These are reviews of Redrum Burger from 2006. For more current reviews, take a look at the restaurant's wiki page.

2006-02-03 19:11:58 This place is amazing. You just have to go there to experience it. I felt like I was in a movie. The floor was flooded into the seating area, the fountain/milkshake(?) machine was left running and was overflowing onto the floor, there was a line of people complaining about their order, food, bill, etc. They were going to way overcharge me, yet when I asked, their attitude was "so, what's your point". I gave them the extra money (almost double) just to get my food. It took 25 minutes! This place is off the scale; "unreal". Think redneck, incompetent, etc. Highly recommended...Their Ostrich burgers, Buffalo burgers, and regular hamburgers all taste EXACTLY the same. Are they truly different (other than price!)? Only a DNA test could tell... —DavisWikiGnome

2006-02-04 02:01:16   Foodwise, there are two things that make me keep coming back to murder burger. One is the cheese. They actually use real cheese, not at all like In-N-Out, and that makes a HUGE difference. Second is the buns. I know they're not gourmet, or anything fancy, but they're better than at most burger places by quite a bit. And yeah, the people who work there look like they'd rather be at burning man or something, but they're usually pretty friendly (to me at least). —EricKlein

2006-02-04 23:58:35   I ate there, the bill seemed high, but they wouldn't ring it up again (or give me a receipt). I just calculated they charged me 21.7% sales tax. Maybe they include tip... —SteveDavison

2006-02-06 18:16:03   I once asked why there are bible verses on In-n-Out's stuff. They said that their printing company does it. To tell the truth, it's not very intrusive, and a lot of people probably never notice that it is there. —JoePomidor

  • A snopes article on the bible verses, including why their printing company does it [they ask them to].
  • That's a bit like asking a novelist why chapter 15 is included in their latest novel, and having them respond that the printing company put it there. Although it's true, it's not quite the whole truth. I don't care one way or the other about In-n-Out's bible thing, but that answer is just goofy. —EricKlein

2006-02-15 12:51:28   The last time I went (2/12), the place smelled like mold! I only wanted to go there with my friends because the Aggie had those '2 for the price of 1' coupons. Anyways, it still turned out to be pretty expensive, and the burgers and fries were mediocre ... almost disappointing considering its reputation. The staff wasn't really friendly, but they weren't mean either. There's barely any place to sit and stand, and they really like to take their time in making the food. Most likely, I will never go there again. —MindyYang

2006-03-04 23:19:07   I have eaten here a few times, and the previous two times the food was decent, although not noteworthy. However, last week I went to Redrum/Murder Burger after a play, and the fries they gave me were soggy, greasy, limp, burnt, and simply covered in salt. When I came back, they were closed, but they still managed to replace the fries. But then instead of two orders of fries, I was handed two HUGE plates of fries, way too many fries for even a family of six. I was told that if I didn't take them, they'd be thrown out - so they were thrown out. I tasted a couple, and they seemed ok. As I dug into them a bit later, they turned out to be incredibly greasy, still burnt-tasting, yet some were not cooked all the way through. And I had to wipe the excessive salt off of them. I suggest that the fry grease may be too hot and/or too old, and that a mountain of crappy fries don't make up for a handful of horrible fries. I might go back for a burger, but never the fries. I find it interesting, now that I have come here to comment, that burnt fries are not very rare at this joint. Come on, can you at least try not to drive your customers across the street? —KarlMogel

2006-03-16 15:13:56   Personally, I'm not a fan. The burgers are ok, I tried the Bison once. Fries always look a little burnt, even though they usually taste fine. My boyfriend loves it though, for some reason. I had to hang with all of the emo kids in there because it took so long to get our food. —AllisonEriksen

2006-03-26 14:30:45   I was unimpressed with the lack of organisation behind the counter. I just waited 45 minutes for an order, which is just ridiculous. Turns out they had a large order which backed everything else up but we weren't told this when we placed our order. If we had been, we'd have gone elsewhere and come back to Redrum Burger another day, but as they kept us hanging for the best part of an hour for two burgers and a small fries, I don't think we'll be going back at all. —LiamCreighton

2006-03-26 14:37:05   The food is OK. The prices are HIGH. The service is TERRIBLE. I mean, just the WORST I've ever experienced in Davis. Be prepared to wait an extremely long time even when it's empty. Plus, the interior is typically dirty and cramped. —JillWeinstein

2006-03-26 15:03:23   all through high school, the uber elite cool kids wore "murder burger" sweatshirts. and when i finally got the time and chance to try some, i was sadly dissapointed. fries are ok when you get a free basket while waiting for a friend, but i don't go there, ever. it's small and grody —MichelleAccurso

2006-03-26 15:54:29   I think NathanDodd pretty much hit the nail on the head. Used to be good, real good, back when the Mike and Margot owned it. It even was good while Jerry co-owned it. Jim has, no surprise, driven it into the ground. Complete asshole. Pretty sad really. —JeremiahBurney

2006-03-26 15:54:29   When I worked there I was insistent on telling customers that there would be a long wait AHEAD of time. If you tell someone it will take 45 minutes to make their burger, they either a) Go somewhere else but come back to your business another day, or b) Wait despite knowing how long it will take. Either way, they have no reason to be angry. Don't tell them how long it will take and you get a pissed off customer no matter what. Jim disagreed with this rationale. —JeremiahBurney

2006-04-04 06:10:41   The real inside reason for why there are more negative comments recently (say the last couple of months) is that the place is in the sucking mud business wise. Its bringing its employees down with it. Don't be so negative with the employees. Although you're not privy to the soap opera which is the place, you share it with us when you interact with us. But slightly in defense, I still food to be long notch above In-n-Out and Jack and the Box. Its like comparing those places to somewhere like Denny's. Which is about right since Denny's isn't know for their speed of service, or their food, but its a decent plce to get a meal. As people don't seem to realize, Murder Burger isn't McDonald's . Take that as you will. —NathanDodd

2006-05-02 18:27:41   I guess i'm the only one who has good service when i go there..maybe i just go there at odd times when all the employees are happy and smiling. Whatever the reason - although expensive i really like it, the ostrich burger is aweseome but gigantic. and get their seasoned fries with ranch dressing. YUM! —SydneySwartz

2006-05-07 23:42:32   Everytime time i've gone there ive been satisified, the burgers are much tastier than the the same'ol in n' out burger. However my main reason for going was the twoforone coupons, which are not longer being posted in the Aggie (*frowns*). And about their service, sure its slow, and shady, but its minimum wage burger joint... for those of you that don't understand you might want to try watching clerks. My burger has always been how i asked for it, with that in mind dont forget to take full advantage of the free "extras" —KyleLanderhoffis

  • Clerks?? give me a fucking break! I think we all understand the plight of underpaid workers-no need to romanticize shitty food and shitty service at murder burger with a lame outdated movie reference. Here's an idea, you might wanna try patronizing a place that pays their employees above minimum wage like in n out! Life isn't a movie and people need to earn a decent wage to survive. Further, crappy, expensive food + service with an attitude doesn't earn you any hipster points. Bottom line=0 —DudeNude

2006-05-22 16:08:22   2 for 1 coupons are back in the aggie!!!! —KyleLanderhoffis

2006-05-27 22:36:21   I really want to like this place. I usually love mom and pop burger joints, but after my 4th time there I will not be back. Mediocre food that takes forever to make. The fries taste like the oil is old/dirty/contaminated. The place is dirty. If the food was good, I wouldn't mind the slow service, but I wouldn't go back there even if the service improved. The food is just terrible. Everything has the same burnt/old grease taste to it. This place survives on reputation alone. I doubt that will last very long. —DudeNude

2006-05-29 23:39:00   FWIW, Ford's Burgers in Sacramento (corner of Sutterville and Freeport near CSUS) is the best damn burger I've ever tasted in this area. Kills this place. —JeffSpeckles

2006-07-12 22:30:12   All right, I LOVE the food at this place, but the last *three* times I've been there it took them well over an hour (not exaggerating) to make relatively small orders of food. Come on — how long should it possibly take you to make ONE burger, two orders of french fries and two milkshakes?? During the time it took them to make our food we could have walked over to In-N-Out, enjoyed the same meal at (probably) lower prices, digested it, pooped it out, and walked back, and our Redrum orders STILL wouldn't have been ready! I'm sorry, I used to swear by this place, because their food really is wonderful, but it's just not worth the long wait. Especially if you're hungry! —DavidObrien

2006-07-30 21:46:49   We went there for the first time on Friday. The place was pretty busy, but it only took 15 minutes to get our food. The burger was great. We didn't love the onion rings, but they were ok. The womany taking our order seemed really annoyed that we weren't ready to order/didn't know what we wanted even though there was no one in line behind us, and there was really loud rap music playing. Don't know if that's a normal for them or not. —JanelleAlvstadMattson

2006-08-21 21:24:19   When you order, it's all about being patient and enjoying the atmosphere while your food is cooking... they usually have a great selection of political cartoons from local cartoonists... I love looking at those. Plus, the usual free entertainment magazine kind of stuff. —CameronMenezes

2006-08-23 19:43:17   I revisted Redrum after an extended absense due to some money problems(college student). It seems that under new management, Redrum has cleaned up the act a little. The inside of the building seems a bit cleaner...bus boys are probably doing their job. The burgers tasted just as good as before, and they were less messy. The buy one get one free coupons are awesome. —BenLee

2006-08-23 23:21:08   oh, and the prices have been raised significantly —BenLee

2006-08-23 23:48:51   Ford's is near SCC (at Sutterville and Freeport), which is quite a way from CSUS —BenjaminRosenstein

2006-09-16 00:02:41   Wiki Cliffsnotes: Redrum aka Murder Burger is staffed by sleazy burger flippers who care not what their customer is to them, but what they can do to irritate the customer. Hour long waits for burgers? Messy floors? All of this speaks of poor management. If the management was better they wouldn't even have bad staff working there. Take a page out of In-N-Out's book and hire clean cut, hard working, friendly individuals. The burgers are average for a "boutique" burger joint. If you really want a GOOD burger, in a clean environment, try Mikes Burgers in Cotati, CA. — JustinColdiron

2006-09-16 12:00:10   I ate here recently, it was quite an experience and in a good way, that lady behind the counter was pleasant, but did not bring our food to our table I had to go get up to get it. I liked the food and the service made for a unique experience as well. It looks pretty dirty there, but the burger was good enough that I'll prolly go back again for more... —JoeRunnels

2006-09-20 02:43:41 hasn't been updated since 2004, according to —AmyZimmerman

2006-09-28 17:41:34   What? Did yoour taste buds go on strike that day? This place is bomb. You want chili cheese fries, maybe eat a large flightless bird? DONE. You want a pumpkin milkshake, or a burger that weighs a pound? DONE. It's a fun, non-commercial type place to go to every once in a while. Oh and the people that work there remind me of the street urchins from Dickens. —SteveBlais

2006-12-28 11:21:46   One of the only places that was open on Christmas day. Their fries were awesome and plentiful. THe burger was so-so. Prices were expensive and the wait was long. The dining area was a little too unkempt for my liking. —CaseyBarc