Reentry Students at UC Davis, according to Reentry Matters at UC Davis are defined as "those undergraduates over age 25 and graduate students over age 30. Reentry students can also include traditionally-aged students who are married or who have children."

A few other interesting statistics from that same page include: "Reentry students make up about 8% of the undergraduate student population with about 1540 students. The average age of undergraduate reentry students entering UC Davis during Fall quarter was 32 with ages ranging from 25 to 69. The proportion of undergraduate men to women is the same as for the university as a whole: 47% male, 53% female. Although the first reentry students were predominantly veterans returning from World War II, reentry students have been predominantly female; however, a new national trend shows more males returning to colleges and universities."

The university often lumps reentry students with transfer students, but you can be a reentry student without being a transfer student and vice versa, of course. However, reentry students 25-50 years old are the only ones able to apply for the Osher Reentry Scholarship. For 2009/2010, Reentry Student Services will award $5000 to 10 reentry students. Students may see additional requirements and apply at the Reentry Student Services website.

Reentry Student Services is located in Dutton Hall.