The renowned Psychologist Alfred Adler.

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Measured by number of degrees awarded, psychology is the most popular undergraduate major at UC Davis. During the 2006-07 academic year, 10 percent of undergraduate degrees awarded were psychology degrees. Because of this there is great impaction in this department which translates to huge classes with long waiting list as well as classes one cannot even register for unless they are registered psychology major. To become a registered psychology major you must complete, "Psychology 1, Psychology 41, Statistics 13, Sociology or Cultural Anthropology (Anthro 2), and Biological Science 1A only (BS- Bio) Biological Science 1A, or Biological Science 10 plus Anthropology 1, or MCB10, or NPB 10 (BA or BS Math). You must have a 2.5 GPA and be in good academic standing. All of the courses above must be taken for a grade. After these courses have been completed, you can stop by the advising center in 141 Young to fill out forms to change your major." (this information is quoted from

The psychology department is organized around five areas of emphasis: Perception Cognitive Neuroscience Psychology, Psychobiology, Social-Personality Psychology, Developmental, and Quantitative.

The department offers undergraduates Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees. Graduate students enter the program to obtain a PhD. This involves passing a written exam at the beginning of the third year, having a doctoral project approved in the fourth year, and having the completed thesis finished sometime later. Masters degrees are awarded to anybody who passed their written exam.

If you're looking for local psychologists, check out the Counseling and Psychological Services page.


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