Rebecca Schwartz Rebecca Schwartz successfully ran for ASUCD Senate during the Winter 2008 ASUCD election with LEAD, she received the most #1 votes during her election. She was the Speaker of the ASUCD Outreach Assembly and was the former director of the ASUCD Campus Outreach and Organizing Office. She is the current ASUCD representative on the Campus Council for Information Technology. She is a sister in the Jewish sorority Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. Rebecca is also a former ASUCD Environmental Policy and Planning Commissioner. She is a former intern to the Student Assistants to the Chancellor, Eric Zamora and Angelina Malfitano. In 2006-2007, she was the co-publicity chair in the Jewish Student Union.

Official Statement

Hi fellow Aggies!

Winter 2009 Election

Rebecca's Platform/Candidate Statement

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

We are running for ASUCD President and Vice-President to be passionate, active, and professional voices during these tough times. Our students demand strong leaders to fight for them during this period of State budget cuts, rising fees, and high unemployment. We will be those leaders and those voices.

Our joint experiences on this campus cover almost all aspects of student life; freshmen mentoring and academic counseling; serving you food at the Coffee House and facilitating the REACH retreat; fostering student-police relations and developing the leadership skills of student organizations; pushing for better UC environmental policy and educating students on campus violence prevention.

Our policy priorities, laid out below, focus on being tough, but fair advocates for students to the Administration, City and State; protecting our academic resources, supporting our rights as renters; and expanding entertainment options.

We ask that you join us in fighting for our disappearing resources, advocating for higher education in the State Capitol, and continue improving the quality of life for all students.

As the LEAD executive candidates, we are proud of our organization’s 9 years of accomplishments and service to the student body. LEAD has consistently balanced the ASUCD budget; fought for student resources and rights in City Hall and the Legislature; created and grown amazing programs like the Campus Center for the Environment, the Gender and Sexuality Commission, and Lobby Corps; promoted UCD’s best charitable program – Cal Aggie Camp; and coordinated many concerts and events.

Join us as we continue the LEAD tradition of working hard for all students.

The opportunity to make a significant change is a rare occurrence. Our combined resources extend far beyond ASUCD, and because of this we are in a position to take the association to new heights. We urge you to be a part of the change you wish to see by voting for Lula Ahmed-Falol and Rebecca Schwartz. Thank You.

We are also running with 6 amazing Senate candidates who we will need to accomplish our goals. Please vote for ALL 6 when you log on to vote on FEBRUARY 18th-20th at

* Chintan Desai * Monisha "Momo" Newbon * Shawdee Rouhafza * Elle Segal * Trevor Taylor * Previn Witana

Leadership Empowerment Activism Determination (LEAD) is a progressive student organization and political party working hard for the student body on the UC Davis campus since 2000.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OUR PLATFORM~~~~~~~~~~~~


*Work with CalPIRG's Cheaper Textbooks Campaign to provide students with cost efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to textbooks.

*Urge professors to utilize ASUCD Campus Copies/Classical Notes when printing course readers. This will promote student jobs and reduce our students costs.


* Lobby the administration for more diversity among faculty and administration. Increase student representation on hiring committee for new faculty and administration.

* Institute ASUCD Lobby Month every May with ASUCD Lobby Corps. Expand this program to have at least one student-lobbyist in the California State Capitol every day the legislature is in session.

* Continue to build partnerships with ASUCD Lobby Corps and Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC).

* Expand ASUCD Lobby Corps’ partnership training program to reach all campus centers and student organizations to increase the number of trained student-lobbyists.

* Commit to protecting ASUCD Cal Aggie Camp, ASUCD’s only philanthropy.


* Foster collaboration between the Club Finance Council and the ASUCD Outreach Assembly in order to effectively educate clubs, advertise, and promote the efficient use of funds

* Audit all ASUCD Units in collaboration with the ASUCD Business and Finance Commission audits to eliminate any excess or overlap in spending


* Install compost bins near all major food-trash bins. Work with the City of Davis to follow implement similar programs.

* Work with ASUCD Environmental Policy and Planning Commission (EPPC) to eliminate “glossy” flyers, as these are not recyclable. We will promote environmentally friendly and still aesthetically pleasing ways to advertise.


* Work with the City of Davis and City/County Affairs to ensure student renters receive accumulated interest on their security deposits. Many cities in the US have already implemented these policies, the City should follow suit.


* Increase the amount of indoor “lounge” space available during the ASUCD Coffee House renovations so students have guaranteed meeting/hang out/study locations.

* Increase amount of money available to student organizations! We will re-allocate Outreach Assembly funding from stipends to a general pool of funding available to any student organization through an application process similar to Club Finance Council (CFC). In order to promote collaboration among campus organizations, the Outreach Assembly funding will be specifically tailored to co-sponsored events.


* Institutionalize a "Spring Quarter Sleepover in the Quad"

* Reform ASUCD Entertainment partnership with the City of Davis

* Create an ASUCD Music and Arts Committee to strengthen the connection between the Arts community and UC Davis

Although we are committed to our platform, we acknowledge that limiting ourselves to only these issues would not be proper representation of the student body at large.

If you have any criticisms or suggestions (or jokes), please feel free to contact us!

Winter 2008 Election

My name is Rebecca Schwartz, and I am a third year student majoring in Political Science and Spanish, running for ASUCD Senate with L.E.A.D. Currently, I am proud to be the chair of the ASUCD Outreach Assembly. I have served our community since I arrived at Davis, where I have been a member of the ASUCD Environmental Policy and Planning Commission. On campus, I am an active member of both the Jewish community, and the Jewish-interest sorority, SAEPi. I recently completed my term as the Panhellenic delegate. If elected to Senate, the following is a condensed list of the things I will accomplish:

First, I am going to provide cheaper readers for students by working with our ASUCD unit, Campus Copies. These readers will also be made available at the reserves desk at Shields Library. As a former intern for the Student Assistants to the Chancellor, I will use my experience working with the administration to encourage professors to use Campus Copies, rather than off-campus sites, to provide more convenient and affordable readers. Textbooks and readers are the two main sources of student fees, so more affordable readers will decrease our student fees.

Next, I will work to increase freshmen participation by creating a “Campus Club Information Guide” to be distributed at Summer Orientation. This would allow freshmen the opportunity to get involved in student clubs, and as a result, our overall campus involvement would increase. Just imagine if a quarter of the people who showed up to see Clinton also attended major campus functions. Our campus has shown us the interest is there, and now we have to meet that demand! Join me in my efforts to accomplish these goals for students by voting me, Rebecca Schwartz, #1 for ASUCD Senate!


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2007-12-06 21:27:47   Hi Rebecca! Glad to see you're running.

Being an active member of the Jewish community, I was wondering what platform ideas you have that would directly affect the Jewish community on campus? Would you be willing to work to continue my efforts to reinstate the Israel study abroad program? —EricFriedman

2008-03-04 21:29:20   Rebecca Schwartz brings sunshine into my life! —HannahReff