Ramon "Ray" Grelecki was a UCD lacrosse coach. He had been an All American player at the University of Maryland in the 1940's.

He was also in the O.S.S. in the C.B.I. theater in WWII. He parachuted behind enemy Japanese lines into Hanoi at night. Ho Chi Minh saved his life twice. For other reasons as well, he was an opponent of the Vietnam War.

He helped write the charter for and was part of the forty person founding group of the C.I.A.

He was in the import-export business.

He came to UC Davis because he was interested in agriculture.

Now 90, he still resides in Davis.

Gary R. Grelecki is his son.

There's a biography at Northern California Lacrosse Foundation website. Special Forces Roll of Honour Baltimore Sun article August 04, 1995 http://articles.baltimoresun.com/1995-08-04/features/1995216076_1_chi-minh-uncle-sam-oss/2


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2011-05-06 13:10:24   I met another O.S.S.-C.I.A. man, the father of a friend of mine when I was in High School in Pasadena. CA. He was in double jeopardy being a Jew and a spy in Nazi Germany. He was also opposed to the Vietnam War. An early anti war protest of 100 people in Century City, Los Angeles that he attended was tear gassed. —BruceHansen