Newsbeat used to have a terminal. Here is a strange man viewing what appears to be pornography.

These are places with a terminal/computer set up that anyone can use to get on the Internet for bit.

Some of these computers are maintained by the Linux Users Group of Davis.

There are also Computer Labs that aren't always exactly public.

These are places with non-free internet access:

  • FedEx Office formerly FedEx Kinko's. Free Wi-Fi but use of their computers is not free.

When using a public computer, you can turn on Privacy Mode in Firefox or a similar feature called Private Browsing in Internet Explorer. If you are not using privacy mode it is a good idea to erase the cookies and history after you are done. Privacy mode will automatically do this for you.

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Near Davis

Past Terminals

Mobile phones have laid waste to the payphones that were once ubiquitous across the country. In the same way, the rise of internet enabled phones and wifi and cell enabled laptops are starting to reduce the number of terminals. Here are some that are no longer providing a way to tell Mom ":-)".

  • Teen Center - (Third and B) This is now the Cycling Hall of Fame.
  • Newsbeat - 514 3rd St.
  • Davis Food Co-op - 620 G St. The Co-op had to make some changes which rendered the public access computers unusable, and as there isn't a convenient spot for the terminals now that our renovation is complete. At this time the Co-op does, and will continue to, provide free wi-fi access.