These are reviews of Redrum Burger from 2005. For more current reviews, take a look at the restaurant's wiki page.

Despite going in there totally excited and really stoked about the menu and all the options, I was unimaginably disappointed with the food there. I'm really hoping the half-inch charred fries, completely tasteless and plain burger with none of the stuff I asked for and all the stuff I asked them to leave off of it abundantly present is a fluke. I'm trying to work up the openness to go back in there again, but the exorbitant prices and the terrible food I got there last time sort of put me off the place. Convince me though, and I'll go back. It's certainly got a reputation. I will say though, they had good local rags from Sac. - DanielMedinaCleghorn

Went here for the first time and it was very good. Don't expect anything fancy, it's your typical hometown burger joint complete with chili cheese fries, milkshakes, and big burgers. Chili cheese fries were some of the best I've ever had, but share them with a friend or else they will be a meal by themselves. Burger was very good too. Banana milkshakes are goooooddd. - AshleyOrsaba

It sure does take them a while to make a burger. A lot of times I just make a detour over to In-N-Out because I don't feel like waiting 30 minutes for my food. - AndrewChen

this place is just ok. their ostrich burger is prety good, and it might be a good deal to split the enourmaous burger combo with a friend (thats a large fries, large soda, and a 1 pound burger). however the prices arnt that good, and the place is borderline unclean. the service is not that great, (i ordered no mayo, they said they must of not heard me. guess what their remedy was? wiping it off...thats just unecceptable...if there is something messy all over the burger that someone specifically ordered not to be there, and they mess up the order they should replace the burger.) that said, the fries were also terible they were way oversalted. i would not go back unless my friends coerced me and i went along for the company-MattHh

2005-06-06 11:35:15   This burger joint is pretty unclean and the service isn't superb. However their food is A+ excellent. The burgers are awesome, especially 1/3lb-1lb burgers. Jeeze, that annihilator meal is tasty. THe Pesto Chicken Sandwich is good as well. Many of the items are defintly not worth its price tag. But it's worth spending a few extra bucks for a quality tasting burger that no other burger shack in Davis can match. —DougMiller

2005-06-17 04:22:38   Redrum's prices are pretty high for a fast food type joint. I have the same opinion of the service and the cleanliness of the place, but one gets sick of In-N-Out. Try the ZOOM, it's delicious and you can trick yourself that you are eating something healthy. Mmm...fried mushrooms dripping with ranch sauce —AlvinTsao

2005-07-21 20:41:43   I have gone to Murder Burger (I refuse to call it redrum burger) about four times. The bugers were delicious. You get a pretty big burger and they have those 2-for-1 coupons in the aggie all the time. Big problem is that the Burgers take about 45 min. The Staff there seems kinda slow, either that or the kitchen is way too small. Maybe I just went on four bad days. If you go prepare to wait. —MikeKuwa

2005-08-13 11:28:05   The burgers are excellent, and the fries are pretty good if you like them heavily salted/peppered. The service is slow. The onion rings suck. I get 2 for 1 coupons in the mail for this place, which makes it a great deal. —AlexPomeranz

2005-08-13 15:25:58   The ostrich burger tastes like ground up dog shit. No wonder that animal hasn't taken off as popular livestock —ApolloStumpy

2005-08-14 18:08:05   Maybe one of the employees didn't like you, my ostrich burger was fine. —RyanPrendiville

2005-09-10 13:29:46   I took my daughters here not long after I arrived in Davis (August). I got the Redrum Burger. It was OK, a bit dry. My daughter ordered a plain hamburger with tomatoes, she got a cheeseburger with their usual stuff on it, so we sent it back. I notice they also screwed up an item on the order of the couple ahead of us. The prices were high but the portions generous. I found this highly disappointing in light of the obesity currently pandemic in the US. We need smaller portions, not larger. Frankly, I prefer In-N-Out. —JeffreyNonken

There seems to be a requirement to have atleast two tattoos to work there. My friends and I don't understand how they manage to hire such ugly people.DanLivingston

or drugged up people. I wonder what their food inspection record is like? —ApolloStumpy

2005-10-13 17:20:21   The employees there are really convinced that they are better than you. Good for them, I suppose. The food was better in the past. It's good now, and the "exotic" meats are nice. —MisterProfessor

2005-10-15 21:51:17   The fact is that we care not for your satisfaction. I care not for your attitude. I just walk back to the kitchen and blow a snot rocket all over your bun. funny how things work out. Yes I appreciate all of your hateful comments upon my ex co-workers but matters not once I drop all your food on that nasty floor and step on it then throw it right back on the tray. wipe my ass with your know.enjoy —ChrisJernigan

If you really are an employee (and not just a troll), how is this immature display of rage supposed to convince us that the employees don't actually have a bad attitude? Not to mention that threatening to contaminate our food will not likely entice us to eat there.

Then again, I think it just as likely you're a troll. —JeffreyNonken

it's not a display of rage you fools, it's a display of honesty toward your inane demands of stupidity. you might be the troll, and since stumpy has never been through a hurricane how could you even try to relate you pathetic waste of flesh, yes we do cater (nicely) to the appropriate crowd. but for the greasy fools that come in with their demands...yes your food is in harm's wayChrisJernigan

I've worked there on and off for almost two years and I've never seen anyone spit in or do anything to anyone's food. And in all honesty, none of the employees care about the store's profits, and some don't care about making the customers happy. I think this guy's for real, and if he's the guy I think he is, I've never worked with him. —Amy Zimmerman

you think that anyone cares about the store's profits? not likely, kind of like mcdonald's in the since that there has been a billion served, no..we need not your need to be a patriote to our store, amy fact is that you do know who I am, you do know how I react to the nasty fools that come in complaining of overcooked food, but to tell the truth, I'll be out of cali, in about 4 days, so you enjoy your time at mb. have fun darlin, nice to work with(or without)you —ChrisJernigan

2005-10-16 12:14:01   I'll take Murder Burger over In-N-Out any day of the week. While In-N-Out, with all of their bible versus printed on everything, may be trying to save our soul, their food has no character and little flavor. Murder Burger on the other hand, has food full of flavor, so much so that it is sinful. —RobRoy

2005-10-19 03:35:44   I used to work there for a couple of years didn't last long. —GeoffJohnson

2005-10-31 15:33:14   The burgers are good. They digest well. It does take forever for them to cook them which is why I always just call in. I like service with a sneer. I think you all egged on the employee that posted here on by first by calling them ugly and drugged up. Being paid minimum wage and being all bubbly and friendly is rather phony. Those are the ones who will spit in your burger. —DisCordia

  • Actually In N Out's starting wage is $8.25 which is more than the California state wage of $6.75. —KenjiYamada
    • That doesn't mean the employees at Redrum Burger make that much. —BradBenedict

2005-12-06 15:38:49   I really wanted to like this place. Before I moved to Davis everyone that had lived in this town raved about Murder Burger. The sad fact is, In and Out makes a tastier burger and they have excellent customer service. It's funny that some people think being treated like shit by the waitstaff equates to an excellent dining experience. And those onion rings!? If I wanted a donut I would go to Krispy Kreme —DudeNude