This Psychology lab in the Social Sciences and Humanities Building has hidden panels in the walls that lead to secret passages that link the different rooms in the lab. It is very high tech. Several graduate students have offices in the building that have such secret escape passages. You may know one of them from your classes.

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I've not seen this— unless of course, they're referring to the Leprechaun Rehabilitation Project. —CraigBrozinsky

2009-03-30 18:56:01   It could be a joke. —ThanhVu

2009-03-30 22:27:58   The walls do have heavy steel doors that lead to private hallways to other rooms in the lab complex. However, it is not as dramatic as it sounds. Some grad students have these doors in their rooms. It is no big secret. You can locate these doors by their large metal handles. Otherwise, the doors are usually covered in cork board and blend in with the walls. —MaxLucas