The RESPECT slate stands for Responsibility, Education, Sportsmanship, Pride, Equality, Cooperation, Teamwork. This slate was created in January of 2007 by former LEAD ASUCD Senate candidate Albert Parnell following his defeat in the Fall 2006 ASUCD Election. Albert Parnell is the only known person to be running on this slate.

RESPECT is a Politcal Group and Party for quick and immediate change to the UC Davis Campus and Climate. It is a party and group that excludes none and includes all. RESPECT advocates for all students at UC Davis and across the globe.

RESPECT Never excludes and always includes no matter what. We RESPECT all and deny none. We fight for what students believe in and put students first. We are not Right Wing or Left Wing, we are Student Wing and that is what matters.

If you want more information about RESPECT or want to help out with campaigning, e-mail Albert Parnell



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