Raj Kumar is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2010 ASUCD Election running on as an independent.

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Candidate Statement

Fellow Students, We come to school to learn- learn about life, ourselves, and scholarship. Certainly we have all met some sort of resistance when it comes to achieving those goals we set out to complete. As an ASUCD Senator, my first promise is to always be open to hearing those concerns. I, Raj Kumar, want to be the name you can count on when pressing matters are at hand. My motivation for senate comes from my dear friends that face obstacles in their own path. We all are students first and I understand the difficulty first- hand as a pre-medical student that comes when trying to achieve our goals. Senators have a due diligence to hear the student community to hear their concerns and address them immediately. Senate has the resources to not alleviate the challenge, but to buttress your efforts. In order to accomplish this, I propose to reform the ICC website to make a cleaner online bank of research opportunities. I would create a directory of professors by department, which would result in a link that sets up a web form. It would include a student profile that would be email directly to the professor. This would improve student- professor relations. I have the confidence that I can accomplish what I have set out to do by the principles that I have learned in life and a student on this campus. I am a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity like previous ASUCD Senators, Andrew Bianchi, Trevor Taylor, and Danny Garret, as well as IFC President Ryan Atcherberg. I was an Election Committee member last year which provided me with great experience and insight into ASUCD. I learned about working with members of the city and community while interning with US Congressman Dennis Cardoza and as a campaign intern for US Congressman Jerry Mcnerney. I would like to see student life off-campus also improve with a Students Renter’s Rights Committee. This would change finding student housing off-campus to a pleasurable experience by educating and comforting students before they make a decision on a place to live. Adam Thongsavat and I believe this issue is one of great importance to every renter on campus, which comprises at least 30% of the student body. I am running for improvement. I’m running to improve the campus which I call mine. Vote RAJ KUMAR #1 for ASUCD SENATE and ADAM THONGSAVAT #2.


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