Alternatives to professionally managed property include Cooperative Housing and property you manage yourself.

List of Property Management Companies

The Davis Model Lease

Information about The Davis Model Lease can be found at:

Things to Watch Out For

  • Rooms that used to be garages.
  • Managers who can't show you the apartment you will be renting, but insist that it looks just like this one.
  • Anyone who says "Trust Me" or "We don't need to worry about writing that down".
  • Leases that hold tenant responsible for City Services, sewage, etc.
  • For houses, who is responsible for lawn and grounds maintenance (although if you're doing it, you likely have more latitude in gardening, so it may be a plus... but do know who is responsible for it).
  • Properties that ask you to renew your lease in January or February for next September. (At most apartments throughout the country, you only need to give 30-60 days notice to give the apartment a fair chance to find someone to fill your apartment should you decide to leave. Being asked to renew 6-9 months before your lease expires is NOT normal.) Once you sign your lease renewal, the property has no incentive to be responsive to problems, since at that point you are committed for another 1 year and 9 months.

See also Slum Lords for places with bad reputations, Apartments for specific apartment complexes/buildings, and Rental Housing Guide to discover additional information about the habits of landlord/tenant species in Davis.


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2005-04-03 22:24:20   Property Managers (Acadian Properties, King Properties) have a shady level of at least 5. They are paid money by owners to manage property, any of that money saved is money that goes to profit. They have a vested interest in NOT fixing problems at your property (i.e. being shady). —AndyPastalaniec

2006-11-01 21:47:31   Please avoid Acadian, see the wiki entry to find out why, or just ask me about my experience —StevenDaubert

2007-03-01 13:21:37   Save yourself a lot of frustration and do NOT rent from Acadian (click on their name, scroll down and read all the comments) —RentersRights

2008-06-28 09:15:29   Simmons Real Estate has rentals. I know they have been in town a long time. No page or info. on them?? Thanks. —LouisM

2008-09-21 20:30:47   I recently rented an apartment from Simmons Real Estate located on F st in Downtown. Out of all the years I lived in Davis, this has been the worst apartment so far. The apartment had cockroaches, rats, and was a mess when they gave it to us. The refrigerator was missing a shelf and had duck tape to hold it together. The people are very rude and slow. Never rent from them. —VeronicaGonzales

2010-03-11 22:49:55   Can we start of list of decent/good Property Managers? I don't know who to go through to rent a house besides private owner (which could be russian roulette on it's own)! —mperkel

2010-03-11 23:00:40   I doubt there'll ever be consensus on a particular manager being great; someone's going to have a bad experience sooner or later. Likewise, some people are going to have a good experience with even the worst of managers. It'd be hard to really make a coherent list of "good" ones. You're better off looking at the individual reviews.

That said, I personally know people (two different groups of friends) who have had to take both Acadian and King to small claims court, and in both cases, they won the full value they were asking for (security deposit + rent, I think). If there are a lot of people saying one of the companies is going to bone you... watch out. —TomGarberson

2011-01-19 17:07:05   Is it just me, or was the page on Kate Miller Property Management completely deleted? I remember she had good reviews when I was house hunting last spring. Now I'm house hunting again and can find no mention of her anywhere on the wiki. I could have sworn it was here that I heard of her... —MeggoWaffle

2011-03-30 18:57:05   Ya, not sure what happened to kate's page. her website is —jadeeyes1113

2015-11-10 00:48:57   Move in at your own RISK. Simmons Real Estate. This is the worst apt. i have ever lived in. They always take your deposit. The managers are rude there!!!. One time, I parked my car in the wrong place. The manager jumped out of his room and told me rudely "I will call the cop if you do not move your car!" My God! that is how they treat their tenants!? NEVER EVER move to Simmons Real Estate. Really bad experience. —StudentUCD