A coastal rainbow trout. Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) are one of the most sought after sportfish. They are good table fare, and provide anglers with lots of fun, whether it be a nearby park stocked with hatchery raised fish or a backpacking into a pristine mountain lake for wild stock.

Due to the cold oxygen rich water that is released by Monticello Dam, Upper Putah Creek has become an excellent year round trout fishery. Rainbows can be found the entire stretch of the creek between the Dam and Lake Solano. There are rumors there are a few rainbows hiding in the waters below Lake Solano and above Winters where the water is still cold.

Department of Fish and Game stopped stocking both the creek and Lake solano a few years back. Since then, the regulations have changed to catch and release and barbless hooks for rainbow trout on putah creek.