The ASUCD Public Opinion Polls unit was created as an independent unit sometime around 2001. The primary people responsible for the creation of this unit were Russ Fagaly and Jon Avidor.

The unit was designed to gage the pulse of the students of UC Davis. It was initally designed to be a unit composed of 9 members. This was impractical and the unit had difficulties. Eventually it was reduced in size to run by a single person and included in the newly created, and now extinct, Student Advocacy Office.

It was during this three year period that POP achieved its greatest level of recognition within ASUCD. During this time period POP ran polls on a variety of topics. Due to increased marketing, which included utilizing the myucdavis campus messaging system and offering money to the bookstore, responses swelled.

Those few years of success allowed POP to survive the removal of Student Advocacy, the Campus Outreach and Organizing Office and currently resides under Creative Media.

However, it seems to have fallen into disuse. The last poll was in January of 06.

Past directors:

  • Russ Fagaly, ?-2004
  • Eric Fox, 2004-2005
  • A.Tianna Scozzaro, Spring 2005


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The public opinion poll on Choice Voting (entitled "Alternative Voting Methods") is incorrect. The first question (which starts off the poll) is:

    "Under the Choice Voting System, are you aware that if your 1st prefered candidate is elected the the 2nd candidate selected is irrelevant?"

The rest of the poll proposes alternative voting systems, and then the poll concludes asking the taker if they "understand the Choice Voting system" having taken the poll. (Note: Under choice voting, your second choice vote does count if your first choice is elected!).

Also, the current Gender and Sexuality Commission poll makes it impossible to say anything positive about the sex-toy workshop. The most positive response you can give is "no negative feelings," and then proceed to type something in the provided text area! I didn't attend the workshop, but the poll seems biased against the event. Log into and check out the "Past Polls" as well as the current Sex-Toy poll to see what I am talking about.PhilipNeustrom

Shouldn't there be a website, location, or other links for this? —SteveDavison