Redwood Park

Park Location
1001 Anderson Road , by Cesar Chavez Elementary School
3.2 Acres
• Picnic Area with BBQ Grills
• Restrooms

Redwood Park is next to Cesar Chavez Elementary School, and, as a result, is usually home to many abandoned articles of children's clothing and toys. The park has Tennis Courts, two small play structures (three if you include the larger one on the other side of the Cesar Chavez blacktop), one of which is scheduled to be renovated, a small sandbox (the sand really can't be used for much, because it is rock-hard), a restroom facility (with drinking fountain), a couple picnic tables, a small greenbelt where people usually walk their dogs, and several good climbing trees. There Also used to be a small, strange jungle-gym type structure with pull-up bars and monkey bars, but it may have been removed.

Facilities may be reserved in advance registration - call City of Davis Community Services Department at (530) 757-5626 for information.

The field there is has two baseball backstops, and is frequently used for lacrosse practice in the winter and spring months, as well as youth soccer practice and games. It is not uncommon to see a pickup football game being played there, or people practicing their golf swing. In the back corner, there is a fig tree that you can pick fruit from, and is good for climbing, if fruit-pickers don't yell at you.

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Fun playset in Redwood Park