The Principles of One Community (POC) are a shared set of principles between the University and the City. POC acknowledges that the University and the City—and those who make up the two—constitute one community. POC is a project initiated by ASUCD Official, Steven D. Lee. POC was initially conceived ruing the 2007 Summer Session. In Fall of 2007 ASUCD President Kareem Salem commissioned an Executive Task Force for the Principles of One Community, chaired by Lee and composed of representatives of the student body, university and city. A signing ceremony was held on Tuesday March 4th at 1:00 in Freeborn Hall.

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We affirm that the people of the City of Davis and the students, faculty, and staff of the University of California, Davis constitute one diverse community and strive to sustain one that is united and mutually respectful.

In 1905, the University of California established the University Farm—its first students arriving in 1908—adjacent to Davis- ville, founded in 1868 and incorporated as the City of Davis in 1917. The University Farm later became the University of California, Davis in 1959. Following the tradition of a land grant university, UC Davis generates, advances and applies knowledge for the betterment of society. UC Davis continues today to provide unique opportunities and together with the citizens of Davis fosters an informed and dynamic college town community.

UC Davis and the City are partners in building and shaping our community. Together they seek to nurture, foster, welcome and recognize students, faculty and staff as members of the community. As we celebrate UC Davis’ centennial anniversary and a hundred years of shared history, we reflect upon our past and look toward our future with the following basic principles:

  • We affirm our shared responsibility to promote and sustain a united community that acknowledges and celebrates differences.
  • We affirm the inherent value of each and every member of our shared community.
  • We acknowledge that the establishment of our community and its continued development are tied to the cooperation of our respective institutions and the interactions of our fellow citizens based on mutual consideration and respect.
  • We appreciate the diversity of viewpoints held within our community and recognize that our actions and decisions have consequences that impact each other. In recognition of our shared values and mutual interdependence, we strive to make decisions in an open and inclusive manner that respects, nurtures and reflects understanding of the needs and interests of all community members.
  • We maintain an accepting and sensitive community where everyone is free to live, learn, and work without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, ability, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, age, length or place of residence, or other differences among people.

The purpose of the Principles of One Community statement is to further strengthen our commitment to the values inherent in both the UC Davis Principles of Community and the City’s Statement on Principles of Community Tolerance. Therefore, we affirm these principles of one community and commit ourselves to uphold them in our personal, professional, and community lives.


The Executive Task Force that drafted the document consisted of representatives from:

UC Davis Administration

  • Office of Campus-Community Relations
  • Office of Local Government Relations
  • Office of Community Relations
  • Office of Student Affairs

Staff and Faculty

  • Academic Senate
  • Academic Federation
  • Staff Assembly

Student Body

  • Associated Students
  • Graduate Students Association

City of Davis

  • City Council
  • Human Relations Commission
  • City/UCD Student Liaison Commission

Davis Joint Union School District

Members of the public also gave input.


Several copies of the document currently reside in City Hall (Council Chambers in the rear), Mrak Hall, the Memorial Union (ASUCD Conference Room, CSI office), DJUSD Administrative Office and Shields Library (Near entrance to Main Reading Room/Group Study room area).

Media Coverage

Event/Project Branding

Naturally many joint projects and event are organized and put on in the spirit of the ideals embodied this document. Some events are currently branded as a "Principles of One Community Event" and indeed individuals and groups should feel free to brand their projects/events as such if consistent with the ideals and values of the document.

POC Branded Events: * Davis Neighbors Night Out

Steven D. Lee shakes hands with Mayor Pro Tempore Asmundson along with Chancellor Vanderhoef, DJUSD President Sheila Allen and HRC Chair Najme Minajah after the POC Signing Ceremony on March 4, 2008 Representatives of the Davis Community along with a copy of the Principles of One Community document


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2008-02-29 11:51:10   I am annoyed that they reduced it to "differences among people" from the original much stronger statement. Bleh. —DavidPoole

2008-02-29 14:14:35   I am annoyed that folks have been lobbying for this instead of...hmmm...I don't know...real change? —AndrewPeake

2008-02-29 15:46:36   So, because David isn't representing anyone but himself, he's not allowed to be in the community of people who organized it. That seems highly hypocritical. —BrentLaabs

2008-02-29 19:56:40   cute —GregWebb