Predict the Measure X vote!

The Rules

All guesses should be in by November 7th at 11:59PM (you can change your guess up until that point). The winner gets to be crowned King or Queen of DavisWiki for a week. Actual outcome of the vote will be posted on November 2005 Yolo County Election/Results.

The Results

The official results from the county website: No 59.9% or 10,971 voters, Yes 40.0% (7,326 voters), with only one precinct won by the proponents of Measure X. Congratulations, BrianSolecki, just one percent off!

The Guesses

  • ApolloStumpy: 41% yes, 54% no (where is the other 5%?) that's the senior citizens who punched out both the chads - AS
  • PhilipNeustrom: 47% yes, 53% no (mirroring the vote on Measure J in 2000)
  • AnnaJones: 45% yes, 55% no (and if I win, I would like to be crowned Despot of Daviswiki. Gender neutral AND alliteration)
  • AmyZimmerman: 53% yes, 47% no
  • RachelPeters: 55% yes, 45% no (Someone's has to guess the yeses will win even if it never happens)
  • JasonAller: 54% yes, 42% no (remainder are those only voting on state props)
  • JackHaskel: 52% yes, 48% no
  • JudithTruman: 60% yes, 40% no (I hope I'm wrong, but I can see this measure being turned into "Vote YES on X if you want Trader Joe's in Davis!)
  • BrentLaabs: 50% yes, 50% no (With an exactly even vote on both sides, Davis will soon erupt into civil war; residents proceed to fight Battle of the Jagged Tree; those who didn't vote will be forced to conclude their vote would have mattered.)
    • For those predicting civil war you need to provide either the number of dead and injured on either side, or being that this is Davis, the amount of feelings hurt on either side.
    • After a day and night of fierce house-to-house fighting between insurgents in the French Impressionist district, the Trader Joe's Flying Buffalo Assault Team swoops in with helicopters and explosives. Davis is renamed "Joedonia." Everyone goes to work producing cheap liquor. —ct
      • What about civilians in the French Impressionist District? (as I start filling sand bags for the front walk) —rocksanddirt
        • Executed via single shot from a handgun to the back of the neck, a la the historical PRC. —ct
      • Hurray for Two-Buck Chuck! Tastes great with free pizza!
  • SteveDavison: 42% Yes, 33% No, 11% hanging chads, 15% lost ballots.
  • rocksanddirt: 53% Yes, 47% No. The no's are more motivated, but the west side and south side's of town would like most of the development for the next few years to be away from them.
  • AlexPomeranz: 46% yes, 54% no. Moo.
  • ArlenAbraham: 42% yes, 56% no
    • In the hippies vs. yuppies battle, hippies will win. hippies always win! -mla
      • Unless... it rains on election day.
  • JaimeRaba: 65% yes, 35% no.
  • BrianSolecki: 41% yes, 59% no.
  • ES: 46.8 yes, 52.5% no.
  • ErikAnderson: 48.1% Yes, 51.2% No — Average of serious guesses. Hope I'm wrong. I really need to find a place to live. :-p
  • KarlMogel: 42.3% Yes, 55.4% No, 2.3% will have pizza grease-stains on their ballots, and will be disqualified for succumbing to shady campaign tactics.
  • LizethCazares 48% yes, 46% No, 6% will mysteriously end up floating in Putah Creek. -Can they fit 3000 people in Putah Creek? -KJM
  • michael Giardina" The South declares nuclear war upon Davis before the result is in. 50% of davis supports the South. 50% doesn't care.
  • CraigBrozinsky 42.5% yes, 57.4% no, and 0.1% will stamp an X with a large object, exposing clues that lead them to the holy grail.
  • TravisGrathwell 50.3% yes, 49.6% no. It's going to rain, and only Tandem Properties has the funds required to bus confused, cold students into the polls.
  • RohiniJasavala 47% Yes, 53% no I think it comes down to how many students will vote based on things like getting a trader joes or free pizza. Hopefully, the Davisites can win.


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2005-11-09 08:31:01   Looks like BrianSolecki is the Wiki King or Queen for a week. —PaulThober

2005-11-09 10:11:46   Looks like BrianSolecki wins, with JaimeRaba getting the boobie prize. Interestingly, the spread was much wider than almost anyone predicted. —SteveDavison

2005-11-09 14:05:00   I demand that we recount the bodies floating in Putah Creek! —KarlMogel

2005-11-09 14:25:28   Wow. The prize is better than I even imagined. (o)(o) —JaimeRaba