1230 Olive Drive Between The Lexington and The Arbors apartment complexes
9:30 am-6pm Monday - Friday
9am-5pm Saturday
10 am-2pm Sunday
Gate Hours
6 am-9pm Monday - Sunday
(530)753-4752 Local #

Public Storage is a Self Storage provider on Olive Drive. The sign out front reads "Public Storage"

Storage Rates:

  • 5x5 (smallest) - $93/mo
  • 10x10 - $180/mo
  • $22 one-time administrative fee for all units

No minimum storage time (most places make you pay for at least a month)


  • 2 Medium boxes for $5

Public Storage runs a national campaign advertising "$1 for the first month's rent!" This offer is intended to appeal to long-term renters; however, because so many students in Davis rent storage units for a short period of time (often during the summer break or over Moving Day), this offer is not available in Davis. Instead, Public Storage offers a discounted first month, along the lines of "half off the first month's rent".

  • Stuff! If you got too much and you want to keep it, you need one of the storage units in Davis!


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2007-07-23 09:53:54   Good place but to expensive . If you go to streng storeage in woodland it is open 24 hours and has alrms on units and is way cheaper —dickjones

2008-08-03 15:14:41   Pretty expensive. When we emptied ours we found black widows and dead mice. ewww!! for the price I would think they would have pest control. —HeatherFlood

2008-10-02 10:01:54   Beware Public Storage. I took advantage of their "$1 for first month rent" offer, which actually winds up being $40 for a 10x10. I had everything cleared out on the 28th of September. There was nobody in the office, so I left the unit unlocked. Nobody can get the local office on the phone to cancel the account out. And, I've now been billed another $140 for October! Even the district manager's voicemail goes nowhere (as in, I have not gotten a call back). I'm now waiting for the corporate office to "investigate" and hopefully get refunded quickly. If not, I have to dispute the charge... so, learn from my experience and just stay away. —ChristopherPrice

  • When I rented a storage unit from Public Storage, I was told that the "$1 for first month rent" offer was not available in Davis, due to so many students renting a unit for just one or two months. The offer is intended for people who plan to rent a unit long-term. Instead, in Davis they offer a different deal which amounts to "half off the first month's rent" or something similar. —ElleWeber

2010-12-02 01:44:09   I spoke to an employee there. She said that there was a $22.00 registration fee in addition to the $1.00 first months rent. She also said that the 5x5 unit is $51.00 per month. —SmellyGroundHog

2011-09-20 20:45:09   BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY! Because Public Storage did not repair their roof, two pieces of wooden furniture were ruined when rainwater fell on them. When we contacted Public Storage offices to request them to repair the damaged pieces, they told us that they would deny our claim. We are now taking them to Small Claims Court and it is a hassle. —DavePowell

2011-12-08 13:21:36   This place closes for lunch. A cute little clock stuck to the door with the time they'll return indicated. This should be up in the hours section. I tried calling but you just get menu hell with no option for a real person to actually be helpful. I get there on my lunch break and they are CLOSED! What a waste! —Elisabethal

2012-03-26 18:14:58   Called their general # today (3/26) and they offered me a 5x10 for $49 a month, and did have the $1 first month deal, but now I have to talk to the actual manager and maybe it won't be so sweet, given the descriptions on this page... —Tparkeressig