Front view of Regan Main.

Regan Main is (as you might guess) the administrative hub of the Regan Residence Halls. On the first floor you can find soda/snack machines, some bathrooms, mailboxes for all Regan residents, a spacious lounge with chairs, sofas, a piano, and an administrative desk where you should take all your pressing Regan questions. The lounge often plays host to such events as Karaoke Night. On the second floor is located a study room (also known as the morgue), complete with internet ports, desks and chairs. The morgue is always ridiculously hot during the winter and ridiculously cold during the summer. Though there are card slots at the entrances, your room key should open the locks as well. Regan has a good wifi connection, so good in fact you can sit on the benches on the brick terrace and get an excellent signal. Great for non-Freshman in the area who otherwise have no internet.

Regan Main is also where most of the events for Summer Advising take place.


A man was shot to death by the police near the Regan Main parking lot grass area in December 2004.

Back view of Regan Main.