay First Class envelopes. —CalvinFan

2006-09-01 19:35:40   The Post Office in the video store in Westlake Plaza on Lake Blvd out in West Davis closed permanently a few months ago. Bummer. —DavidBenjamin

2006-09-02 17:31:41   Add the Post Office at 3775 Industrial Blvd, West Sacramento—it is a main sorting center so if you missed the regular post office's last pick up you can drive a couple of miles and drop it off in one of their mail boxes outside. I think they empty them every hour. If you're a procrastinator and you have to have something postmarked TODAY drive it over to West Sac. Two post offices are listed at the same address. You want the one with the flag pole and the drive up mail boxes. —BarbaraClowers

2007-01-29 21:04:08   Been noticing the bad rap the USPS has been getting in the media the last few years? It may be due to the 5th/Russell post office. What a stupendously stultifying waste of time patronizing this establishment is. I have worked in government before, and if I had thrown half the attitude to the public that even the nicest employee gives, I would have been out of work. For ALL mailings I use UPS next to the quick n' sleazy (sorry, fast n' easy) mart, but NEVER the one over by Peet's in the marketplace. You can do all your USPS stuff there as well as any UPS stuff you need done, and wonder of wonders, their business model is based on *attracting*, rather than insulting, customers. —YesItsMe

2007-08-03 01:32:48   The people who work at the downtown location are some of the most friendly customer-service workers I've ever encountered. One of the ladies even thanked me for recycling when I handed her my reused package. I love going there. —ElisaHough

2007-09-10 15:55:34   "I hate the campus post office. The employees are really incompetent." I wish I read these comments before I went there. About a month ago I specifically told the clerk I was new to money orders and asked for one to Canada. She gave me a domestic one and I asked, "are you sure this domestic one is for Canada?" She told me yes so I trusted her and sent it off. Later I found out the clerk was wrong and emailed and was told I could get a complete refund. Three weeks later of waiting for the reciever to mail it back to me I went to the post office again. I told the clerk my situation and she simply said "it's not my problem" and didn't refund my domestic order at all. In the end I had to pay for another international money order. I never want to go back there again. —Spencer

2007-09-10 16:00:22   The campus post office employees are overseen by ASUCD. If you wish to complain or discuss the situation, go to the Student Services Office on the third floor of the MU. Ask for the ASUCD Controller Paul, Business Manager Mark or Assistant Business Manager Kathy. —JamesSchwab

2008-06-03 23:44:05   I totally agree that the campus post office sucks. They refuse to send anything priority, they don't open as early as a normal post office, you have to pay in cash, and every time I've gone I've had to wait in line far longer than I should've had to. I would say the employees are only mildly incompetent. After all, when their services are so damn limited it's hard to screw them up! —AlexPerkins

2008-07-30 19:41:26   I really want to encourage all of you to avoid going to the downtown post office. It is sucked! They have horrible service. Every time when I go in there and just want a little piece of stamp posted on my letter, a woman always stopping me and checking this and that. At the end, she will always find something to make you pay extra cents or dimes for my mail. I will not mind if that is done only once for a while. I understand it is her job. But in fact, I only went there 3 times, and I was "lucky" enough to get her for 3 times, stopping me and asking me to pay extra!!! Is she really that crazy about a couple of cents?! Unbelievable bad service in that post office! —sheryltan

2008-07-30 20:07:07   Avoid the downtown Post Office at all costs!!! There is is this Asian lady that works there who goes out of her way to make things difficult. If I have to go there, I'll wait off to the side and let others deal with her just so I can get someone else. The last time I went, I was looking to get a bunch of the USPS mailing tubs (I mail and ship a lot of stuff on a regular basis.), and she said that they only had 1. I asked if she could look in the back as I needed at least 5. She insisted that they didn't have any more and said that they were closing so just to take the 1 tub and go to the 5th Street location if I wanted more. As she was saying this, the other clerk (Russian Lady) could hear everything and rolled her eyes. Seconds later she (Russian Lady) came out of the back with 5 more tubs. You should have seen the look on the 1st lady's (Asian) face. She stuttered and tried to make excuses. I just smiled and said thanks to the 2nd lady. The Asian lady is such a @!#$%. —Aaron.Curtin

2009-01-06 11:14:28   I've only dropped off a package at the UC Davis Post Office once, and the guy working there didn't even acknowledge me. He was talking with his coworker the entire time and only looked at me when I was right in front of him. He took my package, said nothing, I said thanks, and then I left. It was kind of bothersome, but the campus location is convenient if you're just dropping off mail. If you're interested in customer service, however, I'd suggest going to the 5th Street location. The line moves incredibly slowly and it's usually pretty busy there, but the employees are usually nice. Except for one time when a lady purchased entirely different international postage (that didn't include insurance) even though I asked for a specific kind WITH insurance. Oh well. Oh, and another thing to note is that if you're shipping internationally, the UCD PO can't provide tracking and signature confirmation services. —hwarpeha

2009-01-20 11:50:08   Campus Post Office. Purchased Priority Mail. Student clerk stamped Media Mail on box. To avoid mistakes, go to the Main Post Office. —A.T.

2009-03-20 09:35:49   I don't think that the ASUCD post office is bad at all —They make due with the limited resources they are given.

I, however, will NEVER go to the Downtown post office. Not only are there always lines, but the people that work there instill rules that I have never heard of at any other post office! For my credit card, I always write "See ID" instead of signing it. I've never had a problem until I went to this post office where they told me, in a rather rude way (which was what bothered me the most), to sign my credit card or else they won't use it. In addition, they always try to sell me more the expensive way to ship items, when all I want is FIRST CLASS (within the weight/size limits)!!! Overall, I feel like the downtown location has just too long of a line, the people are slow that work there, and they have a slightly snobby attitude when they are seriously.. Just post office clerks. —renee415

What part of "not valid until signed" don't you understand? It's the signature box, not a place for you to write instructions to the person running the card. —wl

Uhm, thanks jerk but I don't need your RUDE comment. If you have ever worked in any retail establishment, you would notice that MANY people write that on their cards, even banks OK it.

Though I too have found the Davis Post Office and a certain member of their staff a pain in the you-know-what... It might be better to sign the card AND write See ID. - AmLin

2009-03-20 11:57:38   The See ID thing is pretty standard. I've always had See ID on the signature box and I've never had a problem with that. No one has ever said anything. The person processing the transaction looks at it and asks me for my ID. Like they are supposed to. I believe it was my bank that first advised me to do that years ago.

Yea, the card says, "Not valid until signed", but the See ID is such a common practice now that they really should know better. It's a precaution to protect the consumer. It takes a special kind of 'tard not to know that. —CurlyGirl26

2009-03-20 12:10:22   I've had my card for about a year now, and I still haven't signed it. If someone says it isn't valid, I plan on asking for a pen. The signature thing is really not exactly the foremost line in credit defense anyway. —JoePomidor

2009-03-20 12:31:40   The signature is really not a strong defense against fraud. Anyone could find an unsigned credit card and fill in their signature. Furthermore, that signature would likely match their own ID! Of course, the name on the card would not, but how many people's signatures are really readable anyway? Basically, the signature buys you nothing when you (or someone else) performs the transaction on your card. In fact, many places no longer even ask you to sign your receipt at all for smaller transactions. It wastes their time to check the signatures.

So what is it used for? Well, suppose you (or someone) buys something on your card, and you then call the credit card company and dispute the charges. The burden is now on the shop to prove that you bought the item. They do this by bringing out your signed receipt. If it is your signature on the receipt, they can show that you did buy the item. If not, they are out of luck. So the signature protects the merchant, not you. Shops ignore it for small transactions now because their cost of keeping and sorting through the receipts is higher than the amount of money that they are likely to recover by disproving charge disputes.

That doesn't mean that there is no protection for you. First, if the signature is not collected, or someone doesn't capture you on video, they would have a hard time proving that it was you who bought something if you dispute the charges. Second, major credit card companies use statistical analysis, behavioral modeling, pattern analysis, etc. to check to see if you are suddenly spending outside of your normal pattern. (This is why if you suddenly go to a city far away from your home town and try to buy something, they may flag your card and make you call the company to prove you are who you say you are, and not someone traveling on your card.) There's also legal protections for you against fraud. But again, this goes back to the merchant being able to prove you signed the receipt. —IDoNotExist

2009-04-22 13:12:40   The campus post office doesn't offer quite as much as a true PO but they do the best they can with what they're working with. Say what you want about the campus post office but after frequenting the Main Post Office, ASUCD's PO is a breath of fresh air. Aside from one or two that actually are friendly most of the Main PO's workers seem to hate their jobs. One worker in particular seems to pride himself on belittling customers (you'll notice him if you stop by, he'll be the balding gentleman that will be talking down to his customers). I've seen this guy treating adults and college kids alike like pups for not checking a box on a postal form or questioning the credit card policy. It's pretty ridiculous. —TariqTrotter

2009-05-28 08:30:20   I hereby wish to formally complain that since stamps before the "forever" stamp also had no dollar (cent) value printed on them, only the words "First Class" and therefore at face value also seemed to be sufficient for a first class letter forever. There. Take that, USPS! —JoFeuerstein

2009-06-04 12:00:33   So, open hours are great, but when are the last pickups of the day at each office? —apbare

2009-10-22 17:19:32   I've been to the Main PO before (mainly to pick up mail) but I guess never near 5pm. . .the place was packed, they only had two registers open, and the two clerks were a bit chatty and generally lackadaisical(which I normally wouldn't mind but the line was almost out the door. . .). . .part of the blame also was on two customers who had no idea what to do and had nothing filled out ahead of time (one lady's box wasn't even taped up) but only one of the clerks finally shuttled one of them off to the side, where at my office both would have been immediately given directions for what to do and told to come back. . .guess Anacrime Hillz is no-nonsense. —KellyCorcoran

2009-11-18 14:30:06   I cannot stand the Asian lady that works here. She is always nosing into my business, rude, and completely POWER TRIPPING. For this reason, I always avoid the downtown location. —ElizabethLee

2009-12-08 07:18:59   I just tried to mail a large manila envelope to China yesterday. The school post office said that they couldn't do it unless I could TRANSLATE the chinese address into ENGLISH. It's a chinese address, it doesnt make sense to translate each character. I've never had to do that elsewhere... —siudowoodo

  • The USPS web site says for standard delivery, you wouldn't need to translate the entire address: "An address in a foreign language is permitted if the names of the city, province, and country are also indicated in English." —DukeMcAdow
  • Maybe they meant transliterate rather than translate. —KenjiYamada

2009-12-23 02:24:19   Avoid the downtown one if you can! They always find ways to tack on extra money to your mail. The postal workers should get retrained on customer service because its their JOB to provide decent, pleasant customer service. However, this is sad to say, they aren't even anywhere near passable. I've seen better customer service in a fast food restaurant. I've never EVER had a problem with the one on campus or the 5th one. Its just conveniently located in downtown so I can handle all my errands at once, plus the campus one is closed when the school term is closed (ie: Winter Holidays and Spring Break)and the downtown one makes its the closest located and more convenient to get to. —mitsuy0

2010-01-22 18:08:11   has anyone else been to the main post office (5th/Pole Line) and experienced their new useless method of trying to cut down the line? they ask you all these questions when you're just trying to fill out whatever form you need (which I usually had no trouble getting done while waiting in line, as before) as quickly as possible and then hand you a little checklist to hand to the teller. . .and create two semi-lines that confused everyone in the post office that day. then when i did get to a teller, she ignored the checklist (maybe because I already know exactly what to tell them and had all my proper forms filled out already when I got up there?). . .seems like the checklist person could just be manning another window, or just asking if someone just needs to pick up their mail like they used to do. —KellyCorcoran

2010-03-14 02:02:49   I don't know what it is about the post offices in Davis.... The last time I went to the on-campus location, I was informed that not only do they not carry any 1st class packaging material, they were unable to send out any priority mail or heavier 1st class mail items. What on earth is the point of a post office if they don't even carry basic packaging and can't send priority mail? I have also had the worst customer service experiences at the 5th Street location, and both times it has been with the same clerk. The first time, the man literally tried to make me feel guilty for asking questions about how to mail something and for not knowing how by myself. He acted like I'd asked the same question before and said something like, "Well, AGAIN, you're going to have to step aside and fill out an extra form." The second time, I explained to him that I needed a shipping service with a lot of extras — insurance, express mail, etc. and he said, "Well, shit." Not even kidding. I couldn't believe my ears. I work in retail myself and understand getting frustrated with customers sometimes, so I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. However, I found that his comments have always been very demeaning and inappropriate. Fortunately, I can report that I made a complaint to his supervisor, and this particular employee has been civil, if not pleasant, with me since. —hwarpeha

2010-08-13 16:25:16   I've also had issues with a rude worker at the 5th street location. The man at the passport desk asked me what I needed, and I replied that I just needed to turn in my application. He responded, "Obviously." Cue the rest of the conversation containing the same condescending attitude throughout. Any questions I asked, he would give the minimal answer and get red-faced with anger when I asked for an actual explanation.

I've only been there that one time and not since then, so I figured at the time it was an isolated example, but apparently it seems to be common. —Fartacus

2010-08-22 02:48:12   I was told that the MU post office doesnt sell standard packaging materials because they would be competing with the bookstore and the corral. But hey, the last time I was in the MU post office, I was told that they would be moving back down to the first floor at the end of this month (august 26 and 27) so just walk across the hall to the corral to get your packaging materials before you get in line at the post office. —JojoWhen

2010-08-25 01:33:42   Don't go to the down-town post office!! Whenever I used to go there were always these 2 women- one Hispanic and the other, Asian.(I don't know their names and this is the only way I could think of to describe them). They are both incredibly rude and will try to milk you for every penny that they can get. Like I said, every time I've gone they were the only two workers there- so I don't think anyone else works there beside them. Once the Hispanic lady wouldn't give me a tiny piece of scotch-tape, even though there was a whole roll in front of her. Most other post offices I go to will go ahead and tape-up my envelopes if the adhesive doesn't look like it's going to hold without me asking. She wanted me to buy some instead. Also my husband told me that once when he went in there to get a money order for the business that he works at the Asian lady starting mumbling something about money laundering but then caught herself. Really, who does that? He wasn't even doing anything suspicious in the first place for her to make an assumption like that. So if you are going to get a big money order- just know that they may accuse you of taking part in various illegal activities under their breath. So after that, I've pretty much decided that I'm only going to the main post office or the one on campus. I've found that the people at these locations are very friendly and helpful. Also, they have yet to falsely accuse me or anyone in family of laundering money...and well, you have to appreciate that. Don't you? —RebelYell

Wow, I was just there last week and they were extremely helpful to me. The one even looked up the zipcode of my new address for me because I only knew the street address. She also put some extra tape on the bubble envelope where it was torn that I was reusing to send a book. They are awesome! -NickSchmalenberger

Last week an older gentlemen (apparently clerk #15) was extremely courteous and helpful, so they are not the only clerks. Today I did see the two ladies you described. I had to state about 3 times I did not want insurance but I did want delivery confirmation (clerk #14). Meh. -AndrewPotter

2010-11-15 18:15:02   So I was stressing about mailing something urgent at the downtown office because of all the comments about rude employees. But when I went in today, the woman who helped me was not only pleasant but also taped down the corners of notecards I had used to cover up old addresses so I could reuse an envelope without me asking. She even thanked me for recycling! A nice, hassle-free post office experience. —SarahdeCrescenzo

2011-03-28 14:12:35   I really love using the campus post office: It's way more convenient than going all the way out to the main office (or the down town one, as parking can be difficult there), and I love how friendly everyone is. Most of the mail clerks are friendly in Davis in general, but the students who work on campus are extra nice and understanding with answering questions, helping get you the best price for shipping, and letting you know what you need to do to send things without sounding snarky. I don't think I've had a single negative experience there, and thus I almost always use it to send packages/mail.

Oh, also, just wondering if anyone has thought about archiving the really old comments? I know a lot can change in 5 years, especially with the campus office, and they've been completely changed with the CoHo renovations. —Morganna

2011-07-26 23:45:00   Down Town Davis Post Office is gonna close soon. Gotta drive to the main PO now...damn it! —C.Ling

  • It's not definite yet. Let's fight for our downtown P.O.! —CovertProfessor

2011-07-27 22:48:58   I am, oddly enough, a fan of the U.S. Postal Service. There, I said it. They've never lost anything of mine, never damaged anything of mine, and the mail always arrives promptly. I can't say the same for UPS or FedEx, for which there is always some hassle with the ticket not being left on the door, the stuff arriving late or crushed, or some other hassle. Unfortunately, when ordering from some companies, you don't have a choice of who the sender is. When I have a choice, I use USPS. Call me old fashioned. As for our local Davis employees, both downtown and at the main branch (which I only go to when the downtown one is closed) I've generally gotten pleasant and helpful service. There was one exception recently, but I'm willing to let that go as an aberration. —CovertProfessor

2011-10-25 11:18:00   I've sent a lot of packages from a lot of post offices, but it wasn't until I sent a book as a gift via media mail from the asucd office that something awful happened. The same envelope which I had addressed in my own handwriting arrived, but instead of the book I had enclosed, which was signed by the author, my family member found two bottles of noni extract, several other bottles of strange things, some of which were unlabeled, and a cross section of "Ron's Knee." —allwheat

I'm not really sure what the implications are — whether an employee opened several packages at once and then mixed them up or perhaps something more sinister. I do still occasionally go to the asucd office, but it really creeps me out.

2011-10-25 17:12:57   From a professional and simply critical standpoint: As the ASUCD Post Office Director I'm strongly offended by the comment suggesting that myself, or any of my employees would have the malevolent nerve to try and mess with someone's mail. It is especially disappointing that the issue is clearly not fully investigated, yet it is awfully simple to jump to conclusions. Could it have possibly occurred to you that perhaps an ordinary (I use the term very loosely, considering what you're presenting)person intercepted whatever package you were sending out, decided to open it, and replace it with contents that they would've presumably found humorous? Any mail this campus branch receives is collected by a carrier and delivered to the Main Post Office. Once you pay for your postage, the mail leaves our hands once we put it in the bins/bags that the carrier takes. From that 5th St. office it goes to the West Sacramento Distribution center... and then we both share the same knowledge about what happens to the packages. We have no chance to open packages, much less reseal them because we don't have packaging supplies for media mail. To conclude, what particularly perturbs me is that an isolated incident such as this leaves such a negative impression on our office. Rest assured this did not happen by this office's hands. In any case, I suggest you be more careful about proposing what you think happened. In fact, you should have taken said package to the Main Post Office and filed some sort of report specifically detailing what happened to the best of your knowledge. We are not out to get anyone. This office has employees that work, and perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. Nothing more, nothing less.


2012-03-04 15:29:24   Why so many problems with the post office? Besides the long lines during after-work hours (about 4ish), I've never had a problem with the post office employees. I have my box, tell them I want to ship it, pay, then leave.. never had a problem. —WaylandLee

2012-04-03 18:05:28   Monday-Friday hours for the main branch have changed to 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, making it difficult for working professionals to utilize this branch. There is an automated postage kiosk, although there is usually a line. This branch could use either longer hours or another automated postage kiosk for a total of 2. —bartbart

2012-04-20 08:40:00   If you need to call the 5th Street PO directly, I got an immediate busy signal when I called the Davis local phone number. Call the postmaster number instead, as I got someone to help me that way! —JenniferRutherford

2012-10-10 12:17:16   I agree that calling the postmaster can work for getting help if you have a question about something specific. I tried a combination of the main line and the postmaster 5 times over the course of 2 days and only got a live person once, who then put me on hold indefinitely so I had to hang up. I finally got an answer by calling the postmaster. When I did talk to someone, they were very helpful. I think you might get a better response time if you can go in to the actual post office in person. Answering the phone appears to be very low priority, probably with good reason. —MicheleTobias

2013-01-08 16:06:45   Downtown post office always has long queues and I've never seen more than one person working the desk. Even right before christmas, it was faster to drive to the 5th St main post office and back than wait in the queue. —josietrott

2014-02-01 12:12:55   Been on hold for 20 minutes. Payed for a package and tracking at the 5th street's sell service kiosk. Tracking shows it's been 4 days and is still sitting at the kiosk. Now I'm killing my phone battery and my lunch break waiting to ask what's going on. I'm going to wait till it's been 25 minutes on hold and if no one answers I'm posting this. Incompetence. 25 minutes. Unacceptable. Worse than tech support. —AsaRundle


2014-06-06 16:55:25   The failure of the postal service gets attributed to the lack of mail being sent in the electronic age, but I'm sure that keeping people on hold for 35 minutes without ever having a human pick up the phone (although I did hear the line get picked up once or twice without a word being spoken - apparently they just wanted to find out if I'd hung up yet) and other such stellar customer service tactics probably contribute. I had to go online to file my complaint about the phone wait, because the supervisor's excuse was that they were "probably at lunch" (at 2:30 in the afternoon?!). I was exhorted many times by the recording to "ask a retail associate," which would have been pretty hard to do, since no one ever spoke to me. —Tawny

2014-10-20 14:27:23   Re the ASUCD Post Office, although their website says they will mail packages, I was informed on 10/17/14 that they will not until further notice — The US Postal Service is not supplying them with the appropriate materials. —KevinOconnor

2014-11-12 17:41:33   Why do I get my mail late in the afternoon? Is this normal for Davis? California in general? —WillLockhart

  • Having lived around the country and in different places in the same cities as well... it just depends where on the delivery route you are. Some people get it in the morning. Your address just happens to be on the end of that delivery route's schedule. -jw