A view from the street Owner Taranbir

207 3rd Street #230 Upstairs
Mon - Sun: 10:00am - 9:00pm
(530) 753-9664

Raja's Tandoor (formerly Raja's Indian Cuisine) offers $6.95 + tax all you can eat all day buffet. Almost all who dine at Raja's rave about the customer service of the owner, Taranbir. He makes you feel welcome and appreciated. People come back not just for the food but also to be treated so kindly. This is a fantastic choice for vegans as well as generally healthy eaters as Raja's uses no food coloring, artificial flavors, MSG, and butter. They use little Canola oil, unlike other Indian restaurants in town.

It's nice to sit outside on the covered patio on sunny days. Also a good place to take your hippie girlfriend, biology professor, or philosophical roommate. This restaurant is located right across the street from Ali Baba and up the stairs from Davis Oshio Cafe, all three of which are found right off campus near the Death Star. It's the most convenient Indian option from the eastern part of campus.

The all day buffet has 17 items to choose from and a few items rotate throughout the week, but, naan, a chicken tikka masala, and a yummy rice pudding are available every day. Prices for dinner are relatively cheap ($5, $6, $7 for a main course, appetizers $3). The decor is not as fancy as Kathmandu Kitchen, but it's also nowhere as expensive.

Raja's Tandoor has a regular booth at the Farmers' Market and the Picnic In The Park, where they serve fresh Vegan Naan bread, Veggie Momos, and Naanwiches (Sandwiches made with fresh Naan bread).

Raja's Tandoor now does catering. They offer many vegan and vegetarian options. They are even a UC Davis approved caterer.

In September 2012, Raja's Tandoor released a humorous video, featuring Taranbir, owner of Raja's Tandoor.

In May 2013, Raja's Tandoor's new website went online, featuring the restaurant's most updated menu and most up-to-date information. The creation of the new website commences the restaurant's redesign and online outreach efforts.

Starting February 02, 2015 Raja's Tandoor now offer all day buffet. 10 am to 9 pm Mon thru Sat.

On November 1st, 2012 Raja's lunch buffet hours extended by 1 hour (opened until 4PM) to accommodate increasing demand and students' hectic schedules.






Taranbir and Harmeet This sign appeared sometime in 2011 The entrance to the restaurant A view from the restaurants outside patio A view inside the restaurant

Raja's Tandoor full menu at RajasTandoor.com

Tikka Masala (Made with chicken breast. Also available Mixed Veggie, Paneer (cheese), or Lamb.)

Saag (Spinach) Now available in Vegan! Also try Paneer (cheese), Chicken, or Lamb.

Vegan Naan (Indian flat bread) Plain, Garlic, or Whole Wheat.

Raja Indian Cuisine before it was bought out and renamed Raja's Tandoor

A view of Raja's at night. Another view of Raja's from 3rd Street A view from the street Sandwich board, April 2012 — note that the price has been reduced to $5.95 + tax for Summer 2012

How was your meal at Raja's?

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Recent Reviews

2011-01-15 10:45:41   I ordered the coconut chicken curry and it was delicious. Instead of the rice my friends and I substituted it with naan and the owner, graciously gave us large portions of it. The portions are really fulfilling. Even though my friends and I were full we didn't want to stop eating because our meals were so good. The owner is really kind and so is the rest of the service staff. He is really funny and good with people. I want to go back as soon as possible to try out the lunch buffet. The prices are good too! —MeganL

2011-01-16 13:33:14   This food is very homey, delicious and filling, and customer service here is amazing, godly, otherworldly. We came in late, at like 8:40, and despite the 9PM closing time, they kept it open til 9:45 to accomodate us. I can't think of a single other restaurant who would do such a thing.

As for the food, I've tried a sampling of most everything, but the one thing that keeps me coming back over and over and over and over again is their Tikka Masala. Last night, I went with 3 other people and that was all we ordered! One lamb hot spice, 2 chicken and one paneer medium spice. They came with free plain and garlic naan, and free basmati rice as well. IT was so delicious, I was literally drinking the tikka masala sauce with my spoon even after I was full.

And I have to tell you, if there was only one restaurant I could ever possibly eat at in the entirety of Davis, it would NOT be other popular places like in'n'out or Davis Sushi or Fuji's or Guad's or Burgers&Brew or anything else. IF I could only choose one restaurant, it would be HERE. The combination of some of the best customer service I have ever experienced along with a Tikka Masala so good it makes me want to dance makes this the best restaurant in all of Davis. At least, IMHO. —GianIbanez

2011-01-19 11:24:35   This is a great restaurant! Friendly staff, amazing food, good prices. I've tried a lot of the veggie dishes and they were all delicious! I would highly recommend eating at Raja's —ALeeds

2011-01-22 20:32:58   What a wonderful place! My GF and I had dinner there tonight, only our second time with Indian food and it was great. The service is outstanding and friendly, the owners were both there and doing most of the service themselves. We had the lamb and chicken tikka massalas along with some veggie samosas. Everything was great! I will be returning to this great cozy and friendly place. —Sar58

2011-01-29 13:18:23   I have to say, I LOVE coming here. The staff is friendly, the selection is great for both meat-eaters and vegetarians, and I have to say, their Tandoori Chicken is probably the best I've had in Davis. It being so close to the MU is great as well since I personally get bored with the on-campus selection, but Raja's is just a short walk! Definitely would recommend to anyone looks for good Indian food. —JonathanHong

2011-02-02 14:33:02   Raja's has such great food! As an Indian, it made me miss my mom's cooking. The tandoori chicken is absolutely amazing along with the warm naan. The service is fantastic here. The owner is so adorable and friendly! He really makes sure that you are enjoying yourself and getting everything you want. I can't wait to go back to the restaurant. My time at Raja's was extremely worthwhile. I highly recommend this place. —rsachdev

2011-02-03 14:06:26   Raja's is my favorite place to eat at in Davis. My boyfriend and friends and I come here very often and Taranbir is always happy to see us. The atmosphere is very comfy and welcoming, and the service is terrific. The food is delicious as well; I haven't been to many places that compare. If you want great food, great service, great atmosphere, and at a great price, Raja's is a good choice. —SMSdavis

2011-02-03 21:34:22   Raja's is a wonderful place to eat. I come here with my friends for the lunch buffet - the selection has gotten wider and the presentation has gotten nicer too over the years. The owners are extremely friendly, especially Taranbir, with whom I have interacted most often. Definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Davis! —CalvinThigpen

2011-02-10 20:32:42   Raja's is an excellent place to eat. My favorite in Davis by far. The service is fantastic, the owner treats everyone like family, always asking how everyone is and going around with baskets of amazing naan. You must eat here if you haven't! Also, the buffet is the best deal in town! —OpticalOut

2011-02-19 19:56:06   Raja's is excellent. I highly recommend the chicken vindaloo with garlic naan, and their lunch buffet. The owner is always very welcoming and very friendly. —ChocolateFrogs

2011-02-25 12:02:48   Raja's Tandoor ranks among my favorite restaurants in Davis. The food is excellent and the owners and employees are very friendly. If you love Indian food and can eat a lot, like me, the lunch buffet is a good deal! Sometimes it's my only meal a day. While they do serve one or two meat dishes during the buffet, there is a wide variety of vegetarian food, making Raja's a great place to eat if you're a vegetarian. Two T.V.s continuously play music videos in Hindi around lunch time, rivaling Old Tea House's use of the MTV. Unlike the melodramatic Taiwanese music videos played at Old Tea House, the Indian music videos at Raja's are often funny and lighthearted. Raja's is a great restaurant deeply rooted in the Davis community, and their food speaks for itself! —GregoryWada

2011-02-28 00:44:43   I love Raja's! The prices are great and the customer service you get there, especially by Mr. Taranbir, is awesome! I reccomend going on Fridays because I feel that there is alot more options, but come on, an indian buffet for under $10?! Now thats a steal :D Go to Raja's today and get a big warm hug from Mr. Taranbir and enjoy their delicious food! :D —jennadedios

2011-03-03 16:48:26   When we want to have happy bellies and relaxed bodies, we go to Raja's or Taqueria Davis - nowhere else in Davis can compare. We know that someone will smile at us and ask us about our day. We can chat easily with the owner and his wife and enjoy that comfortable relief of being truly at ease. I always feel that I am getting way more than I pay for and am grateful to make up the difference in a large tip.

For food, I'm a fan of the bindi masala (okra) and lamb briyani. I could eat lamb momosas all day. —JoRo

2011-03-11 15:08:48   The place is very good compared to the other Indian Resturant in town. The food and service is both great, and the food is prepared in such a manner that it reminds people of home.

Go check it out for yourself, and treat yourself to Raja's Buffet Special, only 7.95+taxes. This is affordable for any college student. —TonySingh

2011-03-11 15:10:44   Excellent food, excellent price, and even better service. This restaurant has a homely feeling to it and really makes you want to come back. The food has an authentic Indian taste and offers many varities. The owners try to make every effort possible to get to know you. Why wouldn't you want to go to Raja's? —SunnyBhardwaj

2011-03-11 16:21:45   Very friendly service. Very good food. Very reasonable price. Would recommend. —Deleted.

2011-03-12 18:06:38   i ate here for the first time last night and it was absolutely delicious. seriously can't get over the quality of the food (especially the naan) and the friendliness of the service. the owner, taranbir, made sure my friends and i were happy throughout the meal and threw in a few freebies. I will DEFINITELY be coming back here over and over again! highly recommend it to anyone who likes indian food —EmilySkogstrom

2011-03-14 13:16:06   The food is excellent as is the service, the owners are very welcoming and friendly. The old bollywood movie clips they show on the TVs are a nice added touch. I will definitely be returning! —SilviaMcElroy

2011-03-26 22:53:18   I was here a sometime at the end of 2010. I just had to try it since I have a love for Indian food and to just try all that I can in Davis. Firstly, the service is very good. The owner is very nice and actually spends time talking to everyone making sure things are good. With that said, the food I had here left little desire for me to come back and I'm only referring to the lunch buffet, please note. All the dishes are kind of bland and just wasn't that flavorful to me. The naan was dry and the rice tasted like minute rice. The lamb I tried had a weird taste to it, not the typical lamb I've tasted in many Indian restaurants. This place has great service for buffet but just didn't meet my expectations food wise. Price wise, it's very good for most college students on a budget. For my taste, I'll gladly only eat at the Indian restaurant that best suites me. —C.Ling

2011-03-27 00:40:12   BEST INDIAN FOOD PLACE IN TOWN! It's run by the sweetest couple who always give me extras if they cannot accommodate a fussy order. I feel so spoiled when I go there! I haven't had a food there that I have not enjoyed, but my favorite is the lamb tikka masala with garlic naan. Oh, and the prices are very reasonable with generous portion sizes (I always get at least two meals out of it when I gorge myself, and I am not a skinny person) —nmendoza

2011-04-09 14:20:07   We know Indian food well, and this is a fantastic restaurant. The lunch buffet is incredible. There are 2-3 meat dishes, 3 vegetarian dishes, 1-2 dals, chutneys, raita, nan, salads, rice pudding etc. It is very authentic indian food. i have been to india. the buffet varies every day and is a great deal all you can eat for $7.95. the owners are incredibly sweet and welcoming and always try to accommodate you. —DorisSmith

2011-04-15 14:27:40   Great food! The owners are the sweetest people ever! Been coming here for 4 years and I would definitely recommend it!!! —GoAggies

2011-05-04 22:02:16   Awesome!! The service cannot be beat. Taranbir and Harmeet remember their customers and really go the extra mile every time. Plus, I think they have the tastiest food in town. If you are brave then ask for extra spicy! I swear it is the most delicious thing ever. The chicken tikka masala has the most chicken of any place in town and it comes with naan and rice (he always throws in extra too). I usually order takeout, but the restaurant is adorable. A nice balcony with seats overlooking the bustling street below. —smartgirl

2011-05-09 20:28:49   Today I went back to Raja's Tandoor and again I was very impressed by Taranbir's absolutely gracious hospitality. If I ever have a bad day, I'm going to Raja's lunch buffet because the absolutely delicious food will not only release some dopamine but such kind hospitality and sincere human interaction will lift me out of whatever black cloud I may be under. Taranbir and Harmeet, you are not only a delicious cooks, fine business people, but a blessing for the community of Davis. —ZElliott

2011-05-10 21:09:33   Honestly some of the best service, not to mention Indian food, I have ever had. Taranbir constantly recognizes my roommates and me whenever we come in, and is sure to always throw in some free naan :) —achash

2011-06-27 14:02:10   I live right next door and I go here probably 4 days a week. Taranbir is the man! Great food with plenty of veggie dishes to choose from. You can eat very healthily here. Highly recommend Raja's. Summertime is slower for them, so support your local restaurants. —ryanboz8

2011-06-27 21:36:26   This is the best Indian food in Davis. The hospitality is great and the lunch buffet is a good deal, especially when you're hungry. They tend to make Northern Indian dishes if that matters to you. —BobJames

2011-07-01 15:55:53   My meal today was amazing as always. They had the most delicious green beans ever. I love that they have no "secret meat" in their entrees so that vegetarians can dine with peace of mind. Tarabir is such a wonderful host, you always feel like family when you eat here. —DanielleC

2011-07-07 09:06:54   Awesome place! We went during the Farmer's Market, so there wasn't anyone there and Taranbir was running back and forth to restock the market stand while he was still giving us great service. We got two of the combination plates (the vegetarian and the meat option) and they were delicious... also the perfect portion for four people. He even gave us an extra serving of Naan. Highly recommended. I'll most likely be back to try their $8 lunch buffet! Their stand at the farmer's market is also one of our favorites. —SeasonF

2011-07-08 22:33:46   I love this place! The food is great, the service is awesome and the prices are very reasonable. It's a great place to bring family or friends and even large groups! The owner is very sweet and always gives you a little extra :) I highly recommend this place for any meal of the day! —JenniferLyons

2011-07-15 20:50:45   I have been going to Raja's for two years now and I always appreciate the wonderful food and the comfortable atmosphere that the owner's have established. Their naan is wonderful and available at the Davis Co-op as well. I am never disappointed when I eat here. The owner always makes me feel like family the instant he sees me. He has always been extremely generous and helpful. —SilvaJ

2011-07-16 09:31:14   Home of the watered down, insipid, uninspired pseudo-indian food in Davis. Guess the Nepali's do a better job of peddling Indian-style food in davis than the Indians themselves (and I am one). Three strike-outs, so no more going there again. And the 'friendly' owner, well lets just say he sobers down quickly and starts sweating when people who understand Indian food walk-in. —snehalt

  • I'm surprised to find such a snide remark on this page. I always have had nothing but wonderful food here. — jsbmeb
  • This might be a concern if the goal of this restaurant were to win an Indian Food Authenticity Contest, judged by snehalt. Since the goal is actually to please as many customers as possible, it looks like they're winning. —KenjiYamada

2011-07-21 00:19:52   RAJA'S IS THE BEST! The owner is sooooo nice and really makes you feel like you're at home. The food is amazing. I've been to Raja's 3 times in the past week. :D —evillena

2011-07-24 09:10:04   We took our out of town company to Raja's again last night! Our daughter originally took us here before she headed out of town for graduate school 4 years ago. Since then we have returned many times and usually with friends. The consistently warm hospitality of the owners, excellent food, service and resonable prices have made this restaurant a favorite for us. Our out of town friends look forward to visiting and specificately eating here! I highly recommend them! —JoanneAnderson

2011-07-24 10:22:04   Our first time visiting, we ordered the coconut lamb curry and the Raja's Thali (pseudo-'sampler plate') and both were delicious - definitely more than enough food for two. The customer service was excellent - one of the owners courteously and consistently checked in, without seeming overbearing in the slightest. I would recommend Raja's Thali to get a feel for the different tastes of the restaurant, all of which are excellent. The coconut lamb curry, a suggestion of the server, was our favorite. The naan is also out of this world, and plentiful!

Definitely planning on returning!


2011-07-24 15:29:35   The food is amazing but it is the gracious and friendly service that really makes this place! Just thinking about it makes me want to go back! —RachelPevsner

2011-07-28 13:05:15   We have eaten several dinners at Raja's so far. I stick to chicken or lamb saag, but my son, husband and the various friends we have taken there order a variety of dishes. The food is delicious, they will customize it to suit you (no or low salt, degree of mildness or spiciness). We have always been happy, and as many reviewers have pointed out, the owners and other workers are terrifically friendly! They serve free naan - any of 3 flavors - during dinner, free appetizer. At the Farmers' Mkt, we split a lamb wrap with 3 sauces of our choosing for lunch. They are currently running a lunch buffet special for only $5.95; if I lived downtown or could bicycle from home, I'd be there frequently!


2011-08-05 22:51:19   delicious food, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, good value, spicy really means SPICY but I really liked it, you should really give it a try. —NaomiKim

2011-08-09 13:25:45   I came in at noon needed food for 30, for an event in six hours. He saved my procrastinating butt by putting together a great meal, and at a very reasonable price! People LOVED the food, and were literally spooning up the extra at the end of the event. Plus, he threw in extra garlic naan (yuuummmm). So I highly recommend them for catering, as well as in-house dining! Great lunch buffet too! —smcc

2011-08-12 13:39:16   Raja's was amazing. Taranbir and Harmeet were the nicest and most welcoming servers I've ever had. They made my Lamb Vindaloo extra spice (by request) and it was awesome. Highly recommended. One of the best dining experience in Davis. —aroach12

2011-09-25 11:28:53   I am Indian, so I know a lot about Indian food. This place has horrible Indian food. Their naan is about the only thing that tastes authentic. STAY AWAY FROM SOUTH INDIAN OPTIONS and especially the tomato chutney. GROSS! I could not even finish what I ordered. I have only tried some of their stuff at the farmer's market. Will defi not be eating at the restaurant. —NatashaNanda

  • Perhaps you should consider trying some of the food from the actual restaurant since that is what this page is for rather than making a generalized assumption on just their Farmer's Market offerings. I've always liked their food, and really love the owners. They are great people and have always been kind to my family and I. —Aaron.Curtin

2011-12-20 20:03:23   I went here because everything else on 3rd was closed. It was definitely a pleasant surprise, the staff is very friendly (Ahmed made me feel welcome since I was a solo diner) and the food was delicious. I got a half order of the Chicken Tandoori which comes with basmati rice, garlic naan, and roasted chicken on a sizzling plate. Definitely generous servings and definitely going to come by again. —pbdeng

2012-01-31 20:48:29   I had their lunch buffet this noon. The buffet size was small to medium, perhaps a dozen dishes (I didn't count). Every item was good, not excellent nor bad. The food was a bit bland compared with other Indian restaurant food I've had. It seemed like it had been sitting there awhile -which wasn't the case as I was the second person in the door. Perhaps they just used fewer spices, I don't know. The owner, Taranbir, was exceptionally cheerful and friendly which made for a pleasant lunch. I'd go there again, even knowing that the food is unremarkable. —SteveDavison

2012-02-01 10:52:18   I have eaten here about 3-4 times, the owner Taranbir is super nice and goes out of his way to take care of his customers. I usually get the Chicken Tika masala which is very tasty. The atmosphere is not as nice or fancy as the other indian restaurants in town but they do have a very nice outdoor patio which is wonderful on a nice day. —DagonJones

2012-02-03 21:50:12   I witnessed Taranbir take a paper napkin off of a table after a group of 4 people left, and put it back in with all of the "unused" napkins that are by the forks and knives and stuff. I'm not so sure now that those are all unused. That's got to be against some type of health code to take a paper napkin off of a table after people have been eating and put I back out for use. Even though it looked unused, the girl who's plate it was by may have in fact used it. And right after he did that, he wiped his nose with his fingers, then proceeded to get a small amount off food for himself from the buffet. Then I payed him for my food, ew. He is a nice guy, but after this I don't trust the cleanliness of this place.

The food is decent. The naan is pretty darn good. I won't go back just for the naan though. —stevohfun

  • I'm not defending what you witnessed, but I have to point out that if you're squeamish about someone wiping their nose with their hand and then eating at the buffet, you probably shouldn't eat at buffets. You can't be assured that patrons hands are clean. —CovertProfessor

2012-02-14 19:49:39   I feel I have to express my gratitude and love for Taranbir and his family. Taranbir works tremendously hard to provide the best, most heartfelt service he can. I eat here at least four days a week so I am biased. :) . Somehow I never get sick of the food and am addicted to their Chai Tea. The restaurant, kitchen, and food is super clean and after a year of eating here I have never seen anything to the contrary. I became a regular because I like to reward kindness, and Taranbir has plenty of that. Support this tandoor! —ryanboz8

2012-02-18 20:41:31   I love Raja's! Whenever my family comes to visit me we ALWAYS eat here. The food is amazing the the service is wonderful. —katie24

2012-02-21 22:58:25   I LOVE this place! The owner, Taranbir is one of the sweetest people I have ever met! The food is great also, and I am absolutely addicted to their Coconut Chicken and Naan bread! Yummmmmyy! I am now coming to this place at least twice on a weekly basis. :) —JoanneC

2012-02-23 09:29:18   Climbing the steps to Raja's is like transcending a mountain top where great food, service, and friends add to an enlightening experience filled with laughter and love. Amazing service from the owner Taranbir. His respectful personality and accommodating spirit sets the mood for great dialogues and the food is all much more enjoyable for it. —3MadYogis

2012-02-23 19:17:15   The food here is excellent, however what really makes the place stand out are the owners. They clearly have a lot of pride in their restaurant and like to take good care of their customers with excellent service. —CaroBaro

2012-03-01 23:17:24   I just got back from eating at Raja's and I have to say it is one of my favorite restaurants in Davis. The customer service is the best I've ever had. The Manager himself will personally greet you when you enter the restaurant and the food comes out very fast. Speaking of the food, it is consistently delicious. I've never been disappointed and I leave feeling very full and happy from the perfectly portioned meal. I like getting the Korma's and the Coconut Curries. The sauce is so flavorful I can't get enough of it; I use my naan to wipe up any leftover sauce so my plates are clean when I'm done. I recommend this restaurant to anyone who appreciates great food and great customer service. Oh, is that everyone on this planet? I think so. Go to Raja's, you won't be disappointed! —SamanthaWheeler

2012-03-04 23:33:36   Amazing food, accommodating (my friend and I both have food allergies), and super nice. They gave us extra naan because we had such a large group and were perfectly fine with our request to split our check 10 ways. If anyone is looking for some great Indian food in Davis go to Raja's. Even if you aren't looking for Indian food, got to Raja's. Heck, even if you don't think you are that hungry, go to Raja's! —KirstenPearsons

2012-03-06 20:18:31   The food was delicious and service was the best. Go check it out and I am sure you always want to come back to this restaurant. I love it. -sandeep


2012-03-09 07:28:34   You know when your overall experience at a place is so good so you want to make a wiki account just so you can tell everyone else about that one specific place? Well, I ate here yesterday and not only was the food great, the customer service was great as well! (After we were done eating, my friend and I started fork fighting over the left over rice to take home and when Taranbir saw this, he brought us some more rice free of charge!) This is definitely my new favorite place. Affordable prices and cordial customer service, what is not to love? :D Thank you Raja's!! —DoryGarcia

2012-03-09 17:32:59   If you want Indian food this is the place to go! The food is amazing, the portion are even more amazing and the owner is the nicest guy in the world! The prices are very reasonable plus they now take aggie cash! What's there to complain about? NOTHING! —Kawatachan

Delicious food, wonderful enthusiastic and warm service, and perfectly proportioned meals along with a comfortable atmosphere. The menu is extensive enough that both non-vegetarians and vegetarians will be very, very happy. The manager will come up to you to greet you when you come into the door- he's awesome. Sometimes I feel like going in and saying hello even if I'm not hungry- it's that great. I like their malai kofta, and their naan is always fluffy and soft. So delicious. Best place in Davis. —AlexTK

2012-03-17 23:20:52   The best hospitality I've had in Davis so far, the owner is so splendid and makes the food taste all the better. Speaking of the food IT IS AMAZING! I will definitly switch to Raja's from any other place in Davis...I will be back for lunch. —CarlaAngulo

2012-03-20 13:02:04   I love Raja's. The owner, Taranbir, is extremely nice, and warm. He makes you feel like you are at his house for dinner every time you eat there. The food is really good too. The lunch buffet has several vegetarian options, and lately there have been several new dishes out. The naan is always fresh and Taranbir brings it out to your table warm. —BlairSwadley

2012-05-04 21:13:23   The food is pretty good, and the atmosphere is wonderful. The owners are extremely nice and helpful. They make you feel like a guest in their home, and he even remember me from almost a year ago. Its worth it to go just for the hospitality. Also, the food is relatively cheap and they will may even give you a deal. —RachaelDavidson

2012-05-04 22:08:36   I went there for dinner, and the food was amazing! Can't say enough great things about the owner, right when you walk in, he treats you like family. The portions are very generous, and the naan is fantastic! Has a warm, quiet, and very relaxing atmosphere, and is cheap considering the amount of food you receive. Would definitely recommend without hesitation! —RicardoNunez

2012-05-22 14:25:31   Last Friday, Raja’s Tandoor hosted a fundraiser for Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan, a student drumming group at the university. We were very impressed with the generosity of the owners, as we were with the food and service. It can be difficult for student organizations such as ours to obtain necessary finances for equipment and performances, and the willingness and ease of having a fundraiser at Raja’s was a welcomed surprise. One remarkable feature of Raja’s is its presence in the community. From their booth at the farmer’s market to their enthusiasm to support student groups, Raja’s is a big part of the local community, which contributes to why it is my favorite restaurant in Davis. And as always, the food is awesome! —GregoryWada

2012-06-08 18:49:19   I went to Raja's last week for the first time during their lunch time buffet. The food was good. The owner was also very sweet and brought us fresh made warm naans while we were eating! —S.S.

2012-07-03 14:05:05   OMG! Just got back from Raja's and was shocked when the owner charged me $6.40 for the lunch buffet, usually $7.95 plus tax. He said that the lunch buffet will be at a special price of $5.95 (plus tax) ALL SUMMER LONG! —paultakushi

2012-07-16 15:10:29   just had lunch today...i think the owner has changed...and the thing is falling apart...i mean the quality of service...the taste and freshness of the preparations...all of it....they should be going out of business sooner than I think unless they seriously do something about it.... —saikatdutta

  • I don't think there is a new owner — although I didn't see Taranbir there today, there was a sandwich board with his picture on it on the sidewalk. And I ate there myself today, and thought the food met its usual standard of freshness and tastiness (i.e., excellent). Of course, without Taranbir there, service was not as good as usual. I missed his welcoming smile and his offers of fresh naan. I suspect even Taranbir needs a day off from time to time, though! —CovertProfessor

2012-07-16 22:55:16   The last time I was at Rajas (granted over a year ago) the food was great and the Naan was fantastic

the owners wife worked as a paraeducator during my tenure at DHS —StevenDaubert

2012-07-26 19:01:22   Wonderful!!!!!!!! The owner is so so friendly! My boyfriend and I went for the first time last week and have been two more times since! I'm a vegetarian and there's so many options, I haven't tried anything other than the peanut curry and the coconut curry, but my boyfriend loves the chicken taki masala. Excellent naan too and really great prices for college students. We just moved here from the east coast and have found our new Indian spot! Check out Raja's Tandoor!!! —HaleyStott

2012-08-07 19:42:47   I came in this afternoon to look for a job and spoke to Taranbir. He told me they weren't hiring but insisted over my polite refusal that I accept a glass of water as it was horribly hot today and while I drank it took the time to give me several helpful suggestions of other places in town to try. I was so impressed by his kindness and generosity. —Diana.A

2012-08-12 13:19:59   I went there for take out last night and discovered their new menu which I really liked. I think I will be visiting more often. Their saag and aloo gobi is great (got the medium spicy level). —Babhari

2012-08-20 17:48:39   Dear gaud, why have I not visited this place before?! My family and I went to Raja's Indian Lunch Buffet and left stuffed to the gills. My 9-year old daughter ate more than I did. Everything tasted fresh and delicious and Taranbir didn't let us step more than two feet through the door without warmly welcoming us like we were visiting his home. Needless to say we will be back as I'm looking forward to trying something off of the dinner menu sometime. Awesome and authentic! —DebWestergaard

2012-10-01 15:26:57   We love the naanwich at the Farmer's Market and it is fantastic!!!! The younger guy serving the food has a bit of an attitude, the woman is very friendly and kind. —jwendt

  • Naanwiches are fantastic; big props to channa masala with yogurt sauce and sweet tamarind sauce. I thought the younger guy was upbeat, outgoing, and friendly—he remembered us on future visits and made sure we had a menu brochure for the restaurant.

2012-10-01 15:46:56   This is actually the best restaurant in Davis. Don't let the other Indian restaurants fool you— this is the place that will feel like home, deliver the most delicious meals at the best prices, and you'll get a hug from the owner on top of it.

I couldn't recommend this place more highly than I do. —RandomCandor

2012-10-20 19:59:47   I really want to like Raja's and I am hoping my experience was just a perfect storm of bad luck. The bad: Waited over forty minutes for anyone to take our order...and that was only after getting up and going to find someone. When our order did come it was wrong. After further being ignored I had to get up and hunt someone down to get our check...which they then said they lost. After telling a very dismissive and disinterested person manning the cash register what our order was I was told the credit/debit card system was down (this was after standing awkwardly while the owner and his employee argued about it). Since I didn't have cash my date and I had to walk to the bank and back to pay our bill. Upon returning they had yet again lost/forgotten our check and after repeating it again to another person (who told me a different total than the person previously had told me) we were finally able to pay our bill. There was no acknowledgement or apology for the awful service.

The good: The food was good, but so is the food at all the other Indian restaurants in Davis. —katedanger

2013-03-19 11:05:56   Looks like Raja's now delivers, every day between 5 and 9pm. The only downside being that you don't get to bathe in Taranbir's enormous hospitality and friendliness... But when you want pakoras, you want them NOW! —AlexPearson

2013-05-01 17:03:26   Do anyone know if you can drop by the restaurant to pick up a to-go order during the buffet hours? —TaraPE

2013-05-01 19:33:03   Cool restaurant. Easy to organize fundraisers with. —MaxwellKappes

2013-07-16 02:16:58   So sad... I absolutely love the hospitality at Raja's. The owner is the nicest man ever. Unfortunately, their food is bland, watery, and overall tasteless. It seems like they hardly season the food at all. It is sad because I keep coming back trying to give the place another try and each time I leave greatly disappointed. (Their naan is good though.) —DanielCopeland

2013-08-15 21:47:10   Our meal was very, very good. We went there for the first time (now I don't understand where we have been all that time). Mr. Taranbir was very kind, welcoming and attentive, and the food was excellent. We both are vegan and so we ordered the vegan deal.

The vegan Samosa was übertasty and fresh, I have never tasted it that good. Then came the vegan naan, neutral and garlic/herb and vegan rice dish with mixed vegetables. Wonderful wonderful. And something very clarifying to me: my tummy didn't give me a hard time, and this means the food was fresh and clean. I have a very sensitive digestive system and if something is not right with food, my belly will protest almost immediately. I ordered the most 'spicy' version of the vegan dish, and my body okay-ed it all. :-) So that means three pluses: 1 the hospitality, 2 the taste of the food and 3 the food-processing. —ConstantiaOomen

2013-09-05 15:23:55   The food is delicious, the service is attentive, and the portions are generous - I think I've found my new favorite! The samosas are flaky and filling, and the red sauce they serve with them is amazing (no idea what it was, other than delicious). The chai is perfectly blended - turns out they make it in house, according to the owner, who came out to see if we liked the food. Tandoori chicken can be hard to pull off without making the chicken too dry, but this was moist and spicy and enough for two meals, even without rice or naan! (try the garlic naan, by the way - it goes great with pretty much everything) My mom got the masala curry and loved it. The prices were good, and the owner is a really nice guy. Going to have to come back for the buffet - their whole menu looks pretty awesome. A++ will go again (and again and again). —Madanimalscientist

2013-09-09 18:03:51   I do want to make another comment. There is something important missing at Raja's Tandoor, and that's the * fresh * salads (and by that I mean not separate cucumber or separate melon, but a tasty, * mixed * salad). Though I like the vegan food, to me there must be a choice of mixed fresh veggies, and there aren't any. Therefore I will not come back as often as I'd like. But maybe the menu will change? —ConstantiaOomen

2013-10-24 20:19:19   Went here for the first time tonight. The food was absolutely delicious! The service was wonderful. Very Very warm and welcoming service. Will definitely be returning!! —AngelaGerould

2013-11-16 02:08:43   Raja's edited this page to say that during Happy Hour, regular hot chai is $1, but on multiple occasions (including just this month) I was told that hot chai was not discounted for happy hour. Pretty disappointing, since it's nice to hang out at the patio after classes late in the afternoon, sipping hot chai during this cold weather. Anyone else have this problem? —TheShah

2014-01-21 19:17:11   First time to Indian food and I am vegan and gluten free. They had so many great options! The food was amazing! Customer service was wonderful. Atmosphere was calm and inviting. Will defiantly be coming back. —RyanKirk

2014-05-10 17:19:13   The food here is ok for the price (very cheap). It is simply not on the level of Kathmandu downtown (which is a few dollars more for the lunch buffet) which I think is the best Indian food in Davis. I got food poisoning the second (and last) time I ate here... which also obviously tainted my opinion. The owner is indeed a very lovely person though. —ChinookS

2014-07-27 13:37:28   Simply the best restaurant in Davis. —SarahHughes

2014-09-16 22:10:19   My friends and I have been coming here since our freshman year in 2011. Lately I've noticed that the food has become more Americanized. It is a lot blander and doesn't have the same rich spices that it used to. In addition, since they renamed their lassi to the "mango sensation," it now tastes a lot more watered down and sugary, sort of like what would happen if Coca-Cola made a lassi (though the owners tell me that nothing has changed). Also, I think they've made the chairs less comfortable and put a LOT more ads on the tables and around the store, which really took away from the home atmosphere. Gradually, we found ourselves coming less and less. Awesome owners, they're great people to chat with, but it's not a place that I can bring a group of 10 friends over to anymore :( —chandru

2021-05-12 20:16:14   Raja's is always fantastic in a nice family, locally owned restaurant. They're always going to go the extra mile and customize as best they can. The value received for the price is exceptionally high. I eat here as often as I can —DavisBoardwalk