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200 E Street
Mon — Sat: 10:00 am-7:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am -6:00pm
(530) 792-7438
Payment Method(s)

Preeti Girl is a cute lil boutique that has cute dresses, tops, bottoms and accessories. Overall, the merchandise is pretty affordable. Whether you are shopping for everyday wear or for a special occasion, they have a good selection of items and a wall full of accessories to choose from. You can expect to find new clothes/accessories every time you go there and if you're looking for good deals, they have a 40% off Sale Rack full of them. The staff is very friendly and the store has a very relaxed shopping atmosphere.

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Price Range

  • Accessories : $0.99 ~ $55.00
  • Clothing: $7.00 ~ $55.00 (I would say that prices range up to ~$59.99)
  • Handbags: $19.99 ~ $45.99


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2008-04-08 12:33:11   I like this place. I went in to look at earrings and they had tons of really cute ones for fair prices. The staff does not chase you around the store bugging you, but when you ask questions, they are very helpful. Best priced boutique in Davis and by far my favorite! —tgdavis

2008-04-20 16:06:05   Love love love this place!!! It is exactly what Davis needed! Like Lily's, but cheaper and better variety of jewelery. And nice clothes too! And Preeti, the owner, is super nice and super helpful! —ct

2008-07-16 16:49:16   I haven't been in this store yet, it seems like it is focused more towards a younger (like 15) crowd. I can't see anyone in their twenties wearing so many sequins. Maybe the items they choose to put in the window aren't a fair representation of the selection. —rebeccap

2009-01-25 11:27:30   I went here for the first time last week and I bought a sweater dress and a pair of gorgeous earrings. They have an amazing selection of jewelry unlike any other store in Davis for reasonable prices, so I will be back! The clothes are trendy and cute enough, although some of it can be too young for me (I'm 25), but their prices make it worth taking a look to find something that I like. Preeti, the owner, was very nice and helpful, she even removed an item from the window display for me to try on. —evergeneva

2009-03-18 19:56:12   Came here once. I'm from San Francisco so that clothing seems overpriced for what it is... However, the salespeople here ARE extremely nice and non pressuring. Definitely a plus. Has a lot of potential, better clothing selection would definitely improve this place. —renee415

2009-09-06 21:48:26   when i go in. she stares at me the whole time. one time i didn't buy and thing and i said thank you, she just glared. so now im scared to go in unless i know what i wanna buy —GuavaLava

2009-09-23 22:19:07   Was intimidated by store at first since I thought nothing would fit me. However, the owner asked if I needed any help and I explained my shy nature. She found amazing stuff for me and even helped my husband pick out some dresses as a gift for me. She is so helpful and approachable, and I love that the store gets new stuff every two weeks. Also, very inexpensive. —stephspada

2010-05-20 13:46:17   i am from LA, and I see these kinds of clothing at the alley on pacific for WAY less then what they sell! Although the owner is very nice I have to agree with Guavalava if you dont buy anything they look at you crazy as you leave..also i bought a necklace from here and wore it once and got a big rash! —cherryr

2010-06-06 15:20:02   I’m graduating & I didn’t want to leave without writing a review for this place because I am very impressed with the consistency of this business. For the past 2years EVERY TIME I have gone to this store, there has NEVER been a time when the staff has not been friendly. For something different or even basics the stuffs good & pretty affordable but being an independent college student, I try and spend only when I need to. I have to disagree with the comment above in reference to feeling uncomfortable if you don’t buy anything here because that is the last thing I would have to say about this place…other downtown boutiques now are a different story. The girl that’s been there always helped me even if I was just looking and I never felt like I had to buy something. So in a nutshell, in my many visits to this store, I would say that the service is by far the BEST (even compared to some dept stores) & even though I didn’t buy half as much as I would have liked, the things my friends & I did buy over the years were great quality and I don’t have any complaints! I hope to come back and give them more business after I make some money. Thanks for the genuine and caring service you will never be forgotten! —ShannonV

2010-06-06 15:43:10   I was looking for a last minute dress for a wedding and this was the place. They had a few dresses in the color I wanted and the staff was very helpful in locating them/bringing dresses down from the window display. They also seem to have a good selection of jewelery. —Babhari

2010-11-20 17:19:03   I absolutely LOVE this place, every time I come in I always find something I like and they are constantly getting new stuff in. And the prices are extremely reasonable and the best in Davis for a boutique. Also, the owner, Preeti, is extremely helpful and kind. Whenever I need to find an outfit for a certain occassion or theme she always helps me put an outfit together. You can never go wrong when shopping here, you are sure to find something you love. —KellyWells

2011-01-05 10:06:30   Staff seems friendly enough but personally I think that for the quality, the prices are outrageous. It's the only shop in Davis that isn't high end boutique (see Pinkadot) so it's your cheapest option other than target. Still for 50-60 dollars I'd like a dress that is made out of a material other than low-grade polyester. I've gone in a few times but always end up leaving empty handed because I know this sort of thing shows up at Ross or Marshall's for MUCH less. —OliviaY

  • I don't know, I'm used to seeing expensive things go into Ross or Marshall's for much less. —hankim

2011-04-26 16:23:15   Management/Owner is absolutely fabulous- a GREAT addition to the downtown davis grid. I love popping in when I need a quick accessory to complete an outfit (earring selection is HUGE!) or for some cute tights or leggings! —NikiRose

2011-12-08 13:30:35   Does this boutique sell clothes that are appropriate for a professional interview? —kg18

2012-02-28 23:15:44   I love this store!!!! Preeti is so friendly and the majority of the things in the store are things I would wear! I have several pairs of earrings from here as well as some tops. Great Quality! —KathrynAzarvand

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2012-03-19 19:03:45   When I visited Preeti Girl, I told myself I would never go back there again. The owner, Preeti, is really rude and shady. I went there to buy an outfit and all she did was interrupt me when I was speaking. She thinks she knows what fashion means and told me that the clothes I was wearing looked "cheap" just because she wanted me to buy something from her boutique. I personally think SHE is the one who needs fashion advice—wearing plastic bow belts and kiddy jewelry looks nice on little girls and young teenagers, not a 40 year old woman! I also experience what a few people described below. I left her store without buying anything and she gave me this dirty look. —therealshow

2012-03-19 19:34:15   I took my daughters to this store and she kept following us around the store, which made us a little uncomfortable. She was forcing us to buy items we were not interested in. When I looked at the quality of the clothes, they looked terribly cheap and poor and way overpriced! I was not willing to buy my daughters a low quality blouse for $60, especially when I can get one for much cheaper next door. The owner Preeti told us to leave if we weren't going to buy anything because "we were wasting her time". I was so shocked to hear those words actually come out of her mouth. That woman clearly does not know how to treat her customers. She needs to learn some manners before running a business. —wishingstar

2012-12-22 23:31:17   I bought a dress for a wedding (it was the first i've been to!) and I found an amazing, off pink one-shoulder dress. I tried it on and the saleslady was really nice about it, offering her opinion on a lot of different dresses/fancy-level and was really nice even when I said I had to sit on it (~$60, I have to spend at least an hour thinking about). I ultimately went back and got the dress. She then proceeded to recommend types of necklaces and earrings that would go with my dress and we discussed shoes. Very nice atmosphere, will go back if I need a dress and can afford it! —HannahToru

  • I visited here again, and bought two more dresses on sale! She was just as sweet as last time, answering any questions I had and offering her own opinion on colors and accessorizing. I really recommend going here if you have a little bit extra to spend on a nicer dress. - ht

2013-11-21 20:39:20   My 5-year old son and husband bought a pair of earrings and a necklace for me as a present. The necklace is one of my favorites and the earrings were beautiful crystals. Unfortunately, one of the crystals fell off the post. I tried gluing it back on but it didn't stay. I brought back the earrings and explained what happened and how special they were to me because my son picked them out. She apologized and asked me to pick out another pair. I brought my son back in and she immediately recognized him. He picked out another pretty pair and we bought another item to cover the difference. The owner was super nice and went out of her way to leave me with a welcoming impression of her store even though I had not made the original purchase. I will definitely be back and I'm certain my son will. —DebWestergaard