There are many people in Davis that are LGBTQIAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, allies, polyamorous) or a combination thereof. In fact, if you look in the right places you'll find all kinds of nellies and queers, butches and femmes, lesbians, homos, fairies, dykes, fags, bisexuals, pansexuals, non-monosexuals, transfolk, asexuals, shifters, neutrois, vampires (the sexual kind, and yes, in that case it's a sexual subgroup), otherkin (including femmekin and nullkin), furry, power exchange as gender, genderfuck, othergendered and goodness knows who else. Fortunately, there are also many resources available in Davis for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, preferences, or identity. The campus community has also been heavily involved in a number of programs and discussions on the intersections of personal identity politics, such as race, class, gender and sexuality.





  • Delta of Venus is a coffee house and pub on B Street well known for its queer-friendly atmosphere. They often host "queer dance parties" and spoken word/performance nights.
  • The Depot is another gay bar in the 'Lavender Heights' of Midtown Sacramento.
  • Faces Nightclub is considered by many to be the best gay bar in Sacramento.
  • The Mercantile Saloon is another bar in Sacramento.

Acceptance in the Community

There are levels of acceptance: affirming, accepting, tolerating, discouraging, and hostile. Here are some local organizations and where they stand:

Former Organizations

Former Events

Hate Crimes

  • March 10, 2013: Mikey Partida severely beaten. See more info here, including links to donate


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2007-09-27 11:39:52   In my opinion, the Delta of Venus is a safe place. I do not think any of the staff there would tollerate any homophobic or hostile behavior and neither would most of the patrons. I can't say the same for the G Street Pub. —PxlAted